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The Other Side of the River.

The Other Side of the River Kevin Reeves Lighthouse Trails Publishing, LLC PO Box 958, Silverton, OR 97381 9780979131509, $12.95

The Other Side of the River is the true-life memoir of author Kevin Reeves, detailing how a spiritual movement called "the River" (also known as the Third Wave or the Latter Rain) and its repercussions within his family's church, the New Covenant Fellowship, affected his life and faith, as well as that of his loved ones. The Other Side of the River tells of how warnings of divine retribution were used as threats to keep members in line; how such blatantly false or nonsensical beliefs such as the idea that faithful women never feel pain from childbirth (since pain of childbirth is allegedly the legacy of the Original Sin) were prevalent; questionable worship practices; the author's own search for truth in the words of Jesus Christ and scripture even as he became increasingly disillusioned with the cultlike behavior he saw; and much more. "... the true prophets of old and the original New Testament apostles didn't charge at all for the Gospel, but today's prophets, acting more in the know than even Paul or John, make a hefty living drawing in the crowds. As long as they're able to come up with one more hidden key to spiritual prosperity, as long as they can persuade the average believer that he is lacking in some Christian fundamental, today's gospel merchandisers will continue to draw the misinformed with their promises of more. And make them pay through the nose with it." A sober and reflective testimony on the misuse of religious leadership, trust, and authority, highly recommended.
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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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