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The Moon Is a Fish Eye.

Let us brothers tell you this: that if you have never lived to look a fish up close into its eye, then you have never before lived. A fish's eye, when you look up into it, eye to eye, you will see that this eye, it really isn't an eye at all. What it is, a fish's eye is, it is a moon. The first time that us brothers came to see this, we were just a couple of boys getting ready to chop the head off of a fish. I held onto that fish. I held that fish's head down. Brother was the brother of us brothers who took his fish-cutting knife and with this knife that we used to chop off the heads off of our fish and to gut the guts out of our fish, Brother took his knife and he stuck it, this knife, into this fish's eye. When Brother did this with his knife, when he stuck the tip of his knife into this fish's eye, this fish eye--are you picturing this with us?--this fish's eye, in front of our own eyes, it shattered into a billion pieces. Each broken piece became a star.
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Author:Markus, Peter
Publication:Chicago Review
Article Type:Poem
Date:Sep 22, 2007
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