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The Original Alibi, A Matt Kile Mystery.

The Original Alibi, A Matt Kile Mystery

David Bishop

Telemachus Press, LLC

5380 Gulf of Mexico Drive, Suite 105

Longboat Key, FL, 34228

9781938135491, $4.99 ebook

The Original Alibi is a contemporary Noir detective novel. What makes it interesting is that it reads more Noir style than most classic Noir detective tales. The story is fun but there are times when the Noir writing style feels forced. This is most noticeable in historical references. The story itself seems to be relatively contemporary in setting but some of the historical details referenced for the individual characters date back to the 1950s to the 1930s. If you like the Noir detective with a dash of Mickey Spillane's sex and hard edge, you will enjoy this story.

Matt Kile is a detective who just wants to write novels. Axel, Matt's houseman and newly released convict, arranges for a meeting with a lawyer about a detective job. The lawyer is offering a thousand dollars just to listen to the case. Axel convinces Matt to take the meeting. The lawyer is the representing retired General Wittaker, a very wealthy and powerful man. The General is dying and wants to find out if his grandson killed his pregnant girlfriend eleven years earlier. The General was coerced into paying for an alibi for his grandson and wants to find out the truth before he dies. The cast of suspects spans the General's daughter, grandson, staff and possible unknown criminals. Matt soon finds out that nearly every suspect has a motive and each uses everything they can to stop Matt from finding out who the killer is before the General dies.

If you enjoy the gritty Noir detective style, you will enjoy this book. Bishop's writing style is a little over the top but the whole story stands up well and the mystery is solid. The sex, violence and overall grit add a nice layer to the mystery. The Original Alibi is recommended for when you need a dash of Noir in your weekend.

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