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The Northern Titicaca Basin Survey: Huancan-Putina.


The Northern Titicaca Basin Survey: Huancane-Putina

Charles Stanish, Cecilia Ch[sz]vez Justo, Karl LaFavre, and Aimee Plourde

U. of Mich. Mus./Anthropology


407 pages


Memoirs of the Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan; Number 56. Studies in Latin American Ethnohistory & Archaeology; Volume 11


A technical report of field archeology, this book is the results of the archeological survey of the Huancane-Putina area of the northern Titicaca basin. The introduction discusses the landscape, previous research and archeological context, and survey area and research design. Chapter two looks at ceramics from the Department of Puno area of Peru. Chapter three is site descriptions. Chapter four is an interpretation of settlement patters in the area, with discussion. These are divided into Archaic, Formative, Huana, Tiwanaku, Altiplano, and Inca, all except Archaic with subdivisions. There is an appendix of ceramic materials, and one of stone materials. Illustrations include drawings of ceramic fragments and site photographs. ([umlaut] Ringgold, Inc., Portland, OR)

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Date:Nov 1, 2014
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