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The Old West in fact and film; history versus Hollywood.


The Old West in fact and film; history versus Hollywood.

Agnew, Jeremy.

McFarland & Co.


258 pages



Agnew, a biomedical electronics consultant and independent scholar of the Old West, examines the history of the Old West represented in Westerns and how the evolution of Westerns changed this (non)engagement with history. He argues he is not writing film criticism, focusing instead on the history in the film and not the effectiveness of the film. He compares and contrasts the actual and filmed realities of cowboys, Native Americans, women, and frontier law-enforcement. Going back and forth, he describes the development of the West as a real place and the Western as a film genre itself riding on the coat-tails of the westward push of the 19th century.

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Date:Dec 1, 2012
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