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The Net; The Web can sort your life.

THIS week, the Samaritans launched a new service amid fears that lonely netheads are being encouraged to commit suicide using the Internet.

This follows revelations that a Dundee woman attempted suicide twice after following instructions on a website.

Now geeks can send their problems to nethead counsellors, who offer advice via e-mail.

But there is as much helpful as harmful advice on the Net ... here's how cyberspace can help you deal with a few of life's harsher problems.

And those who feel they can't take any more can email, or, if they want to remain anonymous, contact


DEPRESSION might not be what you're suffering from.

If you really want to find out what is messing with your mind, the Internet Mental Health offers a handy guide to 52 of the most common psychological problems, from eating and personality disorders to schizophrenia and substance abuse.

IF neither of the above fit your bill, then you need fairly advanced help.

You also need Mental Health Net, a comprehensive information service for mental disorders, including a chat room to offer additional support.


First off, you'll want to know how bad it is ... if you can control your shaking hands long enough to surf over to Stress Assess, you'll find out how bad you are ... and get a few strategies to fight back and let you have a decent night's sleep.

NOW that you know the problem, find out how to deal with it.

Tremble over to the Teach Health website, where stress, depression and anxiety can be banished forever. Allegedly.

http://www.teachhealth. com


SO it isn't stress and you're fairly certain that you aren't paranoid, schizoid or looking at the void.

But strange things still happen ... you can predict the future and bend spoons at the same time.

Perhaps you are not ill, but blessed with paranormal abilities.

Project your astral self over to the Koestler Psychology Unit, where Edinburgh University investigates parapsychology and lets you look at the results of their telepathy experiments.

MORE help is available if you are now convinced you have supernatural powers.

And who better to help you cope than the Spoon-bender General himself, Uri Geller?

Uri Geller's Interactive Psychic City is exactly that ... at 11am on the llth of every month, Uri sends his psychic thoughts surfing through cyberspace via his website.

All you have to do is flex some mental muscle and locate the buried treasure he's thinking of on a map of the world.

And you end up in the Uri hall of fame.


THE problem might be that you aren't using enough brainpower ... too much MTV and Blind Date could have eroded the thinking processes.

In which case, you need a stiff course of Mindrobics. Yes, it really is just like aerobics, only without the music.

Work that frontal lobe, gain self-confidence, control stress and sleep like a baby.

FINALLY, you could give up trying on your own and let someone else do it ... hypnotherapy can stop you smoking, so maybe it can sort your life out, too.


WHO helps the helpers? No-one, it seems. America's top talk-radio therapist Laura Schlessinger - the female Frasier - lost a court battle to stop the notorious Internet Entertainment Group from circulating 12 nude photos of her, taken two decades


The photos were taken by Schlessinger's former lover, Bill Ballance, who sold them to the Internet company for "tens of thousands of dollars," according to a news release from IEG. Taken when she was a freewheelin' 28, the nude snaps are embarrassing to the woman whose three-hour radio show extols the virtues of sexual abstinence outside marriage, stronger families and Judaeo-Christian values.

She is also, incidentally, the author of bestseller The Ten Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives.

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Date:Nov 6, 1998
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