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The Music Lover's Quotation Book.

The Music Lover's Quotation Book, by David W. Barber. Firefly Books Ltd. (3680 Park Ave., Toronto, Ontario M2H 3K1), 2003. 168pp. $19.95.

The Music Lover's Quotation Book is a highly enjoyable read. Compiler/editor David W. Barber is a journalist, musician and author of several humorous books including Bach, Beethoven, and the Boys. The present volume contains approximately 800 quotes about a broad range of musical styles, from classical to jazz to country to pop to hip-hop. Most are only a line or two in length. Sources of quotes are similarly diverse, with performers, composers, writers and Fans from four millennia represented. Quotations are arranged alphabetically by hundreds of keywords.

The selection of quotations is outstanding. A few well-known quotes are included; the majority, however, will be unfamiliar to readers. All will appeal to professional and amateur musicians alike. Although many of the quotes are serious in nature, the prevailing tone is humorous. The reader will laugh aloud repeatedly.

Because of the quantity, brevity and diversity of quotes, this book will not be particularly useful as a reference work. This clearly was not Barber's intent. Pianists, for example, will find only nine quotes about their instrument. Instead, the primary value of The Music Lover's Quotation Book is entertainment. This is a book to give to a music-loving friend or keep on the coffee table and savor a bit at a time. Reviewed by Victoria Johnson, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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Author:Johnson, Victoria
Publication:American Music Teacher
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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