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The Mystery/Suspense Shelf.

The Dead Detective

William Heffernan

Akashic Books

PO Box 1456, New York, NY 10009

9781936070619, $24.95,

One miracle can lead to an unusual career. "The Dead Detective" tells the story of Harry Doyle, a man who has known death in the past. With the ability to hear the whispers of murder victims, Doyle's unusual talents become a liability when he faces his toughest case yet, a child molester's whose whispers leave him regretting his talent. "The Dead Detective" is a riveting mystery that will prove hard to put down.

Obsidian mystery

c/o The Penguin Publishing Group

375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014

JoAnna Carl's THE CHOCOLATE PIRATE PLOT: A CHOCOHOLIC MYSTERY (9780451231277, $21.95) blends chocolate trivia and recipes with a fine mystery revolving around a boat ride, a pirate invasion, and murder. What begins as a fun pirate escapade for laughs evolves into a serious investigation in this fun murder mystery, perfect for general lending collections. Livia J. Washburn's THE PUMPKIN MUFFIN MURDER (9780451231321, $14.00) includes recipes and a fine seasonal dish in a mystery surrounding pumpkin cheesecake muffins. Phyllis hopes to win a Fall baking contest, but when a decorative scarecrow at an event turns out to hold a dead body - that of the festival's organizer - it falls upon Phyllis to find out the truth. A fine story of holiday murder evolves. Kate Carlisle's THE LIES THAT BIND (9780451231697, $7.99) tells of a bookbinder, a bully, and rare books. Brooklyn is an expert at rare books and has returned to San Francisco to teach a bookbinding class. A simple endeavor turns into a murder mystery packed with twists and turns of plot. Elaine Viets' AN UPLIFTING MURDER (9780451231703, $7.99) tells of Josie, assigned to mystery-shop a chain of lingerie stores who discovers a high school acquaintance murdered near the shop. A murder investigation reveals a suspect with a secret in this engrossing story. Karen E. Olson's DRIVEN TO INK (9780451231574, $6.99) is set in Las Vegas where impersonators of the Rat Pack are performing nightly at clubs all over town. The trouble is - not all are alive, and it takes a dead body in a loaner car trunk to involve Brett in the investigation of foul play. Wendy Lyn Watson's SCOOP TO KILL (9780451230768, $6.99) tells of Tally, who finds a school celebration marred by death. Her attempts to clear a professor's name results in a dangerous encounter with a killer. Tod Goldberg's BURN NOTICE: THE GIVEAWAY (9780451229793, $6.99) tells of a former covert op and a gentleman thief who gets caught. A Robin Hood-like encounter with a gang leads to efforts to save a life in this fine mystery of intrigue and action. Victoria Laurie's A GLIMPSE OF EVIL (9780451230850, $7.99) presents a 'psychic eye' mystery revolving around a psychic's investigations. Abby is new at the FBI and her skills are doubted, but when she connects several cases, she finds danger and personal struggles abound in this fine murder mystery. Eileen Davidson's DIVA LAS VEGAS (9780451230751, $6.99) tells of Alexis, who is a soap opera star finding the road to the Vegas strip is fraught with danger. A Halloween invitation leads to murder in this fine mystery.

The koala of death

Betty Webb

Poisoned Pen Press

6962 E. First Ave, Suite 103, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

9781590587560, $24.95,

THE KOALA OF DEATH: A GUNN ZOO MYSTERY features zoo keeper Thedora in her second investigation where she finds the body of a zoo keeper and draws assignment to replace he on a weekly live-TV show featuring lively zoo animals. But the killer isn't done yet, and Teddy finds herself - and some of her zoo friends - in trouble in this intriguing mystery, perfect for any lending library's mystery holding.

Berkeley prime crime

375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014

Kate Kingsbury's MISTLETOE AND MAYHEM (9780425236901, $14.00) offers a special Pennyfoot Hotel mystery just for the holiday season. Cecily Baxter and staff are busy with the holidays, but when a footman is murdered, they discover the culprit is likely on the guest list in this satisfying read. Maggie Sefton's DOUBLE KNIT MURDERS (9780425236918, $15.00) tells of Kelly, whose passion for knitting is only superseded by her passion for solving crimes. Her enthusiasm contributes to the first of two Knitting Mysteries that will delight needle workers with a passion for intrigue. Laura Childs' TRAGIC MAGIC (9780425237434, $7.99) provides a fun scrapbooking mystery. Carmela, scrapbook store owner, has her work cut out for her, helping Melody convert a mansion into a haunted house for tourists. Real murder adds unexpected spice to their endeavors. Sheila Connolly's FUNDRAISING THE DEAD (9780425237441, $6.99) tells of a Pennsylvania antiquarian society where fundraiser Eleanor is soliciting donations while solving crimes. A missing document leads to murder in this thriller. Chaz McGee's ANGEL INTERRUPTED (9780425233146, $7.99) takes an unusual turn in telling of a murder investigation by a dead soul. Kevin must redeem himself by helping his living replacement, Maggie, solve a crime in this fine story. Hannah Reed's BUZZ OFF (9780425236420, $7.99) provides a new mystery revolving around a beekeeper. Here Story is facing National Honey Month, the end of a messy divorce, and a mentor who is found stung to death. Can she prove her honeybees had nothing to do with his death? Fine twists and turns evolve. Joyce and Jim Lavene's DEADLY DAGGERS (9780425236444, $7.99) follows Jesse, who is facing another summer apprenticeship at the Renaissance Faire with friend Daisy - until Daisy's former love is murdered. Add personal issues to her search for Alastair's killer and you have a riveting story. Casey Mayes' A DEADLY ROW (9780425236413, $7.99) tells of math whiz Savannah, who makes a living creating challenging puzzles. But the greatest challenge of all comes when her intention to support her husband involves her in a killer's unusual game. Elizabeth Lynn Casey's DEATH THREADS (9780425233412, $6.99) tells of Tori, whose new circle of friends is challenged by a local author's knowledge of the town's seedier side of life. When he vanishes under mysterious circumstances, Tori becomes involved in an investigation that involves her entire sewing circle. Joyce and Jim Levine's A TIMELY VISION (9780425234754, $7.99) presents the first in a new series telling of a mayor who wears too many hats. When the town matriarch seeks out Dae to help find a missing watch, her vision leads her into a murder investigation.
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