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The Number of Broadband Users in China Increased from 24.5 Million to Reach 35.2 Million.

DUBLIN,Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Broadband Access Market in China, 2005 to their offering.

Last year, the number of broadband users in China has increased greatly. But the development of broadband access market is different according to the regions. Provinces in the eastern part of China have numerous broadband users, while province in the middle and western parts of China just began to have a high growth rate. Main telecommunication operators occupy the bigger part of the market pie, and their market shares are still growing. Main telecommunication operators' revenues from broadband business are also growing rapidly, occupying more than 50 percent of the total data business revenues. The number of broadband users in China will reach 24.5 million by the end of 2004 and 35.2 million at the end of 2005.

Topics Covered

1.Analysis of global broadband access market

1.1 Broadband access technology

1.2 Structure of global broadband access market

1.3 Development trends of broadband access market

2.General structure of China's broadband access market

2.1 Industry structure and competition pattern

2.1.1 Rivals within the industry

2.1.2 Potential entrants

2.1.3 Bargaining power of suppliers

2.1.4 Bargaining power of buyers

2.1.5 Threats from substitutes

2.2 Development of broadband access technology in China

2.2.1 ADSL

2.2.2 LAN

2.2.3 Cable Modem

2.2.4 Access through electrical wire

2.2.5 Wireless broadband

2.3 Major competition means

2.3.1 Price competition

2.3.2 Contents competition

2.4 Regulations of broadband access

3.Trends Analysis of broadband access market in China

3.1 Development trends of Internet access business

3.1.1 Total number of Internet users is growing, but the growth rate is decreasing

3.1.2 Broadband access becomes the major drive to promote the number of Internet access users

3.1.3 Proportion of broadband user in Internet users is rapidly increasing

3.1.4 ADSL is currently the major broadband access technology

3.1.5 Proportion of LAN users climbed slightly

3.1.6 Number Prediction of broadband access user

3.2 Analysis of regional developments

3.2.1 Unbalanced regional broadband access market

3.2.2 Top ten provinces and cities with the most broadband users

3.2.3 Top ten provinces and cities with the highest proportion of broadband users

3.2.4 Top ten provinces and cities with fastest growth rate

3.2.5 Top ten provinces and cities with highest popularity rate

3.3 Analysis of operators

3.3.1 Fundamental telecommunication operators possess the majority of the market share

3.3.2 China Netcom's growth rate of broadband users is higher than China Telecom

3.3.3 ADSL possesses the biggest market share, but proportion of LAN users is ascending

3.4 Revenue analysis of broadband business

3.4.1 Revenues grow rapidly

3.4.2 Fundamental telecommunication operators' revenues occupy more than 50 percent of the total data business' revenues

4.Analysis of broadband business operators' market tactics and operation strategies

4.1 Market lifecycle strategy

4.1.1 Strategies in introducing period

4.1.2 Strategies in growing period

4.1.3 Strategies in maturity period

4.2 Market target strategies

4.2.1 Types and characteristics of broadband users

4.2.2 Market Segmentation of broadband users

4.2.3 Marketing strategies of the target market

4.2.4 Products design

4.3 Pricing strategies

4.3.1 Affecting factors of pricing

4.3.2 Pricing methods

4.3.3 Pricing strategies

Chapter Five: Analysis of broadband value-added business market in China

5.1 Broadband industry chain

5.1.1 Evolvement of telecommunication industry chain

5.1.2 Problems existing in broadband industry chain

5.1.3 Operation mode of broadband value-added business

5.2 Status of broadband value-added service market

5.2.1 Status of the market

5.2.2 Existing problems

5.3 Trends of broadband value-added service

5.3.1 Trends of broadband industry chain

5.3.2 Trends of net games

5.3.3 Trends of video service

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Date:Jun 14, 2006
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