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The Mysterious Collection of Dr. David Harleyson.

The Mysterious Collection Of Dr. David Harleyson

Jean Cassels

Walker & Company

104 Fifth Ave, New York, NY 10011

0802789161 $17.95 1-800-289-2553

Specifically written and illustrated by Jean Cassels for young readers ages 4 to 8, The Mysterious Collection Of Dr. David Harleyson is an amusing mystery picturebook. The world-renowned painter Dr. David Harleyson has disappeared, and his nephew must find him by tracing clues on the backs of Dr. David's most recent paintings. The artwork amazingly renders animal favorites from classic rhymes and tales such as the Itsy Bitsy Spider, one Bill Goat Gruff, the Cat (and the Fiddle), and much more. Various notes and clues piece together a story in this inventive and original picture book sure to stimulate young minds. Highly recommended.
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Publication:Children's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 2005
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