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The Origin, Evolution, and Environmental Impact of Oceanic Large Igneous Provinces.


The Origin, Evolution, and Environmental Impact of Oceanic Large Igneous Provinces

Edited by Clive R. Neal, William W. Sager, Takashi Sano, and Elisabetta Erba

Geological Society of America


339 pages


Geological Society of America Special Paper; 511


Geologists examine large igneous provinces beneath oceans, drawing on dredge samples from the Northwest Hawaiian Ridge, the Azores Plateau, the Lyra Basin, the Deep Sea Drilling Project, the Ocean Drilling Program, and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. They also integrate samples from terrestrial sequences to explore global environmental consequences of oceanic large igneous provinces. Among the topics discussed are geochemical and geochronological constraints on the evolution of the Azores Plateau, the Shatsky Rise ocean plateau structure from two-dimensional multi-channel seismic reflection profiles and implications for oceanic plateau formation, lithium isotope evidence for magmatic assimilation of hydrothermally influenced crust beneath oceanic large igneous provinces, topographic expression of the Danger Islands Troughs and implications for tectonic evolution of the Manihiki Plateau in the western equatorial Pacific Ocean, and environmental consequences of Ontong Java Plateau and Kerguelen Plateau volcanism. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Article Type:Brief article
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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