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The Orwells.

I received an Instagram message saying, "Hey, man, big fan. My band The Orwells are playing in SF tonight at the Great American Music Hall if you're not busy, and looking for a rock 'n' roll show" Fuck it. Sounds rad. Awesome name and I love the venue. I had been at my cousin's memorial service and a show sounded like a real cool time after a heavy day. I had no idea what to expect with it being a Wednesday night in the city. From a block away, I saw their name on the marquee. I walked in and it was a sold-out show! I was already blown away and I hadn't even heard them play yet. They came out and fucking crushed it: jangly guitar tones, catchy bass and hard-hitting drums. It was loud, pure, young, raw and refreshing. I met up with the dudes after the show and their dressing room had shred sleds lined up against the wall. We got to talking about bombing hills, the road dog life and how their music is inspired by skateboarding. The Orwells rule. If you get a chance to see them, don't think twice. Go!


I saw you wearing Emerica shoes on stage and was stoked! I love skating and fan out any time I see a band that skates. Did you guys get a chance to skate around the city and bomb some hills before the show?

Yeah, there was a lil' beat up wallride spot when we pulled up to the venue. Some bum that parks his chair outside the Great American Music Hall starting barking at us. Somethin' like, "Not the building. Jesus, take it somewhere else!" And while he's bitching all these cops happen to be walking by to get coffee. The cops side with the bum, so we get moving. Marched up the hill past the strip joint and found a ledge goin' downhill to butcher a noseslide on before sound check.

SF is the best city in the world for skateboarding. Do you guys get just as hyped to go sidewalk surfing around the city as you do selling out the GAMH?

Yeah, I'm always freaking the fuck out when I spot something I've seen in a video part. When we're in LA I'm like a little fan girl looking out the window for stuff I've seen my heroes throw down on. I'll take cruising around the venue looking for a spot to have some fun at 10,000 times over sound check and green-room chilling. As far as the actual playing part goes, I like to think I'm a bit better on stage than on the board, so I think I'm gonna stick to the mic. full time.

What came first to you, music or skateboarding? How does skateboarding influence your music?

Skating all the way. I got my first board, a Blind deck in 2nd grade or something. Then, through skating and the crowd I got to hanging with I started discovering bands. I was at the skatepark in middle school wondering, what's that skull patch all these kids have on their jackets? Like, "Oh, you don't know the Misfits, you fuckin' dumbass!" So I learned real quick about bands from people I met at the park or video parts later on.

Were there any video parts with songs that stuck out to you growing up?

Not to kiss your ass too hard, but your Cataclysmic Abyss part was a big one. Ali Boulala's Sorry part, Ragdoll's Slaughterhouse part to name a few. Always had Baker 3 on repeat growing up too. My friends and I waited for parts to drop the same way people wait for albums. Thrasher was my Rolling Stone. I was more inspired by skateboarders and the lifestyle I saw them living than any musician. It's still like that.

The song "Black Francis" is being used in an upcoming episode of King Of The Road, and you're in the Bible. How bitchin' is that? Are the teenage Mario and Henry tripping out ?

Trippin' straight fuckin' balls! I can't wait to see who throws down to our music. I'm way more stoked to be in here than any bullshit music publication--hard to find one that still covers stories about music nowadays. Anyway, pullin' for Deathwish for the win KOTR.

Life on the road can be a headache, but what's better than traveling with friends to play music and ride skateboards in different cities? Are you looking forward to getting back to Chicago? Why do you stay in the Midwest after you've seen how amazing the rest of the world is? The hotdogs are tight, but fuck those winters.

Fuck Chicago winter in its frozen ass! Its like you only get to really live half the year. Its fine in Chicago, makes traveling easier, bein' in the middle and all. I could see myself getting out soon. It's tough, though. We all got our own reasons to stick around whether it's dogs, girlfriends or Italian beefs.

We need to write together too. Emailing lyrics across the country just don't sound right. I got the tightest career next to professionally skateboarding--I'm guessing--and I recognize that. I believed in our shit and now I'm fortunate enough to support ourselves and live it year round.

What's the next LP gonna be about, grocery shopping at the health-food store and buying proper furniture for the flat?

Not sure where I said it but right now I'm not off the suds and BJs but we got enough tunes about that sorta stuff. So, you know, church and state. Don't jizz where you eat kinda thing. I have no idea what the fuck it's gonna be about. I know I'll like it, though. If we feel like making an acoustic album that our fans couldn't stage dive to then tough shit for them. They can stick with us or we'll make some new fans. We gotta make it for ourselves first or I'd never wanna get up there and share it with everybody.
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