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The Old Jew Bringing New Sex to Old People on Martha's Vineyard.

In 2006, Herb Foster, a retired professor of education at SUNY Buffalo and prolific anti-racist activist, lost Anita, his loving wife of 54 years. As he worked through his grief, he also felt a renewed sense of possibility. "After Anita passed away, it was tough," he said in a recent interview at the Vineyard Haven Library, on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. "I, in my head, decided I was going to sow all the wild oats I never had the opportunity to sow as a kid. I was going to take care of all the sexual needs of the married and single women on Martha's Vineyard, which would be my responsibility. Why? I was a Boy Scout; it was my responsibility."

In his quest to spread the love, Foster, now 89, dated around. But he said it was ultimately unfulfilling. "I had to have feeling," he said. "I couldn't just spend the night with someone. Despite all my fantasies, my DNA is programmed to be monogamous."

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Author:Gerson, Merissa Nathan
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Feb 14, 2017
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