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The Nanny Diaries.

Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus. 2002. Read by Julia Roberts. Abridged. 3 tapes. 5 hrs. Random House Audio. 0-553-71475-9. $25.00. Cardboard, plastic; content notes. SA

Roberts is very good at believably reproducing the voices of the narrator Nanny, her young charge, Grayer, whom she nicknames Grover, wealthy Mrs. X and other members of the cast. Grover sounds like a four-year-old, Mrs. X is imperious and patronizing, and Nanny comes across as flabbergasted at the behavior of the Park Avenue matron who seems to be the epitome of the idle rich. Anyone who has ever been a mother's helper, au pair, nanny or possibly even just had the not-too-glamorous job of baby sitting will relate to Nanny's plight as she is on the one hand exploited and on the other involves herself with loving and caring for little Grover. Mrs. X is wrapped up in herself and her endless buying sprees as well as obsessing over having the newest thing. She spends time conferring with her Long-Term Development Consultant on matters ranging from handling what she believes will be her four-year-old's devastation at not getting into the right private school and getting every bit of Nanny's time and energy without paying her what she's worth. Alternates between humor and pathos. Since this is an abridgment, there are gaps, but on the whole, enough is enough. Entertaining. Mary I. Purucker, Beverly Hills P.L. Beverly Hills, CA
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Author:Purucker, Mary I.
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2002
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