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The Newest Toys for 2004.

Business Editors

Toy Fair 2004

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 10, 2004

More than 1,500 exhibitors will debut almost 6,000 creations throughout the next four days. Following is a sneak peek to help you scout out the hottest picks for 2004.


21st Century Toys, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 234 / Javits Center, Booth 5822

21st Century Toys, which specializing in high quality, authentically detailed action figure toys, introduces the P-47 Razorback Thunderbolt and P-40B Warhawk, both 1/18th scale aircraft. The P-47 Razorback Thunderbolt features an opening canopy, retractable landing gear, working flaps and control surfaces plus an authentic, poseable pilot figure. The aircraft is highly detailed and adorned with an authentic, well-researched paint scheme. The P-40B Warhawk features retractable landing gear, opening canopy, positional flaps and a highly detailed poseable pilot figure as well as a paint scheme that is thoroughly researched and accurate.

Bandai America Inc., 1107 Broadway, 3rd Floor

Power Rangers is back for its 12th season and Bandai America presents the newest theme, Power Rangers DinoThunder. Included in the product mix this year are all new Raptor Cycles, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) and trading cards. Strawberry Shortcake returns in 2004 with a new line-up of scented dolls and toys that includes a Berry Best Friends assortment. Also coming are Strawberryland Fillies, horses with ice cream-inspired names like Milk Shake and Cookie Dough and come with hair and fashion accessories; a new character, Blueberry Muffin; and for Holiday 2004, a Singin' Surprise interactive plush doll with color recognition technology.

Basic Fun, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 520

Basic Fun has pioneered the way for an outrageously tasty treat without all the mess and sugar of candy. Whether it's yummy banana, sweet cherry, luscious strawberry, sour lemon, fire hot cinnamon, or melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, these flavor-filled tattoos pack a mouthwatering punch that'll wake up your taste buds and keep you craving more. How do Tongue Tickling Tattoos add up to lots of flavorful fun? Lick your skin, press the tattoo on to the wet skin, lift the paper off, and lick away. From fruit flavors to wacky concoctions, these tattoos are so tasty you will want to lick and stick over and over again. Tongue Tickling Tattoos are as much fun to wear as they are to taste. Stick them here, lick them there, taste and put them everywhere.

big BOING/Enchanted Moments, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 520A / Javits Center, Booth 1763

big BOING Toys makes its debut at TOY FAIR with a line of creativity toys on display at Enchanted Toys. Gnomads(TM), a series of collectable contemporary gnome figurines, was designed to be passed from person to person as they travel around the world enjoying adventures while their owners follow along on the Internet at Each Gnomads figure has a unique ID number printed on the bottom of its shoes, and new owners personalize their Gnomad at the website with personality traits before sending them on adventures. Each time the Gnomads changes hands, its new custodian can log onto the site to learn about the figure, post photos or stories on the adventure, as well as communicate with the original owner. Get-ups(TM), wearable fantasy toys with realistic sound effects, enable children to transform themselves into a favorite animal or character by slipping on their shoes, putting on their hat and triggering the sounds that bring the character to life. The introductory sets are: magical fairy, roaring dinosaur and a "clippity-clop" horse.

Binney & Smith (Crayola), 1107 Broadway, Room 412

Take your imagination for a spin with a test drive of Crayola's Gear Headz Car Factory, part of the new Gear Headz line of creativity toys targeted to boys ages 6-8. Using crayons as "fuel," kids can turn warm melted crayons into a cool set of wheels they can race, smash, crash and then recycle into brand new cars. Heat from a light bulb inside the "engine" melts the crayon pieces. Once the wax becomes liquid, a pull of the gearshift pours it into a car mold. In about 20 minutes, kids get a custom-made car body that attaches to a friction motor chassis for racing. Lights, horns and car sounds complete the dragster-shaped car factory. Also new are Color Wonder finger paints, no-mess paints that magically appear only on special paper.

Ceaco, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 550

Ceaco, an industry leader in the jigsaw puzzle category, introduces six new 750-piece Sunset Glow in the Dark Jigsaw Puzzles. Sunset Glow also will be showcased in three new 2-in-1 assortments, which feature two 500 piece puzzles in one box. In the past, Glow in the Dark was normally only applied in one color, but now Ceaco has gone one step further with Sunset Glow. The Glow is applied to specific areas of the image so that after the puzzle is assembled, the user can turn off the lights and see the multi colors glow -- in orange, blue and yellow. Also new is Doubles. Consisting of 600 puzzle pieces embedded in puzzle pieces, each actual piece is cut into two sections. One piece sits inside the other making it twice as difficult to assemble. There are six images in this assortment, two each of quilts, Thomas Kinkade paintings, and Bev Doolittle images.

Creative Designs International, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 518

Creative Designs International has signed a licensing agreement with Masterfoods, a division of Mars, Inc., to market a line of toys featuring the M&M's brand. The new line will include a toy ice cream maker featuring the M&M's characters. With a customized, molded design, the ice cream maker will begin shipping to key toy retailers in Spring 2004. Other items such as a cookie baking set, vending machine bank, and an assortment of plastic play food sets are currently in development.

Fisher-Price, 28 West 23rd St, 6th Floor

Following the extremely successful launch of the PowerTouch(TM) Learning System and Learn Through Music in 2003, Fisher-Price(R) takes its learning toy line to yet another level with InteracTV. One of several new learning toys that span infancy through grade school, InteracTV enables children to interact and learn with their favorite characters from popular TV shows, right on their home televisions. Children simply place special InteracTV DVDs into their home player, and place an activity card onto the child-friendly InteracTV controller to play and learn with Blue's Clues(TM), Dora the Explorer(TM), Barney(TM), Sesame Street, and more.

Fundex Games, 1115 Broadway, Room 516

Fundex Games is rolling the dice on fun with Bunco Party, a social interaction dice game that has been played for generations. The Bunco Party Pack includes everything players need for a party -- even the invitations. The object of the game is to be the player with the most points, which are gained by rolling the target number until the total reaches 21 or rolling a 'True Bunco' -- four of a kind of the target number. For girls ages 6+, there's My MASH(TM) Destiny Diary Game, a fashion-forward, take-anywhere game inspired by the classic future-finding game. Fundex's version offers creative categories and a special diary that holds everything girls need to play. The game includes the diary, 30 cards, pen, mini eraser, and spiral zone.

Great American Puzzle Factory, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 711

The Great American Puzzle Factory is capturing the growing interest in the historical celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition through the American West with a 1,000-piece Lewis and Clark Expedition jigsaw puzzle tracking the famous twosome in their monumental search for the Northwest Passage. From their start in St. Louis, up the Missouri River to the headwaters, across the Rocky Mountains, and finally along the tributaries to the Pacific Ocean, the puzzle features 14 striking images that detail the duo's trek from its ambitious start to its historic conclusion. In response to America's love affair with Hollywood, Great American Puzzle Factory introduces "Movie Madness" -- a 550-piece jigsaw puzzle that portrays the best-loved characters and memorable moments from 100 of Tinseltown's most popular flicks, including "Jaws," "Bride of Frankenstein," "Snow White", and "King Kong."

GUND, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 226 / Javits Center, Booth 1521

GUND is expanding its product assortment with the launch of a new line of social expression giftware that includes cuddly bears and ceramic mugs under the name "Thinking of You." Each tan 7" bear holds a heart, flowers or other object that fits the message theme. The collection includes 22 styles of message bears, bearing such messages as: Congratulations; Thank You; Mom, I Love You; and "Best Wishes." For a new baby, the bear holds a pink or blue blanket with an "It's A Girl" or "It's A Boy" message. To complement the bears, GUND offers seven styles of embossed ceramic mugs, with two different images of bears on them, with such sentiments as "My Sister," and "I Love You." GUND celebrates sports with its new "Most Valuable Baby" collection. Part of the babyGUND(R) brand, the collection offers creative plush alternatives for aspiring athletes, many of which rattle, squeak or "crinkle." The line features My First Football, with a carrying case shaped like a pigskin and containing home and visitor teddy bear football players as well as a football and trophy.

Hedstrom, 1107 Broadway, Room 1016

Quarterback Jack(TM), an interactive football player, is calling the plays at Hedstrom. Developed for kids ages 7+, Quarterback Jacks allows kids to play football with a group of friends or on their own. Quarterback Jack comes with a junior-sized foam football and 12 different play cards. To play, kids choose a football play, insert the card, pump up Quarterback Jack, get into position at the line of scrimmage, and press start. Quarterback Jack makes the play-call and lets kids know when to run with one of 24 different programmed plays. Quarterback Jack can make a pass up to 50 feet, rotate left and right, and move his arm up and down to make a wide variety of passing plays. Hedstrom is relaunching its Stick-Ups by Priss Prints line of removable, reusable wall decor under the new brand name MagikStik(TM). The patented adhesive system allows the durable, washable vinyl borders and appliques to self-stick and peel off without harming walls.

Holiday Creations, 1107 Broadway, Room 1215N

The bright lights of the holiday season can burn longer and brighter because now there is an energy efficient alternative. Forever Bright(R) L.E.D. holiday and decorative lights save more than 90% of the energy consumed by traditional incandescent holiday lights, and are designed to last more than 20 years. These LED-based holiday lights use semiconductor chips as a light source, and are encased in plastic instead of glass. This means that, unlike conventional Christmas lights, there are no glass bulbs to break or filaments to burn out.

Imperial Toy, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 1351

Imperial Toy Corporation's Buddy L brand unveils the all new, Hummer, H-2 SUT (sport utility truck) to coincide with GM's Spring 2004 release of the newest addition to the Hummer family. This 1:12 scale stamped-steel toy model of the granddaddy of them all is tough enough for sandbox fun, and comes with a working tailgate, a large rear capacity storage area, a fully detailed dashboard, luggage rack, trailer hitch, vinyl side mirrors, and an open sunroof that can fit most regular sized action figures. For the younger set, Imperial Toy introduces the Buddy L LiL' Buddy's Bubble Ride-On, a new bubble exhaust system that leaves a trail of bubbles. A household-battery powered motorized "quad" and bubble exhaust, the single "easy pour and fill" bubble reservoir is easily refilled.

JAKKS Pacific, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 634

JAKKS Pacific has a 2004 new product line-up that includes a broad range of toys and crafts under license from Nickelodeon, Mucha Lucha(R), World Wrestling Entertainment(TM), and Universal's Van Helsing. In boys action, JAKKS is the master toy licensee for Mucha Lucha. The line-up includes action figures, playsets, role play, and plush based on the Warner Bros. animated television series airing on Kids' WB! JAKKS' Van Helsing action figures and playsets are based on Universal Studios' classic monsters, which are featured in the upcoming film. JAKKS debuts SpongeBob SquarePants TV Games and Disney TV Games, plug-and-play, 8-bit gaming systems containing five games in the single joystick. In Craft and Activities, My Overstuffed Life is a line of "scraptivity" sets for tween girls that was developed to help girls organize their keepsakes and then display them 3-dimensionally.

Kidz Delight, Ltd., 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 1414

Kidz Delight is introducing a smaller version of its popular Datamax(TM). Targeted to kids 4+, Datamax Junior includes 28 educational activities in five categories including Vocabulary, Logic, Math, Arts, and Games as well as 10 tools like an alarm, clock and more. There's also infrared "Max-Blaster" technology for message exchange and network game play. Based on the success of award-winning Silly Sam(TM) the Talking Broom, Kidz Delight introduces a complete line of electronic role-play toys under the Handz On!(TM) brand, including Funny Fred, the Talking Garbage Can; Playful Patty, the Talking Iron With Board; Laughing Larry, the Talking Vacuum; and Merry Maggie, the Talking Sprayer with Wiper. Each product features funny, googly eyes and appropriate sound effects for imaginative role-play fun.

K'NEX, 1107 Broadway, Room 1315 / Javits Center, Booth 413

K'NEX Industries breathes new life into construction with K'NEX ALIVE!

Based on mythological creatures, the line lets kids create brutal beasts from the building system's rod and connector pieces. There's also an all-new trigger handle to build in motion and attack features that bring these beasts to life. Sets include: Iguanadon/Raptorium Building Set Assortment; Chimera/Phoenix Building Set Assortment; and Electronic Roaring Basilisk Building Set. With the success of its super big Screamin' Serpent and Rippin' Rocket Roller Coasters sets, K'NEX offers The Big Air Ball Tower(TM), a 5-ft. tall working ball tower with unpredictable obstacles that kids custom build. And the beat continues with KID K'NEX, now with Chompin' Chums. A 60-piece line of chunky, easy-snap pieces enables kids 3-7 to build one-of-a-kind creatures activated by a silly sound handle.

LEGO, 1115 Broadway, Room 203

LEGO offers a new line of hybrid playsets under the name Knights' Kingdom, featuring two types of building fun in 10 new sets. Directed at kids 4+, the colorful line of constructible action figures, or "constraction figures," combines traditional stud-based LEGO(R) pieces with those of LEGO Technic(TM). The result: five different knightly figures with multiple points of articulation that can be manipulated into a variety of poses. For builders ages 7+ there's a line of medieval-inspired LEGO construction sets, including an entire kingdom of constructible mini figure knights, horses, jousting equipment, buildings, and a castle. Elements of the castle can be turned to reflect a change in rulers, and mini figures can scale the walls of the castle with new mechanical features. For children ages 1+ LEGO debuts Quatro(TM), extra-large bricks made of a slightly softer material than traditional LEGOs.

Little Tikes, 1115 Broadway, 12th Floor

Just grab your eye patch and head out to the high seas with Pirate Ship Playhouse. This new playset, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is styled after a pirate ship and features a steering wheel, telescope, swinging door, and more. Assembly takes just 10 minutes. Little Tikes has applied its Intelli-Tikes technology to its new MagiCook Kitchen. Low-wave radio frequency technology (RFID) permits MagiCook Kitchen to recognize the items placed on the stove and respond to kids with food-specific voice comments and other realistic sounds. Even if kids mix unusual food combinations, the kitchen will respond with comments such as, "That's an interesting choice." To keep things cookin', pizza, pasta, breakfast, and birthday cake accessory food packs also will be available.

Mattel, 28 West 23rd St, 6th Floor

As musicals make their mainstream comeback, it was only a matter of time before Barbie took her acting to new, lyrical heights. Always ready for a challenge, Barbie has accepted her most demanding role ever. Not only does she sing, but she plays "twins" in the twist-of-fate tale of Mattel Entertainment's "Princess and the Pauper."

With an enchanting world of dolls, playsets, accessories, licensed goods and a first-of-its-kind "talking" plush that interacts with the movie, "Princess and the Pauper" will make little girls sing. For the boys, Mattel debuts Formula Fuelers(TM) Vehicle Assortment, which combines activity play with powered vehicle performance. Formula Fuelers(TM) vehicles run on special formulas that kids make themselves, from the included Nitrox(TM) liquid, tablets and powders for mixing the special fuel made from various household products.

Patch Products, 200 Fifth Ave., Room 406 / Javits Center, Booth 2463

After 10 years of selling its popular Blurt! board game, Patch Products is extending its word racing game play to Blurt! Blitz, a fast-paced word racing game with teams and an electronic timer. In Blurt! Blitz, two teams scramble to collect cards by describing words to their teammates who then have to blurt them out. Players may explain or act out the word however they wish and the electronic timer keeps the game full of suspense. Blurt! Blitz includes 1,000 cards and is for four or more players in teams. Can't Stop(TM) is an addictively dicey dice game for families, kids and young adults. In Can't Stop, players roll 10 dice that have green, yellow and red sides. Add up the points by rolling greens, but there's a catch. If on any roll the player doesn't get any greens and one or more reds, the turn is over. The goal is to get to 100.

Play Along Toys, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 1434 / Javits Center, Booth 1663C

Play Along, the new master toy licensee for Teletubbies, arrives at TOY FAIR with a host of new products, plus a variety of new Care Bears, including Glow-a-lot Care Bears. The new Teletubbies line features the Tubby Talk Plush assortment. With just a squeeze of their hand, each Teletubby sings their special song, giggles their unique laugh and speaks their special Teletubby phrases. Glow-a-lot Care Bears glow in the dark; just hold them up to the light for a moment and they will light up in the dark for hours. Warner Bros. (TM) Consumer Products has awarded the rights to its DC Comics(TM) Batman and Justice League (JLA) franchises to Play Along to create a world of construction toys by Art Asylum titled "C3" that will be based on the company's "Minimates" line.

Publications International, Ltd., 105 Madison Ave., Suite 3A

Publications International, Ltd. unveils 27 new Story Reader(TM) titles. The sleeper success of the 2003 holiday season with nearly one million units sold in 4Q alone, Story Reader is the first-ever portable electronic storybook reader for kids aged three to eight that encourages a love of reading. As each page is turned, Story Reader "reads," yet the patented technology is completely invisible. PIL also debuts three new innovative, yet affordable electronic learning products, including ActivePOINT, 200 Questions & Answers, and Color-Along Sound Activity Book -- each featuring patented sound technology and interactive play patterns that engage kids and encourage learning.

Radica Toys, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 736

Radica adds an innovative application of technology to the tried and true play pattern of "playing school" and introduces Twinkleberries(TM), a new line of interactive dolls that actually responds to young children. Twinkleberries is the first interactive doll line that offers a realistic simulation of school as the doll actually responds to the child who's playing teacher. Radica enters the R/C category for the first time with Nitro Battlerz(TM), a line of cars that kids can build, race and crash. Children assemble and customize their cars, add their favorite decals to race and crash opponents in the "dome" track. The controller's nitro button gives the driver a huge burst of speed to help boot opponents over the edge.

RC2 Corp., 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 102 / Javits Center, Booth 1920

RC2 heads to TOY FAIR 2004 with a slate of new toys including GiggleWings, a line of soft dolls designed to help children address their emotional and developmental milestones. GiggleWings are special guardian angels with fun, infectious giggles that help children realize the healing power of laughter. The dolls carry such names as Annie Biotic and Stevie Snoozyhead. For preschoolers, RC2 offers John Deere Kids My First Collectibles, a line of chunky, die-cast vehicles and farm-related playsets. Under the Learning Curve label, the Thomas & Friends(TM) Wooden Railway Destinations and Sets feature a variety of new sets and pieces including the Water Tower Figure 8 Set, Harold's Mail Delivery Set, and the Oval Set. Also new this year is the Sodor Sawmill Playset with a working "saw" that really splits logs in two and a special log car.

Stevenson Entertainment Group, LLC, 1115 Broadway, Room 403

From the ABC megahit series "Alias" comes Stevenson Entertainment's line of collectible 6" figures, 12" collectible dolls, resin mini bust and SMITI collectibles. SEG brings amazing likenesses of Sydney Bristow, Michael Vaughn, Arvin Sloane and more to Alias fans around the world. SEG also introduces the Happy Tree Friends Figures with Accessories, Lunch Boxes, Key Chains, Vinyl Banks, Cell Phone Straps and PVC Diorama. The "Happy Tree Friends" phenomenon is sweeping the globe! Join favorites Flippy, Cuddles, Lifty & Shifty, Handy, Lumpy, Giggles, Nutty, and Toothy in their horribly wrong misadventures with ultra-fun 6" figures with accessories inspired by the episodes, key chains, vinyl banks, lunch boxes and more!

T-INK, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 1325

T-INK, an innovative company that designs, manufactures and markets licensed products, debuts a line of high-tech educational products featuring content from Jumpstart, the leading educational software brand. The Jumpstart T-Inkeractives includes six skus: Talk 'n Teach, Teach Desk, Teach Cardz, Discover Doh, Stick 'n Sound and Color 'n Learn. A partnership with Vivendi Universal builds upon the affordable technology of T-INK and the worldwide success of Jumpstart to deliver ELA and activity play at a significantly lower price point than the competition.

Uncle Milton, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 414

A new breed of playthings has hatched at Uncle Milton, and they talk. Meet P-Brains(TM), collectible characters that stand 3" tall and feature interchangeable electronic brains. Designed for collecting, P-Brains(TM) characters are sold in such "unlikely" pairs as Baby & Soldier. Initial P-Brains pairs in the Series 1 Collection include: Cheerleader/Basketball Player, Princess/Pirate and Policeman/Skate Boarder. Each pair also comes with a "bonus brain" so kids can switch brains with characters in the Series 2 Collection. Jet Hawks(TM) is an innovative flying toy line featuring gliders that launch like rockets yet glide like hawks. Inspired by mobile rocket design, Jet Hawks take off from a hand-held, air-powered Strato Launcher(TM) that releases the glider in a safe, angled position. The first product in this line is Jet Hawk 1(TM) with wings that deploy 40 feet into flight, sending the glider up to 500 feet.

Upper Deck, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 612

Upper Deck Entertainment's newest game is just for girls -- the Bratz Fashion Party Fever Collectible Card Game. Set with a party theme, the Party Power! cards feature funky fashion fabrics from the Bratz closet; Bratz cards highlight favorite characters; and Fashion cards showcase cool clothing styles. The Fashion Passion Prism on each Bratz card helps score bonus points, and a special decoder card is used to unveil secret questions from the Bratz. Also debuting is the Power Up! brand, an easy-to-play card game with exciting ways to collect cards via points that are redeemable for prizes. Collectors can trade based on points stated on each card. The cards are regular, rare, ultra rare, super rare and mega rare. After logging onto and entering their cards, they can track their team. The participant with the highest points for the week receives a prize.

Warren Industries (A Rose Art Company), 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 1220

The Missing Piece Mystery Puzzle is a 750-piece mystery jigsaw thriller with a secret puzzle image to help puzzlers solve the crime. A new line of mystery puzzles, The Missing Piece Mystery Puzzle features four different puzzles based on different themes -- Murder Unleashed, Piper's Ghost, Something Wicked This Way Grows, and Cursed Cargo. Puzzlers read a short mystery novella and use clues from the story to piece together the secret puzzle image. Clues in the completed puzzle can then be used to solve the crime. LEGO(R) Builder Xtreme is the race to build it board game with game play focused on building new LEGO designer set models. Players choose from 20 color-coded LEGO model cards and travel the game board to collect necessary LEGO pieces. The first player to complete their LEGO model wins the game.

Wild Planet, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 204 / Javits Center, Booth 1651

Wild Planet Toys proudly introduces Aquapets, the next collectors' craze. Already a big success in Japan, Aquapets are interactive critters that want to be loved. Treat them right and they'll dance with happiness, sing silly songs and play different games. Put two or more together and they'll even talk to each other. There are 12 unique characters in all. Get into gear with Spy Gear, the #1 brand in youth electronics. Combining innovation and technology, Spy Gear this year debuts Spy Safe Cracker, Spy Robot, Spy Lazer Chase, and XP-6 Spy Watch.

Zapf Creation, 200 Fifth Avenue, Room 903 / Javits Center, Booth 3025

Zapf Creation adds more lifelike features to its dolls this year. Love Me CHOU CHOU kicks her feet, babbles and sucks her thumb or pacifier with realistic mouth movement. The company also offers Maggie Raggies Cinderella, an interpretation of the classic fairy tale. This doll begins as a peasant and when her slippers for the dance are put on her feet, she plays "For Me Vu." When the shoes are removed -- when the clock strikes 12 -- she turns back into a peasant. Also new is Maggie Raggies Alpha Bettys, which sings her ABCs in a soft voice and with a slightly open mouth when her tummy is pressed.


Accuthrow, Inc., Booth 578

Accuthrow(TM), the brilliantly simple and highly addictive new toy born from an aluminum dryer hose and a golf ball, has a new accessory: a Glow Ball. The Glow Ball provides Accuthrowers a new way to play with their toy. Whether inside with the lights off or outside at dusk, the Accuthrow(TM) Glow Ball will certainly add a new dimension to the world of ball-tossing maniacs everywhere.

Achy Breaky Toys, Booth 5454

Achy Breaky Toys offers two irreverent new lines this year, Gutter Punx and Swear Bears. The Gutter Punx are an original collection of 10" figures based on American Punk culture that immortalize the street punk scene with irreverence and wit. The cast of characters includes Mouse, a fire-engine redhead high school cheerleader turned Punk, and Anna, the beer-swilling pregnant panhandler and her dog Sid -- with studded collar and "will work for beer" sign. Each figure is dressed in authentic, handmade punk rock gear. The Swear Bears are 7" rotocast, soft vinyl pieces with 10 points of articulation and are as cute as they are offensive. There are nine Swear Bears in the initial line including Metal Bear, Brit Punk Bear, Devil Bear, and Dead Bear. The line was made in partnership with Drastic Plastic, the creators of these Asian classics.

Action Products, Booth 1913

Ahoy, mateys! Pirate treasure hunting is a timeless and popular activity for young boys and girls and there are three new pirate-themed items in the I Dig Treasures(R) award-winning brand of excavation adventures. The Curse of Pirate Island, The Secret of Skull Cove and the Pirate Treasure Chest Mini-Digs encourage young adventurers to dig up buried treasure, ages: 6+. In addition, Action Products' long-awaited female astronaut figure, Shuttle Payload Specialist Amy Taylor, touches down for TOY FAIR, serving as a perfect role model for young space enthusiasts. Featuring over 15 points of articulation, magnetic feet for spacewalking adventures, and authentic accessories, the new figure provides a heroic, non-violent, educational alternative to promotional figures. Ages 6+.

Aeromax Toys/Enchanted Moments, Booth 1663

Aeromax is trying to take kids to the Moon and even to Mars with some imagination and their Jr. Astronaut Suit. The orange suit features zippered pockets and straps with buckles for the make-believe adventure of harnessing oneself to the spacecraft for when zero gravity kicks in. Knee and elbow patches and embroidery complete the realistic look and durability of the costume that also features a custom-embroidered cap with NASA logo. Coming this summer is a domed space helmet with a button to mechanically lower and raise the faceplate. Press another button and young astronauts will hear Houston count down to blast off, then the realistic sounds of a rocket taking off. Also straight from outer space is another Get Real Gear introduction: The Jr. Air Force Pilot suit with realistic helmet and shield.

Alex Toys, Booth 1919

Alex Toys offers an assortment of artistic outlets for children that encourages self-expression. New this year is Wall Easel, Crocodile or Fish Chalkboards and My Art Desk for kids 3+, and My Scrapbook for children 5+. Wall Easel is a screen-printed, hanging easel with a colorful dot motif and a blue chalkboard center. It includes a paper roll holder, safety cutter and three cups to hold paints and supplies. Crocodile and Fish Chalkboards are character themed products with a chalk holder and recessed holds for easy hanging. My Art Desk is a hardwood desk with an adjustable tilt top surface, which makes drawing and painting more comfortable for little children. The chalkboard tabletop surface features four recessed cups and a paper cutter that also serves as a rest to prevent supplies from rolling away. A paper roll holder and paper roll are tucked beneath.

Applause, Booth 1981

Dream Pets, created in the 1950s, are coming back. Largely seen as the original stuffed toy, Applause LLC is bringing them back in 2004. These loveable characters, in all the style and charm of their original ancestors, are returning with all of the features that made them so special the first time around. They'll all have their original names, birthdays and hangtags.

Astoria Productions, Booth 5457

Astoria Productions is presenting a unique children's theater setting that kids can use as a backdrop for their own original productions. The 4' x 8' freestanding theater backdrop lets every child be a star while singing and dancing before their audience. There is performance music for every season -- Pop, Hip-Hop, Rock, or Country. All series include printed words, vocal and instrumental tracks.

Athinos Lighting Inc., Booth 5860

The DreamZpire Build-a-Light is a theme-based central lighting fixture for a child's bedroom that serves as a bedroom light, a glowing nightlight and mobile-like rotating theme all in one unit. This patent-pending technology is unique because of its ability to be transformed from one theme to another -- quickly, easily and affordably. The DreamZpire Build-a-Light Fixture and interchangeable SnapThemz are different from current lighting choices for kids' rooms in that they allow parents to easily change the theme of the bedroom lighting to be consistent with changes in a room's decor or theme. A broad range of interchangeable SnapThemz will be available so that the light fixture can grow with the child from their toddler years to their teen years.

Aurora World Inc., Booth 743

Follow your dreams with this new little friend from Aurora. Wish Wing is confused; the silly little dreamer bear wishes he were born a bird so that he could fly. Wish Wing poseable plush comes with a wish card to make that special list of dreams. Super soft and bean filled, Wish Wing has a backpack with wings. Also available as classic Aurora accessories - suction cups and clip-ons. Also new this year is Gorks, cousin to Smidgens, which were introduced in 2003. Members of the Rough Bunch (the most popular line at Aurora), Gorks are available in three styles and each makes their own special sound when tossed, dropped or thrown. These unique characters have vibrant iridescent colors and are made from high pile plush. Wild and crazy, Gorks are bean filled and perfect for ages 3+.

Authentic Teddy Bears, Booth 5971

Authentic Teddy Bears(TM), which was founded to celebrate the 100th birthday of the teddy bear in 2002, continues to pay tribute to unique events in American history with its new Art Novelty Bear, based on the design of an early Art Novelty Company patriotic bear. Very little is known about the Art Novelty Company of New York, except for an image of their early red, white and blue stuffed bear found in historical texts. Authentic Teddy Bears has recreated this bear and is calling him Art Novelty Bear.

Aviva Sports, Booth 2372

New from Aviva Sports this year is Monster Basketball, an inflatable basketball game for the backyard. Kids love the challenge of shooting the large basketballs into the hoop, which features nylon covered PVC for durability. For ages 3+. Also new is Astroslide, a large, inflatable water slide used for safe, soft sliding into a pool or lake. Hook up the hose and watch the kids have the time of their lives.

The Baby Einstein Company, Booth 5333

The Baby Einstein Co. is expanding dramatically in 2004, debuting its first toy line, unveiling new video titles, announcing new licensing partners, pursuing an aggressive global expansion, and previewing its preschool property.

The debut toy line, with six skus geared for toddlers, combines real-world images and familiar Baby Einstein characters. Manufactured by Equity Marketing, the line focuses on core Baby Einstein principals: discover animals, colors, shapes, music, counting and/or the alphabet. Baby MacDonald(TM) A Day On The Farm is the company's 14th video. Complemented by a book and new toys, Baby MacDonald engages children in all aspects of farm life by taking them on a journey that includes an aerial tour of colorful fields and playing with the animals.

Baby Road Trip, Booth 2373

Baby Road Trip strives to provide adventure, amusement and delight while taking children on musically themed journeys to far away, and sometimes, not so far away places. The Baby Road Trip Video Series was created to nurture cognitive, sensory and emotional developments throughout a child's first four years. Children travel along on a spirited journey, accompanied by a loveable puppet friend, Road Trip Ryan(TM)+. Each video features a series of musically themed segments and a focused learning principle combined with bright images, funny sounds and children at play. In the BEACH video, for example, the sound is baby reggae, island, calypso and surf music and the learning theme is counting. In the JUNGLE, the music is safari symphonies, jungle foot tapping rhythms and melodic songs of the wild, and the lesson is focused on colors. A portion of all profits is donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Balitono Inc., Booth 2647

Balitono painting kits feature handcrafted wooden sculptures to be painted and created into memorable keepsakes for everyday use. My Horse Stable & Corral Kit is especially designed for the popular small horses (4" long) from Balitono, Schleich, Breyer, and others. Handcrafted from solid wood, the toy features a slated roof, hinged barn doors, open windows and a set of corrals. This kit includes a double barn stable, three-section corral, hand-carved horse, eight nontoxic paints, two paintbrushes, painting guide, and stencil design. My Jewelry Box Kit is a solid wood chest lined with red velvet, and has hooks and compartments to organize special belongings. The kit includes a solid wood deluxe jewelry chest, six non-toxic acrylic paints, glitter glaze, sparkling gems, glue, two paintbrushes, painting guide, and stencil design.

The Bead Shop, Booth 2243

The Bead Shop presents a full stationery product line at TOY FAIR this year featuring the Fashion Angels. The line-up includes Fashion Angels Chronicles & Collectibles, a colorful scrapbook with places to write personal notes and thoughts as well as nine frames for special photos. There are also funky notepads with different labels on them, such as "Notes to Self" or "Notes to BFF", perforated postcards, pull-out drawers for hiding or storing special things, plus a page of stickers to decorate with a personal flair. Also new is the Fashion Angels Photo Note Box, containing various sizes and shapes of notepads and gel pens.

Boogaloo, Booth 5773

Boogaloo is a dedicated R&D department, focused on creating and supplying OEM Toy and Nursery product, from concept through to manufacture. They aim to create fun & innovative product that excites, intrigues and educates babies, children and parents alike. Boogaloo provides the following services: a full in house design service, gap analysis (product range/segment of market), conceptual work, Design in 3D and 2D, #D solid rendering and animation, mechanical and electronic engineering, model and tool making, design and marketing consulation, experts in child psychology, child care, doctors as well as material specialists -- plastics, electronics, ergonomics, etc. Let Boogaloo have fun doing the hard work!

Connectable Color Tubes, Booth 6248

Toobeez, the ultimate giant construction building toy, allows families to spend more time together and to "connect" while building many different types of structures. Toobeez helps to promote family interaction, and gives enthusiasts the freedom to create almost whatever they can imagine, such as forts, castles, playhouses, mazes, obstacle courses, dollhouses, puppet theatres, soccer goals, and airplanes. As an educational tool it can help develop various motor skills, as well as cognitive and language skills.

CoopSport International, Booth 1063

With COOP's new Hit-A-Way Jr., energy-filled kids will be able to hit away -- indoors or out. This is made possible by a soft but realistic, high quality neoprene bat and ball, which is firmly attached to an upright pole. Hit-A-Way Jr. was developed jointly by Pro Performance Sports, LLS -- the manufacturer of the original Hit-A-Way -- and CoopSport International LP. Another exciting new product, Surfster, makes its debut. Surfster is a performance body surfing board that inflates to a firmness customized to the individual and deflates so it can be packed for travel. Surfster is a high quality, inflatable nylon covered "board" with a strong PVC bladder inside, mimicking the construction of regulation footballs and soccer balls. It's very stable in the water and safe for young riders. Surfster is available in two sizes, 42" long and 30" long.

The Craft Shop, Booth 5720

The Craft Shop takes its goal of producing "creative thinking" crafts for kids to task this year with the introduction of its new Craftivity Series. Each kit contains paints and supplies, easy-to-follow assembly instructions, and an innovative idea guide. Developed in conjunction with certified educators, these products will result in increased store traffic and customer satisfaction.

Crazybirdz, Booth 5757

A teacher with 25 years' experience in elementary and middle schools has developed a variety of math, science, and social studies games to give kids thrills along with drills. Basic math facts are taught through fun, easy-to-learn card games with a whole new twist: holes in the cards. See the excitement as kids squeeze cards together to see number families appear through Crazybirdz' egg holes. Younger kids can get accustomed to playing educational games with Rainbow Rummy. Prepare middle and upper grade-level kids fractions and algebra with Cardvarks 'N' Goonie Birdz.

Creativity for Kids, Booth 1955

Gardening continues to be a popular family hobby and Creativity for Kids, part of the Faber-Castell Co., introduces a line of garden craft accessory kits called Garden Crafts. Developed to help young gardeners personalize their outdoor space, the debut line includes three project themed kits: Toad Abode, Garden Bugz and Backyard Wildlife Buddies. All of the kits include weather-resistant paint. In Toad Abode, there are two terra cotta toads; Garden Bugz features a trio of wood and metal bugs; and Backyard Wildlife Buddies includes a bunny, squirrel and bird.

Don't Quote Me, Booth 6021

The adult board game Don't Quote Me(TM) is being joined by Don't Quote Me(TM) -- TV Guide Edition. The new licensed game combines TV Guide's iconic 50-year history of covering television entertainment with the dynamic Don't Quote Me(TM) board game. Don't Quote Me(TM) -- TV Guide Edition harnesses the popularity of quotes in a unique board game that rewards strategy, collaboration, reasoning and good memory for pop culture fans of all ages. To round out the brand, Don't Quote Me(TM) offers an innovative website where visitors can play the game online, search quotes for personal research, send customized e-cards, and subscribe to Daily Quotes for Free(TM). Check for details.

Dorel Juvenile Group, Booth 5636

Dorel Juvenile Group, in partnership with General Motors, introduces the Corvette C5-R battery-powered Ride On, which will debut at Toys "R" Us this month. Among the C5-R's wide-ranging features are: a working FM radio, two-speed transmission that allows the driver to switch from 2.5 to 5 miles per hour; reverse capability; traction tires; and working headlights, taillights, turn signals, and seat belts. The car also offers actual engine and racing sound effects, and detailed styling, including a front air dam and rear spoiler. Dorel plans additional Corvette models in a variety of colors and designs. The introduction of a fire truck, police motorcycle, and several all-terrain quads will soon follow.

DuneCraft, Inc./ Kyp Henn Sales, Booth 224

DuneCraft presents the Amazing Dinosaur Plant, a unique plant that has lived on Earth for over 290 million years -- and has the ability to "come back to life" by placing the seemingly dead ball of foliage in water. Within hours it transforms into a vibrant green evergreen. Let it dry out and it will return to its dried state. The kit contains the scaly-leaved Dinosaur Plant plus display bowl, real volcanic stones, and the "story of the Dinosaur Plant". Odd Pods is a fun and educational kit to grow over 25 varieties of cacti in a custom mini windowsill planter. The kit comes with soil, decorative stones, three scenic backgrounds, watering tube, electric blue planting pod, instructions, and is packaged in a sprouting house. Sensational Sensory Dome offers over 10 varieties of exotic and fun plants, including Aloe and the Cabbage Palm. The Dome comes with dry gravel riverbeds, paths, rock formations, fun markers, and a special planting mixture to enhance growth for up to eight months.

Educational Insights, Booth 637

Educational Insights launches more than 100 new products combining fun and learning. The introductions span six categories: Early Learning, Electronic Learning, Family Game Time, Learning Fun, Sea Monkeys, and Science & Discovery. Among the new items are: Let's Pretend Power Tool Workshop and Bank AmeriKid ATM in Early Learning; GeoSafari Quiz Phone and Alphabet TRAINer in Electronic Learning; DeoSafari Geo Quest USA and RUMIS in Family Game time; First Edition Hardcover Bookbinding Kits and 3-D Maps in Learning Fun; Executive Set and Robo-Diver in Sea Monkeys; and Sonic Sleuth Binoculars and GeoSafari 10-in-1 Electronic Lab in Science & Discovery.

Educo, Booth 1033

Educo, well known for its award-winning magnetic maze Z'oom, now offering a fresh concept in bead and wire mazes with WireWalkers. This new product line features various themes, including Loop De Lou, Five Little Monkeys, Everyday Heroes, and All-Aboard Train Maze. With a simple click add adventure into a child's play time with a Woody Click figure. With movable arms, legs, head and hands children can click these lovable characters into a variety of situations. The Woody Click Line offers a large range of themes like Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance, Construction and Farm or combine them all to create one large Woody Click World.

Enginuity Games, Booth 6127

Enginuity Games is launching their new "Spicy Dice" dice set with a game invention competition. Spicy dice are sets of custom dice that come with instructions for six new games. The competition encourages individuals to invent even more new games using the dice. Enginuity, which publishes a line of family board games, card games, and puzzles, will buy and publish the best entry in the next edition.

Enlighten Games, Booth 6075

This timely and spirited game, Enlighten(TM) Take A Spiritual Journey Around the World, is intended to inform players as they travel around the game board answering questions about the six major religions and three historical/geographical categories. Once individuals or teams complete their spiritual journey around the world, they enter the "Enlightened Path," where they must identify notable quotes from major religious and philosophical leaders. The first to reach the center wins. For ages 16+.

Fleet Games, Inc., Booth 6135

Fleet Games, maker of Fleets... A Game of Galactic Conquest(TM) has licensed the Stargate SG-1 series from MGM Consumer Products to create the Stargate SG-1 Board Game for kids 10+. Available now at Toy and Hobby Game stores, Stargate SG-1 recreates the action of the science fiction television series that follows the adventures of a top secret Air Force team, SG-1, as it travels through portals called Stargates. In addition, Fleet Games is diversifying its product mix, with online gaming. The company has partnered with CCG Workshop, an international online gaming company, to produce Fleets(TM) for Internet online game play. Fleets(TM) are games that place players in command of a fleet of starships, moving to and capturing star systems, going through wormholes, attacking enemy starships, building and placing new starships, and guarding their own star systems to conquer the universe.

Forty-Ninth West Games Inc., Booth 6177

Gambling, risks, high stakes negotiations and big billionaire money make Explorium more than a board game. Do you have the grit to gamble on gold? Will you monopolize the silver market? Explorium: A High Stakes Mining Extravaganza is a ground breaking new board game. Take your company to the lush jungles of Brazil, the vast deserts of the Sahara, or the desolate bitter regions of Siberia. Enter the high-flying world of international mining tycoons. Start your company from nothing and build it into a major mining empire. The real race starts as you set the gold, silver, and copper prices for the game from the live ticker tape. The properties you buy and the fortunes you find will determine your worth. Players will rack up the debt as they search the globe for world-class deposits.

Front Porch Classics, Booth 5227

Committed to providing low-tech entertainment in a high-tech digital world, Front Porch Classics, maker of archival quality classic coffee table games, encourages families to spend time together and connect through play. Debuting at TOY FAIR 2004 is Old Century Stretch Run, an exciting game of chance and strategy that incorporates the thrill of thoroughbred horseracing into a board game. Family Fun's 2003 T.O.Y. award-winning Old Century Dread Pirate is a slice of adventure gaming, rich in detail, history, and excitement. And Old Century Baseball, a 2002 Family Fun T.O.Y. award winner, is also a 2004 T.O.T.Y. Award nominee, proving its longevity and impact on the international toy industry.

Fun Furnishings, Booth 5736

Fun Furnishings offers children's furnishings with toyetic properties. New this year is Interactive Beanbags. The new patent pending chair -- that surrounds the child when he/she is in the seated position -- comes in four styles: Shark Bite, Lazy Daisy, Batmobag, and Flutterby Baby. There's also Animal Chairs, a chair and a toy in one. The chair currently comes in two new styles: Pinto Pony and Starlight the unicorn. The heads are removable and reversible and the seat cover is removable for easy laundering.

Games For All Reasons, LLC, Booth 6104

Games For All Reasons, LLC, the award-winning manufacturer of educational board and card games, is introducing its sixth game, One-Two Punch(TM), at TOY FAIR 2004. One-Two Punch(TM) -- designed for teens to adults and for 2-6 players or teams -- is a game of knowledge, strategy and luck. Players must match number combinations with a roll of the dice and guess from "by-the-numbers" clues. The game features 500 clues, 140 numbered tiles and five different sets of winning combination cards. The first player to match each number on his or her winning combination card, with tiles adding up to each digit, wins.

Gamewright, Booth 2827

Gamewright celebrates its 10th anniversary with 10 new game introductions this year, including Slamwich(TM) -- 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition, with all new cards in a special collectable lunch box tin. Kit & Caboodle(TM), The Dice Game of Sets and Science, has players rolling the dice to create sets using images from the world of science and nature. Quarx(TM), The Quick Counting Shapes Game, has players racing against their opponents to count the number of spheres hidden among a random group of colorful 3-D shapes. Once that is figured out players must be the first to lay down the correct combination of number cards showing the exact amount. In Ricochet(TM), The Fast Bouncing Numbers Card Game, part of Gamewright's Twelve Minute Game line, players must follow the pinball as it zooms and zips from bumper to bumper. Use number and color clues to figure out which card it will bounce to next.

Geist - By RoseKnows, Inc., Booth 6144

RoseKnows, Inc. introduces Geist, a genre all its own with a stamp of genius. Geist combines the challenge of intelligent strategy games with the fast-paced action of videogames. But it's not just for kids. Geist captures players' imagination with a universally appealing concept and visually stunning graphics that enchant boys, girls, men, and women alike. In Geist, you strategize, bluff, block, protect, defend, race to a white-knuckle finish. And most of all, you play pranks. Even on yourself.

Geometrix, Booth 5754

Geometrix LLC launches MagneBlocks, a line of magnetic building block toys. This system offers an infinite number of shapes and through playing with MagneBlocks, players may also find a 4D puzzle aspect to the product. MagneBlocks works with other magnetic building sets. Once you get your hands on them, you won't be able to stop creating. MagneBlocks: "Feel the Click."

Grandreams Books, Booth 5659

Grandreams Books, Inc. is proud to release their new line of educational workbooks for children featuring Arthur(TM). These workbooks are geared for children in grades 1-3, and will help them learn through fun and creative activities. Grandreams Books also is introducing a new line of uniquely formatted Garfield(TM) books that includes sparkle books, lift-the-flaps, and bedtime stories.

Haba, Booth 1547

Haba is bringing more than new 100 toys to market this year. For infants ages six months and up, Haba debuts Big Voyage, a three-part soft mobile for pushing, pulling and sorting skills. The figures are soft and cuddly and make different sounds. There's also Jumping Frogs, a colorful beach towel and game in one with finished corner handles for gripping and flinging the frogs high into the air. Whoever's frog lands closest to the red target in the middle of the towel wins the round. A clear zippered beach bag with shoulder strap is included.

Hidden Talents, LLC, Booth 6016

Picture your best friend making the sound of a hairball, your spouse blindfolded and taste-testing two kinds of merlot, and your kid pantomiming a wedgie. These and other challenges make up Rigamarole, a new board game that continues the "variety game" trend. Rigamarole attempts to uncover players' hidden talents by having them act out or answer in an animated fashion. To play, teams move their personal game piece around a large circle and try to earn a card from each of four categories that cover 16 different activities. The game comes with a blindfold and offers a range of sightless tasks like identifying a mystery smell and guessing the eye color of everyone playing. The rest of the activities include word games, tongue twisters and storytelling to guessing fictional characters.

HolyBears, Inc., Booth 5902

Christian teddy bear company HolyBears, Inc. ( premiered the first episode of their new 3D-animated video series, "It's Great To Be Alive!", on February 27. The video will be available in both DVD and VHS. The series is also supplemented by a children's hardcover book, and a line of plush toys and other branded products featuring the main bear characters, Sheldon(R) and Grace(TM), and Sophie O'Malley, the little girl to whom the bears belong. The line provides faith-based messages to solving problems.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Booths 5032-5076

Thirty-two leading Hong Kong toy makers, under the auspices of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), will be exhibiting at TOY FAIR with a brilliant array of innovative designs. Included in the exhibits will be award-winning toys of Hong Kong Toy Design Competition 2003. In addition, this year's hot sellers will include: Plug and play music and dance television equipped with popular songs, built-in games and a dance mat for two, a collection of soft-to-the-touch beach toys that fly, Sam Sam the Panda figurines playing a variety of sports, a child's racing boat that moves at a speed of almost 10 miles per hour and much more!

Hotaling Imports, Booth 133F

The U.S. distributor of PAPO plastic figurines, Hotaling Imports presents a line of farm, wild and forest animals. By year end, the number of figures in the line will total 70. The animals will feature the same stunning realism for which PAPO's knights and other characters are known -- such as a curled tongue behind sharp teeth on the tiger, which also has ripples of muscle underneath the detail of fur. Paw prints are painted on paw pads and claws extend on his outstretched paw. This year's introductions include farm, stable and hog/hen house to enhance the play value of the PAPO animals. Additional figures are being added to existing lines as well this year.

Ichabod Products, Booth 5258

There's adventure, magic and mystery with Ichabod Products' Real Shrunken Head(TM) Amazon Expedition(TM) Series. Developed into a collectible toy/novelty product line that bridges the gaps between creepy and cool, cuddly and informative, Real Shrunken Head(TM) Amazon Expedition(TM) returns a portion of the plunder from a lost American Expedition from the last century and presents TSANSI, SHRUNKEN Human HEADs. But it's not only the heads that are found, but also the stories behind the heads.

Illektron, Booth 5761

BATTLEZ(R) -- The Ultimate Trading Card Game debuts at TOY FAIR 2004. Fast, fun, and easy-to-learn, players compete in head-to-head Battlez combining strategy, chance and skill to knock out their opponents. Two Player training kits available now featuring The Infamous Doom RED and BLUE, Expansion sets include a host of exciting new characters and special moves with rules evolving for advanced levels of play. Fun for everyone. Recommended for ages 8+.

Imagination Movers, Booth 5442

The Imagination Movers, a rock and hip-hop group for kids, announces the national release of their award-winning CD "Good Ideas." Founded in 2002 by real-life dads with a knack for writing songs about sleepless nights, sibling rivalry and the virtues of healthy eating, the Movers quickly attracted a loyal fan base in their hometown of New Orleans before becoming a sensation on the "Romper Room" circuit. At TOY FAIR 2004, they will host a virtual rock concert every day at their booth and perform live for the Javits Center Food Court crowds from 11 am to 2 pm. The Movers product line will soon include a second CD, children's books and home videos/DVDs.

Interactive Toy Concepts, Booth 1250

Interactive Toy Concepts proudly announces an exclusive licensing agreement with Northrop Grumman Corporation, one of the world's leading defense companies. This just-signed deal unites two groundbreaking companies and allows ITC to update its highly successful Air-Tech R/C Stealth aircraft. The new, Northrop Grumman-licensed, radio-controlled B-2 Stealth replica is bigger, more powerful and extremely realistic. And, like other Air-Tech aircraft it includes everything needed to go flying: a transmitter, charger, spare props, and NiMH flight battery. Also, the aircraft comes fully assembled and ready to fly. A seven-minute flight time, 300-foot range and pro-style transmitter make for a great flying experience.

K & T Toys, Booth 6340

There's a new puzzle twister on the scene -- Touchdown by K & T Toys, Inc. -- and it's the most challenging puzzle game in the world and takes longer to solve than Rubix Cube. This hand-held football puzzle has three unique games and is ideal for beginners (ages 6-106) and the expert. Touchdown consists of two teams and one football.

Kamhi World, Booth 5544

Kamhi World introduces Spice Mice, singing and talking mice that made a guest appearance on the "Live with Regis and Kelly" show in January. Created by New York street vendor turned mouse maker, Jay Kamhi, these 6" tall Spice Mice pack a personality punch that will leave both children and adults doubled over. With such characters as Tony "Whiskers" Mousiano, Miguel Raton, Glamour Mouse and Lil' Spicy, there is a perfect pest for everyone. Four new mice join the line-up, including: "The Mousinator," a muscle-mouse modeled after California's new Governor; "Heavy M," a rapper rodent who changed the lyrics of Sir Mix-A-Lot's classic to "I like big tails and I cannot lie"; and "Officer Chedda," one of the Spice Mice's finest, who is anxious to start walking a beat in the Big Apple.

Keys Publishing, Booth 5242

Keys Publishing is launching "The Playmakers: Amazing Origins of Timeless Toys" as a celebration of classic toys and a tribute to the people who invented them. A 312-page gift book with over 420 color photographs and hundreds of stories, The Playmakers chronicles the creation of everything from Teddy Bears (1903) to Beanie Babies (1993).

Kid Riff Toys, Booth 1204

Having taken Great Britain by storm in summer 2003, Jump Dancer, an automated jump rope turner created specifically for girls, makes its U.S. debut at TOY FAIR 2004. By year-end, Kid-Riffic Toys, forecasts the motorized jump/skip rope innovation will be sold in 11 countries. Jump Dancer is powered by six 1.5 volt batteries that allows kids to jump rope alone or with up to two friends at a time at a predictable pace. There are three timer settings and two jump-play modes with two matching rope lengths: classic jump rope and a horizontal skip rope. Jump Dancer is nearly tangle proof. If a player does get tangled in the rope, the turning arm either disconnects from the spring-loaded Hub, which continues to turn until it's shut off, or the rope disconnects from a clip at the other end. Jump Dancer also is quick and easy to set up, use, and converts from classic jump rope to skip rope.

Kidsational Inc., Booth 6073

New from Kidsational this year is The Guardian Safety Game, which teaches child safety through a series of safety questions. At the same time, the game also teaches children to get home safely from school. The Guardian Safety Game is recommended by the National Parenting Center.

Learning Horizons, Booth 113

Learning Horizons presents two hot new toys at TOY FAIR this year, Nick Jr. Wipe-Off Books & Parents Magazine Toddler Time. The Nick Jr. Wipe-Off Books are workbooks featuring characters from the network's popular preschool shows, Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer. Four, 24-page full-color reusable workbooks are packed with exercises that focus on areas of learning that are important to preschool & kindergarten children. The Parents Magazine Toddler Time program, the result of a partnership between the two companies that started in 2001, consists of workbooks directed at preschoolers through age seven. The workbooks feature punch-out pieces and stickers that reinforce basic learning and developing motor skills.

Learning Resources, Booth 663

M*Gears(TM) Building Sets expands in 2004 with awesome new features and additions. M*Gears(TM) Remote Control Racers lets kids create the ultimate racing vehicles. Using the color-coded instructions, kids can build two different remote control racers from each set or build their own supercharger, or combine with other M*Gears(TM) sets for unlimited racing models. Smart Snacks(TM) returns in 2004 with two food themed snacks to help preschoolers with memory skills, the alphabet, word and letter recognition, while building fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. New are Smart Snacks(TM) Mix & Match Doughnuts -- a memory game -- and Smart Snacks(TM) ABC Lacing Sweets(TM), which helps kids learn their ABCs. Also new is Gears! Gears! Gears!(R) Safari Express(TM), a motorized set in the Gears! Gears! Gears! line. Safari Express combines children's love of animals and trains in a 127-piece train-building set that includes a motorized engine, working lights and pulley, and other accessories.

Little Kids, Booth 2233

Little Kids' SpongeBob SquarePants(TM) Sea Foam Sprayer and Water Squirter magically turns water and tearless baby shampoo into soft and sudsy foam. Kids attach a bottle of foam solution into the base and pump to spray a stream of foam. No special refills are required, any brand of tearless shampoo will work. A bottle of foam solution is included with each toy. SpongeBob SquarePants(TM) Deluxe Soft Ice Cream Server & SnoCone Maker is two toys in one. Interchangeable parts allow kids to make either sno-cones or serve soft ice cream, by inserting either the ice shaver for making sno-cones or the accessory for making soft ice cream. The kits includes SpongeBob machine, Wyler's flavor packet, candy sprinkles, spoon, cups and instruction sheet.

LumiSource, Inc., Booth 2675

LumiSource, Inc., a manufacturer of stylish decor at affordable prices, introduces a new line of plush furniture with a flip-up storage compartment for toys, books, and more. Available are: Whale Chair, available in indigo, plush flannel; Dolphin Chair, also made of plush flannel; and Cell Phone Chair, a plush cell phone shaped chair. In addition, LumiSource introduces Stash Cubes, alternately a foot rest, spare seat and storage unit. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, the wood frame gives it sturdiness, while the plush flannel fabric makes it comfortable to sit on.

Made by Hands, Booth 6247

Made by Hands(TM), with its line of Make-Your-Own(TM) art activity kits, adds to that collection with Make-Your-Own(TM) Games. Each kit comes with a folding game board and spinner, two large and six small dice, and a deck of 52 cards. All components are made of plain white cardboard ready to be designed with over 800 Pop-Outs!(TM) in six colors plus black. A glue stick also is included and packaged in a portable portfolio with Velcro(R) closures.

Marban, Inc., Booth 6159

Marban, Inc. is proud to introduce "Sentence Says", a very unique, quick thinking sentence creation game that is exciting, challenging and can bring out the competitor in anyone ages 8-108. You've never seen two or more people play a game that brings out more fun, competition and laughs than "Sentence Says."

Mary Meyer, Booth 1155

Mary Meyer introduces Yakety Yaks?, cute, cuddly, floppy animals that talk back. These colorful, textured toys with animated expression were designed to teach animal sounds and to encourage imaginative play. The assortment of 12 8" Yakety Yaks includes: Yakety Jill White Cat, Yakety Burt Black Bear, Yakety Hank Horse, Yakety Pete Pig, Yakety Floyd Frog, Yakety Nell Cow, and Yakety Rex T-Rex. Wrist Band-Its are soft, colorful, charm bracelets that are easy on the budget. The 8" wristbands hold up to three charms at a time and come in orange, turquoise blue, green, pink, red and purple. The 3" plush charms can be changed, swapped, or traded. They include: a flower, frog, moose, poodle, yellow lab, unicorn, basketball, white cat, monkey, soccer ball, triceratops, and horse.

Masterpieces Puzzle Co., Booth 1169

Masterpieces, a marketer of jigsaw puzzles, has signed a license agreement to develop and publish a series of games under The World Almanac and The World Almanac for Kids brands. Marathon Projects Ltd; the licensing agency for The World Almanac, negotiated the transaction. This will be the first game to be licensed under the World Almanac brand. The game's scheduled release is set for summer, 2004.

McWiz Games. Booth 5848

McWiz Games introduces a new collection of six educational games for children ages 3+ that helps stimulate their memory and fundamental learning. Called Memo-Lingo, the games focus on developing a child's memory and was created to help children learn about different subjects. It is available in three languages -- English, Spanish and French. A CD is included in every box to help with the pronunciations. The first six games in the series are designed to teach kids about animals, food, shapes and colors, opposites, the alphabet, and math. McWiz Junior, a game for kids ages 6-12, helps combat the learning "backsliding" that occurs during school breaks. It features 1,200 questions based on standard curriculum for grades 1-6.

Me, Booth 6251

Me A-Z is a personalized educational program for children, delivered through their very own web space that describes them individually using the alphabet. For example, "A, You are Artistic" or "A, You are Athletic" or "Awesome!" Audio and corresponding graphics help to relay the program in a fun format. The child's picture can be uploaded and featured in the introduction, and their name is featured throughout the site. The purpose of a child's "Me A-Z" program is to enhance self-esteem, aide in letter recognition and phonetic representation, teach basic computer commands, provide a keepsake, and to have fun.

Morning Star Games Booth 6157

Award-winning filmmaker Allen Wolf originally created Truth? or Fib? to help two good friends get to know each other better. A year later, the couple decided to tie the knot. Now, couples, friends and families can experience what it means to get personal when Morning Star Games launches the new game Truth? or Fib? at TOY FAIR 2004. Truth? or Fib? brings laughs and builds relationships as players draw from 600 question cards and tell personal stories to answer the cards. The roll of the die tells players if their stories should be fact or fiction. Players bet tokens on whether they think their opponents are telling the truth or a fib.

Mongo Toys, Booth 6407

Bathtime can still be fun when you're done with colored water and bath paints. There's SquashBlox, fort-building sets for bath time fun in a pirate's ship and castle. Each one has multiple rooms, figures and special features such as lifeboats and cannons on the pirate's ships and drawbridges that raise and lower the castle. Also available is a Garage Set, Backyard Sports and a Reading Room. Three house themed kits debut for the Mini SquashBlox line that are half the size and are portable.

Mrs. Grossman's Paper, Booth 2719

Educational and entertaining, Mrs. Grossman's Sticker Story Cards help kids create their own sticker stories with vibrant themed background scenes and assortments of easy-to-use stickers. Twelve colorful themes are available, from Beach and Camping to Safari and Zoo. Also new this year is Mrs. Grossman's Photographic Animal Stickers. Showcase the magic of the animal kingdom in your store with incredible photographic wildlife images from lions, tigers and bears to orangutans, whales and zebras. A single sheet of stickers features four different full-color poses and fascinating facts about each animal.

New Classic Games, Booth 6136

Abagio, the new classic game of Top Frog by New Classic Games, is a unique mixture of beguiling simplicity, cunning strategy, twists and turns, and surprising second chances. From the lush graphics of the board to the whimsical frog theme pieces to the seriously fun layers of strategy, this is that rarest of new game breeds -- a truly fresh, captivating and classy two-player board game. Children, teens, and adults alike are subject to the delightful addiction that starts with just one 30-minute game of Abagio.

Ninco, Booth 5617

XRB Indoor Electric Helicopter lets aviators fly indoor at home -- anytime, in any weather. Hirobo combines an engineering breakthrough in blade rotation, rotor head design and electronic miniaturization to allow for realistic model helicopter flying in the home. The Mini Lama responds like a full-size chopper. It can lift-off, hover, land, fly backward and side-to-side. The two-stick, four-channel system delivers realistic response and real-world feedback and control. Aviators can practice face-to-face hovering, reverse flight, funnels and other maneuvers. Safety skids prevent turnover and absorb landing impact. Power and control signals are fed through a nearly 12-ft. tether and the power source plugs into a wall outlet.

OBH Enterprises, Booth 6175

OBH Enterprises is pleased to introduce our new Game Savers product line at TOY FAIR 2004. Game Savers are specifically designed, color-coded, sturdy, plastic containers to organize and store most popular children's board games. This new, unique product eliminates the unsightliness and dysfunction of broken, cardboard game boxes. With sturdy plastic construction, strategically sized and placed interior compartments, and attached snap tight lid, Game Savers are designed to keep games organized and intact. There are six Game Savers styles in all. Blue and Orange Game Savers are available now. The remaining four styles will be available later this year. One game per container.

Odyssey Toys, Booth 6417

Odyssey Toys takes its heroes very seriously, providing children and their parents with real life characters that impact people's daily lives. The line includes such characters as Firefighter Phil, Construction Worker Chuck and Teacher Tess. Odyssey Toys offers more such characters in its World Stars collection of fully poseable, collectable play figures, including some thematic figures such as robots, aliens, pirates, monsters and knights offered as Robot Revolution, Alien Encounter, Pirate Adventures, Classic Monsters and Medieval Knights. All Odyssey Toys' World Stars collection are fully poseable and made of bendable plastic with authentic sewn clothing, detailed sculpted heads, removable hats and gripping hands. They are packaged with fun educational facts and character-specific play accessories like a treasure chest for the pirate, handcuffs for the police officer and a stethoscope for the doctor.

OOZ & OZ, Booth 6355

The ancient mirror toy, anamorphosis, produced by OOZ & OZ as the Mirror-aculous Art Activities Kit, uses curved mirrors to decode morphed images into magical reflections. It is like a reverse fun house mirror, where the person is warped, but his reflection looks normal. The concept produces the kit's computer-morphed coloring and drawing challenges for boys and girls ages 7+. The Mirror-aculous Art Activity Kit utilizes the 500-year-old amusement for today's kids and has won numerous toy industry awards.

Out of the Box Publishing, Booth 1473

Walk from Colorado to New Mexico, take a sports car from Florida to Tennessee, or fly from Hawaii to New York. Anything's possible in Out of the Box Publishing's new board game 10 Days in the USA. Touring by plane, car, and on foot, players chart their course from start to finish using destination and transportation tiles. The first traveler to make connections for a 10-day journey wins the game. 10 Days in the USA is for 2-4 players, ages 10+.

Outset Media, Booth 5218

Professor Noggin's Card Game Series is a set of children's card games that cover several educational topics. Perfect for travel use, the series has won seven major awards in the last year. Each game comes with 30 illustrated cards full of trivia, with two levels of difficulty so children of all ages can play. Six new titles released in 2004 include Wildlife Safari, Earth Science, National Parks, American Revolution, Civil War, and Reptiles and Amphibians. Eighteen topics provide a game for every interest. Tings is a Canadian-crafted guess-who-said-it party game that presents players with provocative topic cards, like "Things you shouldn't say to your doctor," or "Things that could get you arrested." Each player writes down whatever comes to mind. The answers are read aloud and players take turns guessing who wrote down each answer.

Overbreak LLC, Booth 5827

Overbreak LLC comes to TOY FAIR 2004 with HoverDisc(TM), a combination Frisbee(R) (a registered trademark of Wham-O, Inc., which is not affiliated with Overbreak, LLC.), kite and helium balloon. Initially designed as a gymnastics tool, HoverDisc has become a regular in parks around the country. Overbreak also is expanding its Rainbow Art line with 16 new items, including the Original Rainbow Art Digi-Draw(TM) and Web Writers. Rainbow Art is the non-traditional watercolor paint set developed by Dr. Laszlo Szekely as a teaching tool to help build hand-eye coordination in children, help them learn about geometric shapes, color combination, and enhance manual dexterity.

Pal Toys, Booth 6421

Pal Toys extends its award winning "Bright Ideas for Mommy & Me" activity card line with "Bright Ideas to Play & Learn," features "smart & simple" activities for parents to do with their children (Kindergarten - 3rd grade). Four new activity card decks are available in this series (Reading, Writing, Math, and Thinking).

Patriot Challenge, Inc., Booth 6170

Patriot Challenge(TM), the game that celebrates America, is a new family board game that will have players laughing, singing, and feeling the spirit of America. Every generation will enjoy this colorful and historic journey featuring stamp art from the United States Stamp Collection. To win, players use a combination of teamwork, strategy, and knowledge to be the first patriot to travel around the board and pass the year 2000. Developed by classroom educators for children ages 10+, the game is based on nationwide curriculum and reinforces important rather than trivial information. Players participate in lively discussions, and are invited to share their experience and opinions as they discuss contemporary issues.

Pazow!, Booth 2176

Now every kid can go on a scavenger hunt. Pazow! offers quick 30-minute games containing 55 cards with over 150 things for kids to do and find around the house. To play, kids take five cards each and race to do as many of the activities as they can within the designated time frame. The deck asks players to "Find a picture of someone smiling," "Draw a purple porcupine," "Count all the doorknobs in the house," "Build a pillow fort," and more. Each deck also contains blank "make your own adventure" cards, so kids can create their own adventures. Drawing and imagination are put to the test with Who What Where(TM), a new drawing game with questions on geography, world events and pop culture. Participants draw scenes described in the accompanying card deck to a 4-minute time limit. Players might have to draw "Bill Gates Sumo Wrestling In A Trailer Park" or "Elvis Presley Riding A Pogo Stick In Paris." The other players then have to identify the scene.

Pechnidi Inc., Booth 6052

Pechnidi Inc. is proud to announce the creation of We The People, the United States Constitution Board Game. For over 200 years, the U.S. Constitution has been one of the most celebrated documents in the world. We The People offers a learning experience into the insight of the nation's forefathers and the U.S. Constitution that is both fun and informative. The object of the game is for each player to go through different scenarios to experience for themselves the benefits of the U.S. Constitution. By realizing the original intent of the document's creators and how the U.S. Constitution should apply to events in the player's daily life, the player will become the "winner."

PixelBlocks, Booth 1633D

PixelBlocks are the result of high-tech thinking that doesn't require silicon chips or LCD displays, and yet allows anyone to create eye-popping, colorful works of "digital" art. With a unique 20-color translucent palette, the patented connections developed exclusively for PixelBlocks, encourage limitless 2D and 3D creativity. And by utilizing the exclusive Digital Stained Glass(TM) Creator at the PixelBlocks website, consumers can start with a favorite photo and download a personal mosaic map that explains exactly how to put together a PixelBlocks creation worthy of framing.

Play Visions, Booth 563

Play Visions introduces Flashtastix, a new technology in LEDs that takes the category out of the night and into the daylight. Flashtastix LEDs are so bright and intense, they are visually stunning on the brightest of days. In the dark the IC chips produce mesmerizing patterns of changing, flashing lights. Flashtastix are available as a necklace, keychain and lapel pin. Also new for 2004 is Hyper-flex, a product with super elasticity properties. The debut product featuring Hyper-Flex is Inside Out Balls, which are smooth on one side, and "flip" inside out to reveal a soft spiky covering. Inside Out Balls are so elastic they can stretch over your hand to your elbow. Coming is Hyper-flex Solid Ball and the Hyper-flex Flyer, a 5" Flying Disc that can stretch out to over 3 feet and fly up to 100 feet through the air.

Po-Knee, Booth 5251

Po-Knee, a plush horse that rests on an adult's knee, is the winner of Oprah Winfrey's "The Million Dollar Idea Challenge." Developed by stay-at-home dad and serial entrepreneur Robert Klick, Po-Knee, which makes its TOY FAIR debut, is intended for small children of up to 40 lbs. They simply climb on for a ride as the grown-up bounces their knee. With a squeeze of the ear the Po-Knee makes realistic galloping and neighing sounds. Po-Knee also can be used as a chair or backrest while watching TV. Po-Knees come in a variety of colors: Beauty (black), Brown Pinto, Mystic Unicorn (white with lavender) Palamino (light brown) and Shadow (light tan), with several more colors in development.

Porter Industries, Booth 5871

Porter Industries is aiming high with its Deet Deet's #1 Basketball Spinner -- to be the next Hula-Hoop, Slinky or Frisbee. This fun, new toy enables anyone to spin a basketball on one finger. It's perfect for creating fun and original tricks. Plus, it teaches kids to "feel the balance of the ball" at the same time, so they'll eventually be able to spin a basketball on their own. Deet Deet's # 1 Basketball Spinner is compatible with all basketballs and basketball sizes.

Powerland International Enterprises, Booth 5818

Powerland International introduces Magic Blocks, an innovative educational building system with countless creative structures. It is composed of 15 basic parts that can be assembled into many shapes and structures. With only a few parts, the block sets can provide children with endless entertaining and educational opportunities; they will learn to think, arrange, build, sort, and summarize from playing with Magic Blocks. The product surpasses the restrictions and weaknesses of traditional construction blocks, allowing for infinite space in imagination and creation.

Progressive Trading, Booth 947

MAGZ-X is taking construction to the next level with X-shaped pieces with magnets on all sides. Colorful construction sets with pieces in blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and gray, MAGZ-X is the follow-up to the company's MAGZ line, which offers the traditional sticks and balls. With MAGZ sets, each end of the bar has a magnet built in that either attracts or repels other bars, depending on how it's turned. The company also offers SuperMAGZ, with larger bars and balls and stronger magnets; DynaMAGZ, the only set that includes the Cuballs, along with bars and balls; and MegaMAGZ, the boffo set with 94 bars and 36 balls for giant structures. There's also Executive MAGZ, a solid black-colored set for executives and adults, and debuting at TOY FAIR, a wooden storage box, full of x's, bars and balls.

Putumayo World Music, Booth 6063

The latest in Putumayo World Music's acclaimed music series for children features a star-studded cast of artists singing classic folk and blues songs. Arlo Guthrie, Taj Mahal, Dan Zanes, Keb' Mo', Eric Bibb and others offer a mix of unforgettable folk, blues, bluegrass, swing and reggae that children and their families can easily sing along with. Sing Along With Putumayo includes entertaining and informative liner notes in English, Spanish and French, with song lyrics, artist biographies and Nicola Heindl's distinctive colorful illustrations.

R. Dakin/Applause, Booth 1981

R. Dakin & Company, a division of Applause, LLC, gives fervent collectors, nostalgia buffs, gift-givers -- and a whole new generation of pet lovers -- a way to find their own special Dream Pet with the re-introduction of this classic line of personality-filled velveteen animals from the 1950s and '60s. Created from original artwork and design samples, the 24 characters that will comprise the initial 21st Century Dream Pets collection were selected from among the 2,000 sawdust-stuffed animals in the Dakin archives. Originally manufactured from 1957 through the early 1980s, each new Dream Pet will be an exact replica of its ancestor, including the hangtag with the toy's original name, stock number and date of birth. Each Dream Pet will be hand finished and individually numbered.

Razor USA, Booth 5346

The high-powered Razor XLR8R(TM) electric scooter gives kick scooters a fast boost, featuring a powerful motor for speeds up to nine mph and battery life of up to 60 minutes. The Razer XLR8R has an easy on and off motor that can be removed in a snap for easy travel and storage, plus an adjustable handlebar, lightweight aluminum frame, and a patented Razor brake motor that will not engage until the rider has pushed-off to three mph. The XLR8R(TM) is for kids ages 8+ no more than of 120 lbs. Also new is Pocket Rocket(TM), an electric powered replica of real racing Pocket bikes that offers kids an alternative to their traditional two-wheeler bicycle. It features a chain drive with freewheel for coasting efficiency, an aerodynamic race faring with durable powder finish, padded seat, and the ability to travel up to 15 mph -- for 45+ minutes of drive time. Pocket Rocket(TM) is for riders ages 10+ and no more than 220 lbs.

Recent Toys International, Booth 5941

Cameleon Stones is a spectacular, intelligent and innovative family game for anyone over the age of five. Designed for 2-6 players, Cameleon Stones is more than a memory game. Insight and strategy are equally as important. When playing, the lower stone automatically changes color to its "secret" color. If the two stones then have the same color the placement is good. If not the pile must be dismantled. The higher the piles get, the more information you can deduct from them. Each stone is unique. Many tactics can be employed in playing Cameleon Stones. For example, you can figure out which color combinations have already been used not only from your current row but also from the rows you have had to take back. CrossTeaser is a brain-game that involves eight 3D crosses that can be moved over nine positions. Each cross has six colors. The aim of the game is to create a square of the same color. The movements are easy, but the solution is complex.

Reindeer Sleds, Booth 5740

It's snowtime fun with Reindeer Sleds. New this year is the Dasher, a steerable plastic runner sled that sets a new standard for speed and safety. Dasher features a twisted-pipe runner structure and pivot-rope steering system with a modern plastic seat and footrest. Reindeer Sleds captures the nostalgia of classic runner sleds, but with an improved design that utilizes flexible plastic runners for steering instead of metal ones, which add weight and expense. Lightweight, the sled's slick plastic runners provide minimal contact with the snow and offer zero resistance steering, resulting in extreme speed. The Dasher model meets the essential and the preferred sled safety guidelines of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons with the use of runners and a steering mechanism and the rider's forward-facing position that allows the feet to steer and the hands to remain free.

Rumba Games, Booth 6012

Armed with the sensational sell-out board games Urban Myth and Survivor: The Game, based on the hit CBS series, Rumba Games is unveiling a stylish new line of 10 "retro" trivia, strategy and word games for 2004. Titles in Rumba's line of modern board games -- a category witnessing phenomenal growth -- include Read'Em, Stereotype, Eye-Dentify, Go Figure! and Trivia by the Pound. Also new this year is Read'Em, an exciting new family game that combines the skill of word building with the thrill of poker. The object is to win chips from other players by creating the best hand...or by bluffing opponents into thinking you have! Ante up, and spell the best word you can with five cards. Be sure to raise the stakes if you're single-suited. Can a clever wordsmith outplay a wily poker buff? Who'll win all the chips? That's the fun and excitement of Read'Em!

Safari Ltd., Booth 2107

Hauro Takino's award-winning Wild Animal Panorama Puzzle is now available in a limited edition Collectors Tin. This 1,000 piece puzzle comes with a complimentary tube of puzzle glue so the dramatic panoramic image can be enjoyed long after it is completed. Safari also has expanded its hit TOOB line for 2004. TOOBS are a collection of realistic PVC figures in a reusable plastic cylinder that is capped off by a spinning world globe. New additions to the popular line include a NASA Space TOOB that was designed to show the history of the Space Agency and contains highly detailed figures such as Private Hamm (the first chimp in space), a Space Shuttle, Astronauts, and an International Space Station. Other new TOOBS include Ancient Egypt, Knights & Dragons, and Zoo Babies. For the first time Safari is offering TOOB figures in bulk bags of 48.

SAGEKids!, Booth 3076

SAGEkids!, a division of SAGE Creative Enterprises, Inc., launches their inaugural product, The Amazing Magic Tent(TM) Adventure, a colorful, fun, full-scale play tent innovatively packaged with a scavenger hunt game for parents to set up for kids. Earmarked for kids ages 7-10, the scavenger hunt takes players to the wild reaches of Alaska as they learn about the majestic Denali Wilderness. After the tent is set up kids climb inside to read the story contained in the 16-page soft-cover illustrated packaged with the tent -- and begin the journey.

Sevenfold Resources, Booth 5973

The high-stakes business of the oil industry has spread way beyond the borders of Texas and the exploits of J.R. Ewing. Fortune or Failure, the new board game, carries the same objective as the fictional character, though: to become the wealthiest player by purchasing oil leases, completing oil wells, collecting monthly oil checks, and selling oil leases to maximize expenses. A player's decisions and luck determine if he/she will succeed or lose it all. A very unique feature of the game is that it can be played alone.

Sideshow Collectibles, Booth 2573

Sideshow Collectibles expands its line-up of theatrically based collectible figures this year with the release of Universal's monsters from the upcoming "Van Helsing" film and "Hellboy" from Revolution Films. The Van Helsing collection includes 12" figures, 1/4 scale busts, 1/6 scale statues, and framed collectibles, plus 12" figures of Van Helsing and Anna, and Dracula in "man" form. These figures will be released as limited editions. Sideshow is including framed collectibles incorporating both Van Helsing and Dracula, professionally framed, numbered and sold as extremely limited editions. For "Hellboy," Sideshow is producing 12" and 18" figures, 1/3 polystone busts, film study maquettes and prop replicas, plus framed collectibles. Part of Sideshow's 12" figure line will include limited edition figures of Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Kronen and a deluxe version 18" figure of Hellboy.

Silver Dolphin Books, Booth 4921

Silver Dolphin Books, a publisher of quality, innovative, interactive and educational children's books, dives back into the sea with the Spring 2004 release of "Totally Sea Creatures,' a new title addition to its Totally series of build-your-own activity learning kits. Fun, imaginative, and engaging, Totally Sea Creatures combines mix-and-match pieces with full-color illustrations and entertaining and educational text by author Dennis Schatz, an internationally renowned science educator and the Associate Director of the Pacific Science Center - a world-class scientific learning center for kids in Seattle. Totally Sea Creatures takes readers on a journey through the various depths of the oceans in search of the largest and most fantastic creatures on the planet.

Space Frames, Inc., Booth 5377

Geometric Modeling is a patented space age building system that was designed as a modeling kit and game for education and creative enjoyment. The kit consists of 49 geo-frames (three families of triangular shapes), 56 space clips (for joining geo-frames), poster, projects, and instructions. The kit also includes directions for a game so the whole family can enjoy learning how to work with the new building system. Recommended for ages 5+ and challenging enough for everyone.

Specialty Board Games Inc./Winscott Corp., Booth 2563

Specialty Board Games is turning one of the hottest crime shows on TV into a board game for super sleuths. Debuting at TOY FAIR is CSI Crime Scene Investigation, The Board Game. Specialty Board Games signed an multi-year deal with CSB Consumer Products and Alliance Atlantis to license the international board game rights to the hit TV show that is watched by more than 26 million viewers weekly. The object of the game is to be the first player to enter Grissom's office with a correct arrest warrant, determining the suspect's means, motive and opportunity to commit the crime. Players become crime scene investigators, sorting through three levels of evidence collected from seven crime lab divisions and visit their colleagues in Interrogation, Autopsy, Identification, Trace, Ballistics, Forensics, and DNA -- just like on the TV show.

Spring International, Booth 233A

Spring International debuts Dig it up!-NY, a series of realistic dinosaur fossil excavation and assembly kits with replicated fossils embedded in a plaster block. To free the fossil, kids get to use excavating tools, which are included in the kit. Dig it up!-NY comes in 10 series to foster collection and education. Dinoegg, an excavation kit of a baby dinosaur inside the egg, enables kids to discover the treasure inside. This series includes three dinosaur egg options: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops.

Stock Rush, Booth 6143

Money is the name of this game -- for people who want to play the market or feel the excitement of the 1949 Gold Rush. Called Stock Rush, the board game for players 8+ comes with step-by-step instructions for every space on the board, a comprehensive players' manual and a learn-while-you play gaming method. The game recreates the ups and downs of stock market trading, buying and selling gold -- including the prospect of a mine collapse -- and all with an uncertain ending. The game includes such things as Rumor Cards, Play Money, and Stock Certificates for reality-based fun.

The Straight Edge, Booth 2217

The Straight Edge announces its latest creation, Imagination in a Box. The new "kid brother" of the Story in a Box book series (winner, Teachers' Choice Award, 2004), Imagination in a Box sets are interactive learning tools that encourage reading skills and creativity. An Imagination in a Box set comes packaged in a sturdy cardboard "briefcase" with a plastic handle with a book, two scenery backdrops, seven stand-up characters, and two adorable finger puppets packed inside. There are two available titles, The Frog Prince, and Cinderbear (The Straight Edge's take on Cinderella). Both are vibrantly illustrated, but told in a simple manner, so that the books appeal to early- and pre-readers. The stand-up figures and finger puppets are also fun when reading time is done.

StrollCar, Booth 5916

Families now have a new option with infant/toddler transportation, the StrollCar(TM), a stroller and pedal car in one. StrollCar has swivel wheels and a Steering-Lock system so it can be converted to a pedal car in a matter of seconds. The product was developed to enhance coordination, motor control and physical skills. When a kid needs help during the pedal car mode, an adult can take control of the vehicle for safety reasons. Once mastered, StrollCar has a short turning radius for maneuvering around tight spaces, sharp curves and corners. It also folds small enough to fit into the trunk of a compact car.

Taltex, Inc., dba/Texas Popguns, Booth 5160

Taltex introduces Kraft-Tyme classic quality wooden toys. These are old-fashioned nineteenth century quality wooden toys -- no batteries needed -- and children's furniture. The collection consists of wiggle dinos and wiggle friends, cars, trucks, trains, and a variety of pull toys plus children's furniture, table & chair sets, toy boxes and stools, rocking horses, and rocking motorcycles. The entire collection is handcrafted using the finest birch wood and child safe paints.

TDU Toys, Booth 5751

Liarliar is a card game by TDU Toys that lets players use the numbers on their card as well as the numbers on the other player's cards to call the highest rank. But with Liarliar there's a twist: players don't get see what numbers are on the opponent's cards. Who's lying? Who's re telling the truth? A random 10-digit number insures each deck to be unique and different from any other.

ThinkFun, Booth 2125

ThinkFun has chosen eight of the world's best brainteasers for our first ever set of Aha! Brainteaser Classics. These little gems are world-famous for their perplexing properties, but we've given them a new twist -- hints. Each brainteaser comes with a card explaining the brainteaser, and three hint cards. Stuck? Turn over the first hint to get a nudge in the right direction. All eight Aha! Brainteaser Classics are also available in individual blister packs. River Crossing(TM) 2, North Woods Adventure is the sequel to the original, with 40 new challenges beginning at the intermediate level. Players move the planks between stumps to rescue the stranded Husky Dog while dodging grizzlies, leaping salmon and busy beavers then test their skills with dog and hiker challenges that pit man and beast against the wet 'n wild wilderness.

Tiny Love, Booth 655

Babies will have a blast discovering all the fun activities in the Activity Ball, the newest Tiny Love creation. Packed with fantastic features, this delightfully colorful and soft ball enchants each of baby's senses with plenty of developmental activities to encourage rolling over, sitting and crawling. Activities at different angles around this sturdy ball encourage the baby to turn the ball over to find the different features. The Activity Ball is topped off with a silly looking "peek-a-boo" head with long, soft ears that baby can pull and tug. The arms and legs jitter and rattle when pulled, engaging hand-eye coordination. One of the "peek-a-boo's" arms holds a flower rattle that baby can remove and use separately. The other arm is closed, and when opened a cute little character is revealed. When the ball is tapped on, baby is rewarded with one of six pre-programmed magical sounds, which engages the understanding of cause and effect.

Tiny Tot Sports, Booth 5671

Here's a way to get your little ones in the game when they're still in diapers: Baby Baseball, a new 30-minute "action" video/DVD that introduces tots to America's favorite pastime. It has all the makings of a toddler smash hit: bouncy music, bright colors, whimsical characters with names like Muddy Ball and Billy Baseball. And most important, there are a lot of children doing their best to run bases, hit, throw and even slide. Parents will appreciate the emphasis on friendship and teamwork; kids will just have fun. In addition to Baby Baseball, Tiny Tot Sports debuts Baby Soccer. Coming soon are Baby Football and Baby Basketball. The videos are designed for children ages 0-6.

Toobaloo, Booth 5937

The Toobaloo is an innovative and unique educational phone-like device that was developed to help children with their reading skills. The Toobaloo allows anyone to hear themselves clearly while speaking into it softly, magnifying the voice so children are able to listen to themselves read aloud. This auditory feedback can help with comprehension and oral fluency. Speech students can use the Toobaloo to help their articulation, and foreign language students can practice and hear how they sound. It is motivational, easy to use and portable.

Toypresidents Inc., Booth 473

It's election season and 5 new talking presidential action figures to be sworn in at TOY FAIR. Toypresidents Inc. released the first limited edition talking action figure in its presidential series August 15th of 2003. This week Toypresidents Inc. will be introducing 5 new talking presidential action figures including Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and William Clinton. Toypresidents will have a Lincoln impersonator speaking at their booth on Sunday to kick off the official launch of its new products.

Turbospoke USA, Booth 5166

Turbospoke(TM) revolutionizes the traditional "Card in the Spokes" concept by applying innovative design and volumes of acoustic science to create a truly new toy and bicycle accessory. Turbospoke(TM) harnesses the impact power of the revolving spokes on a bicycle wheel as they make contact with specially designed replaceable collectable cards and generates a variable and realistic engine sound, from the roar of a Harley to the warble of a V8. Turbospoke(TM) captures the sound energy produced by the card and amplifies this through an acoustic chamber and super chrome exhaust. There also are 21 great Team Turbospoke cards to collect. Photo opportunities are available.

Tweber, Booth 670

Tweber's My Best Sewing Cards add a twist to traditional sewing cards: a child can sew, color, and learn object identification in both English and Spanish. Further, the cards can be washed, sanitized and colored all over again. There are four cards to a pack and themes include Ocean Life, Farm Animals, Reptiles, Dinosaurs, Safari Animals, and Insects. Tweber's Collection Kits help children bring nature indoors with a variety of kits tailored to every interest. Choose from butterfly, rock, shell, and combination collection kits that easily become the conversation piece of any room in beautiful wooden exhibit cases with clear, removable, break-resistant plastic front panels for easy access to collectibles.

Uglydolls, Booth 2874

Getting ugly has never been so cool. Uglydolls are adorable plush characters that were originally drawn as adornments to love letters by their creators, artists David Horvath and Sun-Min Kim. Now Uglydolls has six characters in its family, and another, Ice Bat, debuting and two more coming soon. Ice Bat is the seventh Uglydoll in the line-up of handmade plush art with unique personalities and physical characteristics. Ice Bat, as the story goes, lives in an Ice Cave inside an Ice Box. Everything he touches turns to ice yet profoundly he warms your heart. Ice Bat thinks you are cool and he wants to chill with you. He wants to hang out with you or just hang upside-down. Ice Bat joins Wage, Babo, Jeero, Cinko, Target, and Tray, characters that are said to be hip, huggable, playful and ugly. Coming next are Wedgehead and Ox.

USAopoly, Booth 1581

USAopoly kicks off its 10th anniversary by celebrating 75 years of Mickey Mouse fun with the new MONOPOLY(R): Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Also in store for 2004 is the classic game of Chess with a Shrek fairytale twist, timed for the May release of the highly anticipated "Shrek 2" film.

WABA Fun, Booth 5962

WABA Fun introduces Superstructs construction sets at TOY FAIR, rod and connector style construction sets made of durable molded plastic and safe EVA foam. Superstructs' innovative foam panels "pop" into place in between the rods and connectors to create truly impressive models. Each set contains photo-realistic instructions and brightly colored rods, connectors, and foam panels, as well as molded pieces to build fun, perfectly suited, and compatible characters.

Wild Republic/K & M International, Booth 2707

Did you ever hear a bear talk or sing happy birthday? Well, now you can with Wild Republic's newest addition to their plush collectibles, the Say & Send Friends(TM) line of bears. Each bear contains a 10-second re-recordable sound box, which allows the sender to record a personalized message for the recipient making Say & Send Friends(TM) a unique gift, for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special occasions. These 8" collectible bears are available in three colors -- chocolate brown, white and honey -- and can be packaged in a gift box.

Winning Moves, Booth 2063

Gamemaker Winning Moves Games will preview two key games at TOY FAIR 2004: Coda and Pit. Coda, the international code-breaking game, makes its North American debut. In this quick-playing strategy game, players use the power of deduction -- and some luck -- to break their opponent's secret code. Players take turns guessing the sequence of their opponents' secret codes, and one by one are eliminated as their codes are revealed. Pit, now celebrating its centennial with the 100th Anniversary Edition, has players trying to "corner the market" by trading for wheat, barley, oat, corn and other commodities. Winning Moves' 100th anniversary edition of Pit features reproductions of the original cards plus a deck of new commodity cards -- electricity, computers and other items that weren't around a century ago.

YoYo Balloons, Etc., Booth 5163

The YoYo that is guaranteed to return to you is showing for the first time at TOY FAIR. A balloon source for over 15 years, YoYo Balloons debuts Crystal YoYo Balloons, which are made of the same strong latex as the original yoyo balloons, but are now available in a pastel colored balloon in which you can put a small glow stick. Originating in Japan over 50 years ago, the YoYo Balloon is made of a strong latex with an ounce of water, air, and an elastic string.

YoYoJam, Booth 3069

Mega SpinFaKtor by YoYoJam is still the world's official longest spinning yo-yo (as documented by the American Yo-Yo Association) in 1999 when Rick Wyatt threw the yo-yo for a sleeper that spun for over 13 minutes. Mr. Wyatt broke his own record in October 2003 with the newly revised Mega SpinFaKtor 2.2, which lasted 14.03 minutes. The Mega SpinFaKtor is a state-of-the-art, precision-balanced yo-yo. Molded in tough polycarbonate, the MSF2.2 features an ultra-smooth ceramic bearing and a heavy nickel-bronze weight ring. New this year is Yo-Ring Technology, a patent-pending yo-yo response system with a rubberized o-ring embedded in one, or both sides of the yo-yo. Combined with the adjustable gap feature found in all YoYoJam products, the Yo-Ring Response System improves the response of the yo-yo, but is adjustable for the needs, skill-level, and playing style of each individual player.
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Date:Feb 10, 2004
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