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Articles from The Modern Language Review (October 1, 2007)

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'Pamela' in the Marketplace: Literary Controversy and Print Culture in Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland. Dussinger, John A. Book review 657
A Companion to the Works of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Martinec, Thomas Book review 955
A Poetics of Impasse in Modern and Contemporary American Poetry. Bacigalupo, Massimo Book review 742
Aesthetic Democracy. Slocombe, Will Book review 592
Andre Gide-Eugene Rouart: correspondance. Fawcett, Peter Book review 645
Antike Mythen: Kafka und Brecht. Santini, Daria Book review 614
Benjamin-Handbuch: Leben--Werk--Wirkung. Duttlinger, Carolin Book review 1469
Bernard Shaw: A Life. Pharand, Michel W. Book review 649
Bernardin de Saint-Pierre and Girodet: illustrating the 'luxury' edition of Paul et Virginie. Cook, Malcolm Critical essay 8392
Between Two Worlds: The Jewish Presence in German and Austrian Film, 1910-1933. Allan, Sean Book review 666
Beyond the shadows of solitude: self, desire, and (dis)embodiment in Ana Clavel's Los deseos y su sombra. Lavery, Jane Elizabeth Critical essay 8817
Briefe an Jonas Lesser und Siegfried Trebitsch, 1939-1954. Bishop, Paul Book review 825
Camus's La Peste: sanitation, rats, and messy ethics. Davis, Colin Critical essay 7709
Celine et ses compagnonnages litteraires: Rimbaud, Moliere. Tilby, Michael Book review 645
Chaucer's Wife of Bath and John Fowles's Quaker Maid: tale-telling and the trial of personal experience and written authority. Arnell, Carla Critical essay 7919
Christina Rossetti: The Patience of Style. Mason, Emma Book review 656
Christopher Marlowe: Poet & Spy. Brown, Richard Danson Book review 736
Coming out of War: Poetry, Grieving, and the Culture of the World Wars. Bergonzi, Bernard Book review 604
Confiscations at Customs: Banned Books and the French Booktrade during the Last Years of the Ancien regime. Adams, David 632
Correspondance de Madame de Graffigny. Cardy, Michael Book review 390
Creole Crossings: Domestic Fiction and the Reform of Colonial Slavery. Castillo, Susan Book review 793
De amore libri tres/Von der Liebe Drei Bucher. Chinca, Mark Book review 464
Deutsche Liebeslyrik im 15. und 16. Jahrhundert: 18. Mediavistisches Kolloquium des Zentrums fur Mittelalterstudien der Otto-Friedrich-Universitat Bamberg am 28. und 29. Woodford, Charlotte Book review 773
Die Entdeckung Shakespeares auf der deutschen Buhne des 18. Jahrhunderts: Adaption und Wirkungder Vermittlung auf dem Theater. Brown, Hilda M. Book review 904
Die Wahlverwandtschaften: Transformation und Kritik der neuen Heloise. Brown, Jane K. Book review 620
Du roman courtois au roman baroque: actes du colloque des 2-5 juillet 2002. Brown-Grant, Rosalind Book review 785
Ein Hungerkunstler: Vier Geschichten. Tully, Carol Book review 437
El hijo del aguila. Thacker, Jonathan Book review 730
Ethics and Nostalgia in the Contemporary Novel. Innes, Lyn Book review 592
Facing Modernity: Fragmentation, Culture, and Identity in Joseph Roth's Writing in the 1920s. Lorenz, Dagmar C.G. Book review 1049
German Orientalisms. Saul, Nicholas Book review 814
Heine und die Nachwelt: Geschichte seiner Wirkung in den deutschsprachigen Landern. Texte und Kontexte, Analysen und Kommentare vol. I: 1856-1906. Sammons, Jeffrey L. Book review 1105
Imperfect portraits of a postcolonial heroine: Laura Restrepo's La novia oscura. Davies, Lloyd Hughes Critical essay 10121
Incest and Agency in Elizabeth's England. Lee, John Book review 594
Joaquin Dicenta: Spain's Forgotten Dramatist. Blanco, Alda Book review 479
John Milton: 'Paradise Lost'. Maley, Willy Book review 1863
John Stuart Blackie: Scottish Scholar and Patriot. Dochartaigh, Pol O. Book review 801
Le Musee imaginaire de George Sand: l'ouverture et la mediation. Harkness, Nigel Book review 533
Letzte Chancen: Vier Einakter von Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach. Woodford, Charlotte Book review 1140
Lewis Carroll and the Victorian Stage: Theatricals in a Quiet Life. Ebbatson, Roger Book review 728
Love, Desire and Transcendence in French Literature: Deciphering Eros. Etienne, Marie-France Book review 621
Loving Dr Johnson. Major, Emma Book review 568
Maxim Gorky: Russian Dramatist. Draskoczy, Julie S. Book review 778
Menippean Satire Reconsidered: From Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century. De Smet, Ingrid A.R. Book review 849
Menschendammerung: Karl Marx, Ernst Junger und der Untergang des Selbst. Tihanov, Galin Book review 570
Musealer Historismus: Die Gegenwart des Vergangenen bei Stifter, Keller und Raabe. Sammons, Jeffrey L. Book review 1146
Notions of evil in Baudelaire. Catani, Damian Critical essay 9460
Patrick Chamoiseau: espaces d'une ecriture antillaise. McCusker, Maeve Book review 610
Philippe Jaccottet: l'evidence du simple et l'eclat de l'obscur. Wagstaff, Emma Book review 449
Polyglot Joyce: Fictions of Translation. Bacigalupo, Massimo Book review 757
Portraits of the artist: Gerhart Hauptmann's Kollege Crampton and Michael Kramer. Corkhill, Alan Critical essay 8180
Proust et ses contemporains. Tribout-Joseph, Sarah Book review 618
Reading and Writing Italian Homosexuality: A Case of Possible Difference. Baldoni, Luca Book review 939
Remapping arcadia: 'pastoral space' in nineteenth-century Russian Prose. Platonov, Rachel S. 9273
Rilke's 'left-handed lyre': (1) multilingualism and the poetics of possibility. Catling, Jo 11679
Romantic Moods: Paranoia, Trauma, and Melancholy, 1790-1840. Cronin, Richard Book review 686
Salons, History, and the Creation of Seventeenth-Century France: Mastering Memory. Canova-Green, Marie-Claude Critical essay 686
Sappho, Mary Wakefield, and Vernon Lee's 'A Wicked Voice'. Maxwell, Catherine Critical essay 8991
Schiller: National Poet--Poet of Nations. A Birmingham Symposium. Kord, Susanne Book review 852
Sonnets and the English Woman Writer, 1560-1621: The Politics of Absence. Becker, Lucinda Book review 562
Statues and normalization. Hobson, Marian Critical essay 6838
The Art of Commedia: A Study in the 'Commedia dell'arte', 1560-1620, with Special Reference to the Visual Records. Andrews, Richard Book review 1533
The ethics of science: Leonardo Sciascia and the Majorana case. Farrell, Joseph Critical essay 7392
The Idea of Latin America. Castillo, Susan Book review 772
The Ideal Image: Studies in Writing for the German Court, 1616-1705. Schade, Richard E. Book review 583
The Invention of Politics in the European Avant-Garde (1906-1940). Storchi, Simona Book review 690
The Life of Daniel Defoe. Bignami, Marialuisa Book review 622
The Poetics of Psychoanalysis: In the Wake of Klein. Tambling, Jeremy Book review 666
The Scholar's Art: Literary Studies in a Managed World. Frow, John Book review 869
The travels of ideology: Niccolo Machiavelli at the court of James VI. Petrina, Alessandra 7592
Translating Rimbaud's 'Illuminations'. Macklin, Gerald M. Book review 627
Translating Voices, Translating Regions. Polezzi, Loredana Book review 1043
Tristan Corbiere and the Poetics of Irony. Davies, Anna Book review 660
Vigilant Memory: Emmanuel Levinas, the Holocaust, and the Unjust Death. Davis, Colin Book review 573
Waiting for Pushkin: Russian Fiction in the Reign of Alexander I (1801-1825). Offord, Derek Book review 897

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