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But for most of the rest of humanity, which on that day and for some weeks expressed unprecedented solidarity with America, 9/11 now stands for all the terrible agonies the Bush administration has inflicted on the world, not just on Muslims. Even the West is much less safe as a result of the war on terror, and it has lost the moral and political pre-eminence for which it was a beacon for so many. That no major terrorist strike has occurred in the US since 9/11 does not really mean America now is safer than in 2001.

Many more Europeans identify the US rather than Iran as endangering global security, as a Harris poll pointed out recently. The Bush administration's militaristic and sometime extreme response to real and perceived threats has made it a pariah in the Muslim world, where it has lost ability to exercise influence except by force of arms. Its open bias to Israel notwithstanding, the US no longer has the credibility it enjoyed before 9/11.
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Date:Sep 18, 2006
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