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The Oka Cistercians.

Montreal -- The oldest Cistercian monastery in Canada, in Oka, Quebec, is about to relocate. The monastery of notre Dame du Lac, the largest in Canada, is located in an extensive property inclusive of park and farmland 50 km west of Montreal. The chief reason advanced for the move is that growing urbanization in this area interferes with the silence and solitude required for the contemplative Trappist lifestyle. There are presently only 31 monks, half of them over 70 years old, in a monastery which can hold 175. The name "Oka" is famous for a well-known cheese, once made by the monks. The operation was sold over 20 years ago when, a victim of its own success, it encroached excessively on the time the Cistercians required for prayer and contemplation. (Cath. Reg., 29 June, 2003)
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Title Annotation:Canada
Publication:Catholic Insight
Date:Oct 1, 2003
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