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The National Crystal Growing Competition.

The National Crystal Growing Competition has been a major part of National Chemistry Week (NCW) for many years. Thanks to sponsors Anachemia Science, who supplied the rochelle salt needed to grow the crystals, and BASF Canada, who provided regional t-shirt prizes as well as the national cash prizes and student prizes, this competition continues to play an important role in promoting chemistry to high school students. This was another record-breaking year for the National Crystal Growing Competition: we set a new record for overall score of 80.5 percent surpassing last year's record of 80.3 percent. This was accomplished by the team of students Kshitiz Gupta, Peter Ao, and Shakib Rahman from Harry Ainlay Composite High School, Edmonton, AB, under the direction of teacher Aura Pombert.

The runners-up in the overall score category were Stephane Cormier and Steven Allen from Polyvalente des Abenaquis, St-Prosper, QC, with Robert Bilodeau, their teacher (score 72.1 percent). Third place went to Lynne Bosquet, Patrick Koch, and Jess Vereault from Merivale High School, Nepean, ON, under the supervision of teacher Henry Jakubinek (score 63.5 percent).

The best quality crystal, scoring 9.85 out of a maximum 10, was submitted by Point Grey Secondary School, Vancouver, BC, students Annie Chow, Christine Brown, and Petros Mouratidis under the supervision of teacher Leslie Johnston.

The second place crystal from Ecole Le Sommet in Quebec scored 9.85 and was grown by Marie-Pier Savoie with the assistance of Denis Berner, teacher. This was followed by a 9.63 crystal created by Guillaume Cyr, Simon Jomphe, and Michael Bisson from Ecole Mgr-Labrie, Havre St-Pierre, QC, with proud teacher Eric Fallu looking on. Fallu had another reason to be proud: he came in first (out of four competitors) in the teacher division.

In all, we received submissions from 12 different parts of the country.

A special thank you goes to the teachers who supervised their students, to The Chemical Institute of Canada volunteers who coordinated the contest in their local areas, and to George Ferguson of the department of chemistry, University of Guelph, for assistance in judging the crystals.

Chris Young, MCIC

2003 National Crystal Growing Competition

Coordinator Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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