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The National Crime Prevention Strategy, National Crime Prevention Centre.


The Forbes-Overbrook Community Resource Centre. For the program 'Children as Agents of Change'. In recent years, the community of Overbrook-Forbes has been plagued by violence and crime. The Forbes-Overbrook Community Resource Centre has developed a creative art/play program for children and youth between the ages of 6 and 13 in order to help address violence in their homes, schools, and communities. The program will teach anger management, conflict resolution, and the importance of building healthy relationships through creativity and art. A component for parents will facilitate the children, and youth's integration of their new skills into their everyday lives. By helping children express their feelings through art, Children as Agents of Change is helping families learn about healthy conflict resolution, and increase their awareness of the necessity for sustainable early-intervention initiatives. 613-745-0073 $49,360

The Peterborough Social Planning Council. For Peaceful Communities--Phase III. Since 1997, Peaceful Communities has helped build the capacity of Peterborough to develop sustainable crime prevention initiatives. In its third and most current phase, this project will further its goals through what is known as 'appreciative inquiry.' In other words, it will promote the results of a report on violence within the City of Peterborough, establish partnerships and working groups designed to promote sustainable crime prevention, hold workshops where experts will be further trained on crime prevention, and finally develop a three-year community plan by collecting indicators of safety. By helping to increase awareness, action, and collaboration, this project is helping to increase the capacity of local leaders and citizens to develop forward-thinking crime prevention initiatives to ensure a safer future for their community. 705-743-5915 $50,000

Pinecrest-Queensway Community and Health Services. For Breaking Down the Barriers--Supporting Youth at Risk in the West End of Ottawa. Building upon a successful outreach project for youth, Phase II of Breaking Down the Barriers will help increase youth access to existing recreational facilities and resources to foster the personal and professional skills of at-risk youth. By working with organizations such as the YM/YWCA, the Boys and Girls Club and the City of Ottawa, the project will provide peer leadership training for 25-30 youth who will in turn host workshops for other youth. The workshops will focus on the importance of crime prevention and the availability of community resources.

Fenelon Falls Historical Society. To preserve the history of the area and further genealogical and historical research by microfilming the Fenelon Falls Gazette. $8,000 over six months. By increasing youth involvement in community associations and enhancing the resources available to youth to foster their strengths, the Pinecrest-Queensway Community and Health Services is ensuring youth have a positive, and crime-free environment to grow and play in. 613-820-4922 $30,401

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Waterloo Regional Branch. For Crisis Services for Youth. This project will establish a service for youth aged 13-17 in the Waterloo region known as the Warm Line. The Warm Line telephone service will be available to youth between 4:00 pm-10:00 pm and will offer over-the-phone peer support to at-risk youth. The phones will be operated by 40 local students aged 16 and over who will be trained to provide educational outreach on crime prevention issues and to promote the use of the Warm Line. The Warm Line supports peer education and mentoring of at-risk youth and will provide confidential listening, information, and referral services to help youth work through difficult issues. The Warm Line is expected to draw over 800 callers over the duration of the project and is an excellent example of a community-driven project that focuses on issues of crime and victimization amongst local youth. 519-766-4450 x223 $46,000

Changing Ways Inc. For Community Implementation of "Caring Dads", a Parenting Program for At-Risk Fathers. This project focuses on helping fathers who are at-risk of abusing or mistreating their children. This 15-week program involves a two-hour intensive session where fathers will be given sensitivity training and the necessary skills to help them abstain from abusive behaviour. The sessions will be co-managed by male and female facilitators and will consist of 4 groups of 12 men. The project also includes a community awareness plan about this issue and increase the local-support system for fathers. 519-438-9869 $50,000

The Oxford County Committee for a Safer Community. For Oxford Youth Trust--Youth Community Development Project (Phase II). This project will develop an environment for at-risk youth that supports mentoring, referrals, and provides meaningful employment training for youth and adults. The Oxford Youth Trust is a collaborative effort involving the Oxford Community Police Service, Lake Lisgar Youth Cultural Centre and the Oxford County Library. Through professional and peer mentorship sessions, the initiative will provide emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual support to encourage personal development for youth who may not benefit from conventional schooling and training programs. It will also provide leadership training and opportunities for youth to build their professional and foster their opportunities for their future. 519-421-7677 $50,000
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