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The Orange County Bar Association.


Caption: THE ORANGE COUNTY BAR ASSOCIATION hosted a meeting of Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation program directors and service providers from throughout Florida at a half-day conference recently in Orlando. The OCBA was appointed program manager by the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court for residential foreclosure mediations in Orange County. Kim Homer, the OCBA's RMFM program director, facilitated the meeting of 18 participants, including program directors and staff from the Palm Beach County Bar, Hillsborough County Bar Foundation, Tallahassee Bar, Jacksonville Bar, the Seventh Judicial Circuit, and the 20th Judicial Circuit. The conference focused on borrower outreach efforts, the use of technology in case management, the differences among each district's administrative orders, the impact timelines have on bringing borrowers and lenders to mediation, and statistical reporting requirements. According to Homer, meeting face-to-face with managers who have worked together, primarily by phone, for the past year was beneficial. Homer noted that

among the topics the group covered, one of the most important was the opportunity to "share ideas about how best to reach borrowers who may be reluctant to participate in RMFM because they are not aware that it's a court-approved program that has many benefits to offer." Conference participants also discussed RMFM program technology issues, including entering borrower information, training attorneys on how to use program software, recording and exchanging documents, scheduling mediations, and tracking case statuses.
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Publication:Florida Bar News
Date:Apr 1, 2011
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