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The Museum Art Education Library.

The Museum Art Education Library is a compilation of current curriculum guides for the visual arts, selected from materials produced by the education departments of art museums throughout the United States and Canada. This collection of 50 museum art guides is reproduced on microfiche and includes a descriptive, printed index that provides information annotations for all guides in the program.

The guides in this program represent a variety of formats and approaches to lesson planning. They address different age levels, reflect different types of teaching strategies, and are designed to be used with a variety of types of art objects. The materials take the form of booklets, written lesson plans accompanied by videos, slide sets, scripted background information, notebooks, color reproduction sets, or folders containing suggested activities based on museum study tours. The single element shared by all these guides is the goal of being able to teach concepts based on a work of art or an artifact.

Co-published with the National Art Education Association, this program's educational guides delineate principles in the field of art education, and include teaching guides to exhibits, materials on art history from a museum education programmer's perspective, and curricular strategies for specific art genres. The Library provides educators with valuable teaching resources, instructional strategies developed by museum educators, a variety of techniques for museum centered instruction and applications suggested in the guides featured in the Library. It is not only useful for classroom teachers and art teachers in grades one through twelve, it is an especially useful resource for art education programs in higher education.

The microfiche format is accompanied by a valuable guidebook that makes selections quick and easy. The microfiche units provide a great deal of information at a very modest cost ($150.00 for the collection), they require negligible storage space, and they make the written and visual data contained in the museum/curriculum guides readily accessible. This resource is highly recommended for all who are involved in curriculum development, museum programs or teacher training. For more information, or to order, write: Kraus International Publications, Route 100, Millwood, New York 10546 or call toll free (800) 223-8323.
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Author:Baker, David
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Audiovisual Review
Date:Jan 1, 1991
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