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The Nation's Health's publisher responds.

APHA policies promote breastfeeding for mothers and their babies and affirm that "all alternative feeding methods carry health risks in comparison." APHA policy also supports the global boycott against the Nestle corporation, its products, services and subsidiaries. That policy has not changed. Allowing a Nestle exhibit at the APHA Annual Meeting--even one that did not include formula marketing--is not consistent with APHA policy and was an oversight that will not be repeated.

In regard to the booth contest, the winners were chosen by an independent council of judges made up of exhibitors themselves; the winners were not selected by APHA staff or leadership. As a factual news source, The Nation's Health chose not to censor the list of winners. Under written Association policy, endorsement by APHA is not implied for any exhibitor or advertiser.

The Nation's Health is committed to advancing APHA policies and has published numerous news stories in support of breastfeeding. Both APHA and its publications will continue to work in support of this important public health measure.
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Title Annotation:LETTERS: Personal perspectives on public health
Publication:The Nation's Health
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Date:Mar 1, 2008
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