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The Object Management Group Standardises Telecommmunications Service Ordering and Provisions.

The Domain Technology Committee (DTC) adopted a new Telecommunications Service Access and Subscription Facility. Recommended for adoption by OMG's Telecommunications Domain Task Force, this new facility unites the service-oriented world of the consumer with the technological and business worlds of telephone and Internet service providers, allowing businesses and households to order and modify their telephone, cable TV, and Internet services on-line. Defined by many of the world's major telecommunications companies and others including Alcatel, AT&T, GMD Fokus, Hitachi, Lucent, Nortel Networks, and Siemens AG, and supported by such companies as Cisco Systems, IBM Telecommunications, and Sprint, the facility defines roles that allow a consumer to order services from a retailer who plays the role of consolidator, offering services from a number of telecommunications services vendors. Focused on the business side of the problem, the facility standardises the computer-to-computer interfaces used by the participants to place and confirm orders, and leaves it to the retailer to define the on-screen presentation of service choices. The facility uses CORBA security to secure transactions with both consumer and provider. Extension of its flexible infrastructure to billing would be straightforward.

Platform Technical Committee (PTC) Work

The PTC adopted a profile tailoring the OMG's Unified Modeling Language (UMLTM) to CORBA. Working with additional standards in process in the OMG's Business Object Initiative effort, this specification will help create an environment that unifies analysis, design, coding deployment, and support of massive enterprise software projects. In addition, the PTC issued an RFP to extend the CORBA infrastructure with a new Real-time Notification Service. This service will provide fast, guaranteed notification of events in systems that conform to the OMG's real-time specifications. Used in industrial process control, data acquisition, and computerised control systems, CORBA is the most widely used standard in distributed real time systems

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