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The Oozinator: coming to a swamp near you.

Summer is about to get a whole lot slimier thanks to the Oozinator blaster from Hasbro Inc., Pawtucket, R.I.--perfect for kids who aren't satisfied with simply soaking their friends, but who also want to totally gross them out! That's right--don't just drench your live targets, blast them, with gobs of gloppy Bio-Ooze, a whole lot of yuck that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Of course, the Oozinator ($24.99) features the incredible soakage that kids have come to expect from the Super Soaker brand and nearly 30 ounces of liquid capacity to keep the battle action going until sweet surrender is yours. Moreover, the sleek, dual-mode Oozinator sports a creepy-crawly look that is one part swamp monster and one part far-out alien creature. It's an ultra cool combination that hints at the slimy surprise kids can unleash upon unsuspecting friends.

Also new to the Super Soaker line is Max Infusion, an interchangeable, on-the-go water capacity system. It includes two colorful water-tight aquapacks--a 100-ounce backpack and a 50-ounce bandolier-style pack. Each snaps into any Max Infusion blaster.

Another what-a-rush sports blaster is the Nerf Dart Tag Cross Fire ($9.99), which gives kids paintball-like action anytime, anywhere! New, too, to the Nerf scene is the Vortex Mega Howler ($7.99), a sleek, tailed football perfect for long-distance passing.

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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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