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The Network Connection unchains Cheetah Video Services (CVS3.5) first real LAN full motion video utility tool.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 2, 1994--The Network Connection, a nationally recognized leader in the manufacture of Digital Video Technology has just unleashed its new digital video system utility tool, Cheetah Video Services (CVS3.5).

In effort to expand the capabilities and flexibility of its Cheetah family of network video servers, TNC has announced CVS3.5 of its Cheetah Video Services utility. The new system is a Symmetrical Multiprocessor Pentium video multimedia platform. The new video server platform which began shipping at the 1st of December has been enhanced and expanded by use of Pentium/PCI Bus architecture.

The new service offers users and developers the following:

- 1 Controls the numbers of users that can access video simultaneously.

- 2 Controls allocation of video types (ie: AVI, DVI, MPEG and JPEG).

- 3 Controls allocation of available network bandwidth for both data and video services.

- 4 API support (Windows API support built into client software used by industry standard programs).

- 5 Supports both high performance server applications and video simultaneously.

- 6 Supports consolidation and upgradability by being an open system.

CVS3.5 is a rule based tool which greatly expands the number of users in corporate network which may have access to video data by managing the allocation of server bandwidth.

According to Wil Riner, chief executive officer of TNC: "Until now a server with the ability to serve 100 video streams has been designed to serve a pool of 100 users. CVS3.5 allows TNC to apply the law of averages, and make the 100 stream server available to literally hundreds of users as no more than 100 users would require video at any time."

CVS3.5 now adds the ability for a relatively limited resource to service a potentially infinite demand," added Riner. "A video server, supporting 100 streams, loaded with training content, can now serve literally hundreds of users."

The new CVS3.5 Operating System includes video servers providing 10 hours of video content to servers providing 200 hours of digitally stored video content. The new Cheetah also ships with a TNX-C Real Time Compression system and true multimedia decode workstations making the Cheetah one of the world's true turn key open platform systems.

All files are compressed in real time and run at 30 frames per second, full screen and at perfect VHS quality under the MPEG format in the 1.0-4.0 Mb/s range. The Cheetah can also store and retrieve PLV, DVI, AVI, JPEG, Wavelet and MPEG 2 standard files and run them simultaneously.

Over 120 simultaneous users can access these files over standard 10-Base T, Token Ring, ATM, ASDL and ISDN configurations.

Applications for the new Cheetah Digital Video On Demand System include:

 1) LAN based video training
 2) AD insertion for cable industry
 3) News archive compression
 4) VOD information kiosks
 5) Retail VOD sales kiosks
 6) Insert near video on demand on cable
 7) Race track simulcast
 8) Movie reel storage and compression
 9) Training on demand at the desktop
 10) Real time VOD LAN's
 11) Real time computer game ind. compr.
 12) Video e-mail
 13) Advanced broadcast video service
 14) Sports film storage and retrieval
 15) Medical information kiosks
 16) Cinema Trailer broadcast
 17) Security video storage and playback
 18) Video help at the desktop

The Network Connection first introduced the TNX-C Real Time Compression Station, The M2V Video Superserver at Spring COMDEX, 1993.

Other products include TNC(TM) for the news broadcast industry, Eduview(TM) for the training industry, GameView(TM) for the game industry, SportsView for the sports industry, Medview(TM) for the medical industry, AirView(TM) for the airline training industry, CineView(TM) for the theater chains and OSHAView for the industrial community.

Using newly developed Dual Pentium PCI based technology, in conjunction with existing T.R.A.C. disk array technology, the Cheetah 3.5 has the control without having to introduce proprietary protocols.

In another departure from typical video strategies, their products series is available in incremental "Content Hours," ranging from 10 to over 200 hours. Add the number of simultaneous users up to 120 and you have a VHS quality full screen video system of your choice.

The Network Connection, located in Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, manufactures the Triumph family of high-end performance servers for most platform environments. TNC has the freedom to continue to deliver groundbreaking technologies with customized turn-key solutions.

For more information, please contact Gary German of the Video Services Division of The Network Connection, 1324 Union Hill Rd., Alpharetta, Ga. 30201. 800/327-4853, 404/751-0889, 404/751-1884 (fax).

CONTACT: The Network Connection, Alpharetta
 Gary German, 800/327-4853
 404/751-1884 (fax)
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Dec 2, 1994
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