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The NCA returns to Boca.

I began attending the National Coffee Association Conventions back in 1980. Boca Raton was the set location for many decades, and after a few years of attending, I almost felt like a native as I drove from the airport and around the resort. I knew the favored restaurants and discos (oh, what are they called now?).

The entire U.S. industry was represented--importers, roasters, allied trades. Coffee producers and European traders also attended. I experienced the highs and lows of participation, as producer/roaster disagreements were evident, and the coffee price crises curtailed involvement.

The NCA has applied and learned from these past experiences, and will soon be holding its 95th annual convention again in Boca Raton, Florida. It is looking to place special emphasis on coffee's wide influence across international relations, finance and even national security. Robert Nelson, the NCXs c.e.o. and president, says "Coffee's influence extends well beyond the beverage. Coffee is an integrated network of influence touching the lives of millions around the world--a fulcrum of socioeconomic sustenance, international diplomacy, financial opportunity, cultural vibrancy, political security and more."

The NCA will also highlight coffee and its positive health benefits. Their Scientific Advisory Group will outline new health findings that will disprove old negative myths, and report on its successful, "Coffee Delivers" health promotional campaign.

While coffee's role in world markets is longstanding, only recently is it emerging as a prominent focus of the investment community. Mike Nugent, of UBS Paine Webber, will address "The Financial Side of Coffee." He will share 35-years of experience in a marketplace that is evolving like never before. According to Nugent, "The last 32 years were easy," when compared to the changes that have recently occurred. Among them are the awakening of huge new markets, shifts in the supply chain and the restructuring of world economic dynamics. He will describe how these changes present the industry, not only with historic challenges, but also with promising new opportunities.

Among the convention's multiple general and breakout sessions will be:

* ICO in a New Era of U.S. Membership

* Navigating Organizational Transformation

* Great Companies Need Great Passion: What It Takes to Lead in the

* Competitive Coffee Industry

* The Sustainability Imperative Beyond Crisis

* The Latest Findings about Coffee & Health

* Financially Speaking about Coffee

* Coffee Journalists' Roundtable: Tap Trends to Watch

* Preview: National Coffee Drinking Trends Survey

* NCA "Coffee Delivers" Promotional Campaign Update

* Single-Serve Roundtable

* The Micro Roaster Movement

* Crisis in Container Availability and Other "Steamship Issues

* Latest Trends in Packaging

* New Product Development Trends

* Cupping Workshop

The role of a convention is to bring the industry together, to network and explore solutions and opportunities for an industry. The NCA venue is perfect for this. For more information, please visit
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Author:McCabe, Jane
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Date:Jan 20, 2006
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