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The National Chrysanthemum Society Endorses Messenger(R) for Healthier, More Productive Chrysanthemums.

BOTHELL, Wash. -- The National Chrysanthemum Society is pleased to announce the endorsement of Messenger(R) for use on Chrysanthemums. Based on trials utilizing Messenger on Chrysanthemums by members of the National Chrysanthemum Society as well as anecdotal testimony by members regarding their experiences with Messenger, the NCS believes that there are demonstrable benefits from using Messenger. The primary benefit observed was that much healthier chrysanthemums resulted.

Messenger features Harp-N-Tek(TM) protein technology exclusively from Eden Bioscience. Harp-N-Tek(TM) products are based on naturally occurring proteins called "harpins" which activate a plant's intrinsic ability to protect itself through growth and stress-defense responses. These responses enhance overall plant health, improve plant vigor and stamina, and result in improved flowering and quality. Messenger is a novel, effective, and environmentally sound tool for disease suppression and growth enhancement in all plants.

About The National Chrysanthemum Society

The National Chrysanthemum Society, Inc., USA (NCS) was founded in 1944 and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1954. It has members living in nearly all states and many foreign countries. The Society is primarily for the amateur gardener who enjoys growing chrysanthemums, but also welcomes the commercial grower. The Society's membership includes chrysanthemum specialists, garden clubs, garden experts, horticulturists, nursery owners, botanists, botanical gardens, universities, and libraries. NCS has both chapter members and general (non-chapter) members. NCS has over 30 chapters throughout the United States. For more information go to or write to Galen Goss at

About Eden Bioscience

Eden Bioscience Corporation (NASDAQ: EDEN) was founded in 1994. Corporate headquarters are located in Bothell, WA, where the company maintains manufacturing and research facilities. Messenger(R) and Eden Bioscience are registered trademarks and Harp-N-Tek(TM) is a trademark of Eden Bioscience Corporation. For more information about Messenger or other Harp-N-Tek products, contact your local garden center, visit the company's web site at, or call the Eden Bioscience customer service line at 1-888-522-5976.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 23, 2006
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