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The Newly Introduced Curl Fiber Patch Cables by FiberStore.

Bellevue, WA, February 23, 2014 --( Professional global fiber patch cables offers, FiberStore recently enriches its fiber optic patch cable line with curl fiber patch cable, the curl fiber optical cable assemblies are with the curl structure, similar with common telephone cable in the appearance, it is ideal for application where frequent moves and cable length variability are required such as from wall plate to personal computer, from mobile test equipment to the tested devices, or temporary connection of equipment in different rooms.

FiberStore curl fiber patch cables are made from fiber types including single mode, multimode OM1, OM2, and 10G OM3, OM4 fibers. And have been developed by a series of fiber optic special connectors types such as FC, SC, LC, ST connectors for input or output. The diameter of the coil structure is optional, and many of cable parameters can be custom designed, such as the cable outer diameter and the whole cable length, cable jackets, fiber connectors polishing types.

Fiber optic cable is built of optically pure glass as thin as human hair. A drawback to this high tech innovation is that the optically pure glass core is fragile. It cannot be stretched or bent because the glass core can break very easily. Curl fiber cable assemblies overcome these issues, since when extending or bunding coiled fiber, customers do not have to concern with compromising the quality of the cable. This has results in substantial cost savings because users can buy one fiber cable to meet various requirements.

Features of Curl Fibers

Flexibility - the coiled design is perfect for constantly moving parts that require fiber cable. The flexible length extension greatly reduces the problem of fiber glass breakage.

Cost savings - coiled fiber can be stretched without breaking the fiber glass, which means less fiber cables will be replaced as fiber optics are so expensive.

Durability - coiled fiber can be extended and recoiled without fiber glass breakage, extending the life of the fiber cable.

Safety - by cutting down on wire clutter and keeping excesses cables off the ground, coiled fiber not only helps with organization, but also reduces safety hazards. The fiber is coiled up tightly rather than having the excess fiber hang loosely, which will cause a potential safety risk.

With the mentioned features above, curl fibers are especially ideal for application includes:

Limited spaces: Curl fiber cable is widely used in the military field or data centers that is in short of spaces. By bundling the excess fiber cables neatly with the coiled design, it provides a flexible cable length while saving the spaces greatly.

Various cable length are required: Curl fiber cable can reduce the fiber cables needed in application where different cable lengths are needed, as one cable can be stretched or shrunk in different cable length, and reduces the issues of not have the correct cable length.

FiberStore is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of fiber optic cables and fiber patch cables, and could custom these cables according to customers' special requirements. Welcome to visit for online ordering or custom assistance.

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FiberStore Inc.

June Liao

+1 (206) 227 9282

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X205 4181 129th Place SE, Bellevue WA 98006, USA

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Date:Feb 23, 2014
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