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The Oxford Classical Dictionary.

The Oxford Classical Dictionary. Simon Hornblower and Antony Spawforth, general editors. Esther Eidinow, assistant editor. Oxford University Press. [pounds sterling]100.00. lv + 1592 pages. ISBN 978-0-19-954556-8. This monument to scholarly research, first published in 1949, has now been reissued in a new, fourth edition. This new version has been revised throughout and all entries from earlier editions have been updated by their authors, by other scholars or by the editors. When this updating has altered the earlier text the reviser's initials are given. Two new areas--anthropology and 'reception studies'--have been added and there are 90 new, or replaced, entries which are listed in the introduction. The editors have continued to exclude maps and illustrations in order to include the maximum amount of information. (With the interne there are now numerous ways for users to obtain the missing material.) The entries continue to be well and concisely written. With its enormous number of entries--over 6,700--this remains the best single reference work not just for those reading Classics or doing ancient history but for those interested in the beginnings of Christianity. (V.S.B.M.)

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Date:Sep 1, 2012
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