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The Native American Studies Shelf.

Native American Drinking

Thomas W. Hill PhD

New University Press

9402 West Lake Mead Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89134

9780982921913 $26.95

Native American Drinking: Life Styles, Alcohol Use, Drunken Comportment, and the Peyote Religion is a scholarly assessment of the alcohol use and abuse among Native Americans, from both a medical and an anthropological perspective. Chapters do not downplay the serious health and social ills caused by alcoholism, and even assess whether anthropologists tend to "deflate" the issue of problem drinking. Chapters analyze "Life Styles and Drinking Patterns of Urban Indians", "Problem Drinking: Biology, Bad Habits, and Alcoholism", and "Alcohol Use Among the Nebraska Winnebago: An Ethnohistorical Study of Change and Adjustment", and much more. Of particular interest is how the Native American peyote religion can have a therapeutic value to counter the drinking culture - the religion defines alcohol consumption as unacceptable; fosters nondrinking social networks, activities, role models; and proffers a belief system through which existing guilt and negative emotions can be dealt with. Notes and an index around out this excellent examination of a serious social issue, highly recommended especially for college library Native American Studies shelves.

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Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
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Date:Jun 1, 2013
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