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The NATPE adventure continues....

1) Jonathan Barbato and Suzanne Austin in office of Douglas Friedman a few weeks before NATPE Plans begin twelve months prior with hotel reservations, booth, etc.

2) One week, prior to the show, the booth goes up. That's Doug on the forklift inspecting some damage which occurred during shipping. It costs thousands of dollars to bring the booth from city to city, and tens of thousands of dollars just to bring it inside the exhibition hall.

3) Though we hire a crew to assemble the 4200 square foot booth, promo execs end up putting in a lot of time ourselves while it's going up. Here Jonathon is putting together storage shelves prior to our unpacking boxes of supplies.

4) Nothing ever goes fully according to plan. Three days before the start of the conference, Doug calls New York and ask to make changes in two of the sales demo tapes. The new tapes arrive the morning of the first day of NATPE.

5) Part of the fun of doing what we do is commiserating with our counterparts from the other distributors. Here Jonathon is visited by Rita Scarfone and Alan Winikoff from Worldvision.

6) The day before the show floor opens, Doug meets in the booth with the sales staff and support staff.

7) Programs are also promoted by our purchasing signage in the hall. Here is part of our forty-foot wide (by eleven foot high) sign which itself is dwarfed by Fox's Bart Simpson

8) Genesis also purchases the right to advertise on shuttle buses which travel between the hotels and convention center. Every year this becomes a fiasco because the buses don't meet the specifications for signage, even though they are given beforehand This year was no exception.

9) The biggest talk of the convention wasn't about a hot was the fact that Genesis had promoted its 10th anniversary on the backs of registration badges (which tend to flip on the back side). We took a lot of flack publicly from other distributors but (privately) many congratulated for pulling off a major adverstising coup.

10) Tuesday, January 26, 1993. The NATPE show floor opens and the Genesis booth quickly fills. A piano was brought for entertainment while clients waited for appointments.

11) The reception counter was manned by three staff members at all times. Each of the Genesis salesmen had appointments booked every half hour, so accommodating clients who wandered in without one kept everyone hopping.

12) Genesis' President Wayne Lepoff, with Biker Mice from Mars, animated characters from Genesis' (and New World International's) new show. Two dozer film crews were counted stopping to get pictures of the mice during the three days of NAPTE.

13) To celebrate Genesis 10th anniversary we designated two hours on Wednesday, January 27th as the official party. Our guests consumed forty-six bottles of Dom Perignon in less than 90 minutes.

14) Genesis' Chairman and CEO Gary Gannaway with President Wayne Lepoff at the 10th anniversary party. There was no time for speeches because sales pitches went on all the while back in the screening rooms.

15) Clowning around in the storage room after the final day of NATPE as we packed up all the unused premiums. There's always a tough choice between giving all the toys away during the last hour of NATPE or packing up everything to ship home. Giving everything usually wins, but this year we sent everything home.
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Title Annotation:National Association of Television Program Executives
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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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