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Articles from The New American (January 12, 2004)

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"The Last Comedian". Blumenstein, Paul D. Letter to the Editor 190
9-11: a preventable tragedy. 227
Arresting citizen. Lee, Robert W. 156
Banishing businesses: the burden of socialist regulations here at home, not corporate greed or even low foreign wages, is the single most important factor driving U.S. manufacturing jobs abroad. Grigg, William Norman 1882
Bush rebuke of Taiwan encourages Chinese aggression. 436
Bush's coming amnesty plan: the Bush administration's plan to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens would prove to be an even bigger disaster than previous amnesties. Jasper, William F. 1446
CAFTA: FTAA stepping stone. 364
Dobson's choice. Lee, Robert W. 681
Equalizer. Lee, Robert W. 108
EU rising: though some believe the EU is in decline, actually it is fast becoming a global force strong enough to enforce WTO rulings and influence America's economic policies. Gritt, Jennifer A. 1966
Holiday jeers from the establishment press. 413
Home invasion. Lee, Robert W. 188
Homeowner stops assailant. Lee, Robert W. 376
Keep Fedgov's hands off marriage: the Founding Fathers kept the federal government out of marriage and family matters, a wise constitutional safeguard that could be undone by current, misguided efforts. Detweiler, George Cover Story 2720
Marighella's revenge in Iraq. 444
More Iraq lies revealed. 290
Not my children. Letter to the Editor 527
Recapturing home-school families. 280
Saddam: Latter-day Jugurtha? Bonta, Steve 860
Second amendment sister. Lee, Robert W. 209
Shootout. Lee, Robert W. 178
Stealth implementation of "Patriot Act II". 272
Supporting local police. Lee, Robert W. 210
The court's anti-free speech decision. Eddlem, Thomas R. 832
The return of epic cinemas: the final installment of Peter Jackson's film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings is both a dramatic and technical tour de force. Bonta, Steve 1746
The true story of the Patton Prayer: the author of General Patton's famous Third Army Prayer reveals the story of its origin, paying tribute both to the general's trust in God and to the power of faith-filled prayer. O'Neill, James H. 2958
Time to end judicial tyranny: the judicial despotism the Founders warned against is happening today. It is time for an informed electorate to spur Congress to defend and restore our constitutional republic. Eidsmoe, John 2385
What to do with Saddam? 353
WMDs vs. WMD programs: does it matter? 266

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