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The Negro Baseball Leagues: A Photographic History.

American professional baseball has never existed in a vacuum. The continuing controversy over the meager number of African-American managers and front-office personnel has a history. And it began long before the absurd comments of former Los Angeles Dodger executive Al Campanis. The Negro Baseball Leagues., A Photographic History by Phil Dixon with Patrick J. Hannigan traces the unique African-American baseball presence between 1867 and 1955, when the Negro Leagues played upon verdant fields.

The book is lush with rare photographs of the young men who played for teams, such as the Homestead Grays, St. Louis Stars and Birmingham Black Barons. Its appendices also list 19th-century black and minor-league titles.

The book has one weakness. It contains a solid index but lacks a unifying table of contents.

--Frank McCoy The Negro Baseball Leagues., A Pholographic History by Phil Dixon with Patrick J. Hannigan; Amereon House, Mattituck, N.Y., 1992, 364pp, $34.95
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Author:McCoy, Frank
Publication:Black Enterprise
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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