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The New Frozen Seafood Handbook.

A Guide to Frozen Fish and Products

Publication of "The New Frozen Seafood Handbook by lan Dore has been announced by Osprey Books, now an imprint of Van Nostrand Reinhold, 7625 Empire Drive, Florence, KY 41042. Subtitled "A complete reference for the seafood business," it is an expanded edition of Dore's first book, "Frozen seafood-the buyer's handbook," which has been completely revised and updated with about twice the information.

It is presented in encyclopedia form, alphabetically, from Abalone, Additives, and Aden tails to Yellowtail, Yields (of fish flesh), and Zoos and aquaria. Concise and authoritative descriptions of the terms are provided for aspects of the frozen fisheries trade, including descriptions of hundreds of fish and shellfish items, information on how to recognize and identify various products and to avoid substitutions, data on names and nameing and related rules and approved market and common names, methods of determining and maintaining fish quality, problems to watch for with certain types of products. Also included is a 33-page section on scientific, common, and market names of commercially traded fishes.

Information on "economic fraud in the seafood business," is presented, along with health and nutrition data, delivery terms, defrosting methods, products available from the various species, FDA inspection and rejection of imported foodstuffs and rejection insurance, recalls, and much more. A reference section lists many other useful books and periodicals, newsletters relating to fisheries and the fish trade. indexed, the 360-page hardbound volume costs $69.00, and would be a handy reference for those involved in the fish trade from processing and distributing to marketing or the restaurant trade.
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Publication:Marine Fisheries Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 22, 1989
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