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Articles from The New American (August 25, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
A true hero. 326
And not a shot was fired. Lee, Robert W. 202
Birch society member honored. Brief Article 262
Brother Jonathan: Connecticut Governor Jonathan Trumbull Sr. held nothing back in supporting the War for independence. George Washington ranked him "among the first of patriots". Eddlem, Thomas R. 2177
Cat burglar's lives run out. Lee, Robert W. 610
Commissar Wolfowitz. Grigg, William Norman 798
Congress approves Singapore and Chile Free Trade Agreements. Brief Article 255
Congressional war power. Muhlenberg, John D.S. Letter to the Editor 279
Dan Smoot: rest in peace. Obituary 106
Defending the cross. Lee, Robert W. 527
Drugging our kids: despite the dangers posed by drugs such as Ritalin, some schools are threatening parents with child abuse charges if they refuse to drug their children. Grigg, William Norman 3008
Ending the nightmare. Grigg, William Norman 319
Ends and means. 459
Federal budget deficits explode. Brief Article 116
Globalizing the Court. 379
Government toxicity. Hoar, William P. 338
Grand Canyon safe for atheists? Brief Article 178
Harboring the enemy: while federal officials focus security measures on al-Qaeda and American citizens, Communist Chinese assets have free run of our ports, universities, and defense facilities. Jasper, William F. 1726
Homeowner cleared. Lee, Robert W. 96
Intruder subdued. Lee, Robert W. Brief Article 134
Lawrence's immoral consequences. Brief Article 247
Potter-mania's bright side. Letter to the Editor 587
Pro-lifers prevail. Lee, Robert W. 506
Social insecurity looms. Hoar William P. Brief Article 275
Stumbling blocks for big brother: the Defense Department's Total Information Awareness program, under sustained attack for the past year, has suffered several recent setbacks. 801
Totalitarian medicine. The invention of the ADHD epidemic and the forced drugging of schoolchildren summon memories of the Soviet Union. Grigg, William Norman 1365
Truman as Ike's running mate? 213
U.S. on permanent war footing? Brief Article 201
UN target practice. Hoar William P. 224
War on the Constitution: the Continuity of Government Commission is pushing a scam to subvert constitutional government and concentrate power in the hands of an unelected, unaccountable elite. Jasper, William F. 2001
Who's attacking the Constitution? Citing the threat of terrorism, a cabal of influential saboteurs is proposing assorted amendments that would destroy our constitutional checks and balances. Jasper, William F. 2148

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