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The One-Woman Show 'Not That Jewish' Is a Relic of an Anodyne American-Jewish Past.

Sitting in the audience at a recent performance of Not That Jewish, Monica Piper's one-woman show exploring contemporary American-Jewish identity, I felt the strange sensation of observing a cultural artifact from the perspective of someone living in the near future.

Piper, a hamish sitcom writer who got her start on Roseanne, chronologically squeezes heartwarming pastiches of Jewish upbringing, single girldom, adoptive motherhood, and cancer survivorship into her 90-minute act. The nouveau-Borscht Belt jokes are of the sort that rhyme baygeleh and faygeleh in the punchline. For the goys in attendance, the program contains a helpful glossary called "Yiddish 101," containing definitions for terms like farbissina punim, shpilkes, and facacta (and strangely, cockamamie, which derives from French).

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Author:Kirchick, James
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Dec 2, 2016
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