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Articles from The New American (October 21, 2002)

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"Pre-emption, Russian style. (Insider Report). 109
Abetting our enemy's allies: if America aids and abets China and Russia, and China and Russia aid and abet terrorist regimes like Iraq and Syria, then why are we threatening war against Saddam Hussein? (Foreign Quarrels). McManus, John F. 1430
Abortion Lobby's child exploitation. (Insider Report). 275
Building the beast of Baghdad: Saddam Hussein's capacity to unleash weapons of mass destruction is doubly horrifying when one considers that past administrations have helped him develop that technology. (Foreign Quarrels). Grigg, William Norman 1922
Bush: U.S. rejoining UNESCO. (Insider Report). 295
Deregulation myths. (Correction Please!). Hoar, William P. 264
Diplomatic backpedding. (Correction Please!). Hoar, William P. 284
Drug cartels taking over forests. (Insider Report). 273
English duplicity. (Insider Report). 296
FBI agent testifies to 9-11 forewarning. (Insider Report). 315
Fighting fire with Arson: the same globalists who gave Saddam Hussein the matches and gasoline are now demanding that the U.S. lead another international UN fire brigade into Iraq. (Foreign Quarrels). Jasper, William F. 1477
Garrison State Overture. (Letters to the Editor). 129
George W. Bush: Master of Disguise. (Letters to the Editor). 534
Inflation: what we're not being told! Inflation is often falsely defined as a market-driven rise in prices and wages. In reality, it's when government increases the money supply, thereby devaluing the dollar. (Economics). 1635
Knife attack after quarrel. (Exercising the Right). Lee, Robert W. 260
Quest for true American history: today's history textbooks indoctrinate America's youth in socialist propaganda. But quest of a hemisphere accurately portrays history while teaching Judeo-Christian values. (Brook Review). McManus, John F. 2852
Resuscitation. (The Goodness of America). Lee, Robert W. 684
Ritter blows hot and cold. (Correction Please!). Hoar, William P. 318
Room service Robbery. (Exercising the Right). Lee, Robert W. 326
Salt of the Earth. (The Goodness of America). Lee, Robert W. 476
Should America go to war? When our freedoms and sovereignty are threatened, we have to fight. But resuming the war on Iraq would actually empower a far greater threat--the United Nations. (Foreign Quarrels). Grigg, William Norman 2891
Stem cell politics. (Insider Report). 467
Tennessee home invasion. (Exercising the Right). Lee, Robert W. 190
Tennessee times two. (Exercising the Right). Lee, Robert W. 280
The old wagoner: Daniel Morgan brilliantly commanded American soldiers during two of the lowest points of the War for Independence, rightfully earning the title of American Hero. (History - Struggle for Freedom). Eddlem, Thomas R. 2737
Will parents dare to discipline? (The Last Word). Eddlem, Thomas R. 808

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