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The New Musical About Harvey Milk Should've Been So Much Better.

I debated with myself about covering the world premiere of the musical A Letter to Harvey Milk at the Acorn Theatre (off-Broadway, on 42nd between Ninth and 10th Avenues) through June 30. No one likes to pan a thoughtful production with its heart in the right place. But the show's flaws didn't just make me sad; they made me angry.

The abridged spoiler-free version is this: A Letter to Harvey Milk is super-Jewish and super-schtick-y, with some truly wonderful performances; most critics who are not me liked it. You could maybe take your mom or bubbe for Mother's Day and have an intense discussion afterward about why this show could be so much better, and dammit, now I've given myself agita all over again.

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Author:Ingall, Marjorie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Apr 30, 2018
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