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Articles from The Modern Language Review (October 1, 2004)

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''Comme un souci aux rayons du soleil'': Ronsard et l'invention d'une poetique de la merveille, 1550-1556. Vinestock, Elizabeth Book Review 498
'Ach, Neigung zur Fulle--': Zur Rezeption 'barocker' Literature im Nachkriegsdeutschland. White, J.J. Book Review 1110
'La fonte d'ogni eloquenzia': il canzoniere petrarchesco nella cultura poetica del Quattrocento ferrarese. Everson, Jane E. Book Review 827
'Other' Spanish Theatres: Erasure and Inscription on the Twentieth-Century Spanish Stage. Zatlin, Phyllis Book Review 869
A Companion to Modern Spanish American Fiction. Sklodowska, Elzbieta Book Review 680
A Companion to the Works of Arthur Schnitzler. Yates, W.E. Book Review 1000
A Companion to the Works of Grimmelshausen. Woodford, Charlotte Book Review 777
A History of French Literature: From ''Chanson de Geste'' to Cinema. Pensom, Roger Book Review 584
A Longing like Despair: Arnold's Poetry of Pessimism. Chapman, Alison Book Review 603
Aldo Palazzeschi's: Riflessi or, writing as erasure. Cesaretti, Enrico Book Review 8278
Alexander Pope and Duke Upon Duke: satiric context, aims, and means. Rogers, Pat Critical essay 8242
Alterations of State: Sacred Kingship in the English Reformation. Rawlings, Peter Book Review 1219
Anne Duden: A Revolution of Words. Approaches to her Fiction, Poetry and Essays. Linklater, Beth Book Review 716
Arthurian Romance: A Short Introduction. Jambeck, Kathy Shaughnessy Book Review 659
Autour de Lamartine: Journal de voyage, correspondances, temoignages, iconographie. Crossley, Ceri Book Review 369
Ava's New Testament Narratives: 'When the Old Law Passed Away'. Excerpts from: Rudolfvon Ems, 'Weltchronik'; The 'Christherre-Chronik'; Jans Enikel, 'Weltchronik'. Volfing, Annette Book Review 298
Bibliographie des oeuvres de Denis Diderot, 1739-1900. Connon, Derek Book Review 492
Brechts fruhe Lyrik. Leeder, Karen Book Review 568
Carlos Barral, entre el esteticismo y la reinvidicacion. Dadson, Trevor J. Book Review 1044
Congenial Souls: Reading Chaucer from Medieval to Postmodern. Saunders, Corinne Book Review 940
Conversations with Zizek. Docherty, Thomas Book Review 645
Correspondance generale de Marie de Flavigny, comtesse d'Agoult, 1821-1836, vol. 1. Smith, Christopher Book Review 481
Decadent Subjects: The Idea of Decadence in Art, Literature, Philosophy, and Culture of the "Fin-de-Siecle'' in Europe. McGarry, Pascale Book Review 655
Demystification and sacrificial thinking: violence in Terenci Moix's Mon mascle. Hughes, Arthur J. Book Review 8237
Der Vorleser. Paver, Chloe Book Review 398
Die anwesende Abwesenheit: Literatur im Schattenvon Auschwitz. Fuchs, Anne Book Review 750
Dietrichs Flucht: Textgeschichtliche Ausgabe. Flood, John L. Book Review 819
Dying to Know: Scientific Epistemology and Narrative in Victorian England. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 680
Engagierte Literatur zwischen den Weltkriegen. Midgley, David Book Review 1333
Etudes Rabelaisiennes. Morrison, Ian R. Periodical Review 448
Fair Exotics: Xenophobic Subjects in English Literature, 1720-1850. Hiatt, Megan Book Review 636
Faust 20e: echos de l'ego. Le demon de Faust on l'homme et ses demons. Rowe, Paul Book Review 445
France exposed: Madame Bovary and the Exposition Universelle. Green, Anne Book Review 5299
George Eliot, Judaism and the Novels: Jewish Myth and Mysticism. McArthur, Tonya Moutray Book Review 878
Gerhart-Hauptmann-Studien 1934-1958. Skrine, Peter Book Review 1003
Goethes Faust: Poetik der Gabe und Selbstreflexion der Dichtung. Durrani, Osman Book Review 641
Grundlagen der Biographik: Theorie und Praxis des biographischen Schreibens. Paulin, Roger Book Review 1018
Heimat: A Critical Theory of the German Idea of Homeland. Fuchs, Anne Book Review 658
Heinrich Heine. Perraudin, Michael Book Review 747
Hermann Broch: Visionary in Exile, the 2001 Yale Symposium. Santini, Daria Book Review 682
Histoire culturelle des pronoms d'adresse: vers une typologie des systemes allocutoires dans les langues romanes. Posner, Rebecca Book Review 487
Histoire et litterature au siecle de Montaigne: melanges offerts a Claude-Gilbert Dubois. Worth-Stylianou, Valerie Book Review 471
Homo Viator: Itineraries of Exile, Displacement and Writing in Renaissance Europe. Peach, Trevor Book Review 448
Imperial Culture in Germany, 1871-1918. Hahn, H.J. Book Review 573
In the Shadow of the Mammoth: Italo Svevo and the Emergence of Modernism. Schachter, Elizabeth Book Review 852
Italy in the German Literary Imagination: Goethe's 'Italian Journey' and its Reception by Eichendorff, Platen, and Heine. Ujma, Christina Book Review 764
Kollektivautobiographien, Wunschautobiographien: Marranenschicksal im deutsch-judischen historischen Roman. Skolnik, Jonathan Book Review 675
La Veuve en majeste: deuil et savoir au feminin dans la literature medievale. Brown-Grant, Rosalind Book Review 680
Landmarks in German Short Prose. Sammons, Jeffrey L. Book Review 956
Le riviste di italianistica nel mondo: Atti del Convegno internazionale. Napoli 23-25 Novembre 2000. Lepschy, Laura Book Review 721
Le Vampire dans la litterature du XXe siecle. Redfern, Walter Book Review 575
Les Funerailles a la Renaissance: XIIe colloque international de la Societe Francaise d'Etudes du Seizieme Siecle, Bar-le-Duc, 2-5 decembre 1999. Worth-Stylianou, Valerie Book Review 462
Lessings Theorie der Tragodienwirkung: Humanistische Tradition und aufklakrerische Erkenntniskritik. Nisbet, H.B. Book Review 1142
Lettres de Marcel Jouhandeau a Max Jacob. Davies, Anna Book Review 490
Liberty, Equality, Maternity in Beauvoir, Leduc and Ernaux. Rodgers, Catherine Book Review 486
Love, honour, and duty in James Thomson's Tancred and Sigismunda (1745). Jung, Sandro Book Review 6433
Malraux: ''La Condition humaine''. Boak, Denis Book Review 490
Marges du premier Verlaine. Evans, David Book Review 463
Matched Pairs: Gender and Intertextual Dialogue in Eighteenth-Century Fiction. Brant, Clare Book Review 635
Medieval literature and historical enquiry. Pearsall, Derek Book Review 6881
Mother Tongues and Other Reflections on the Italian Language. Bentley, Delia Book Review 641
New Directions in Arthurian Studies. Hopkins, Amanda Book Review 1567
Old Norse Myths, Literature and Society. Larrington, Carolyne Book Review 902
Oyono: "Une vie de boy" and "Le Vieux Negre et la medaille". Hawkins, Peter Book Review 858
Paul Claudel 18: Claudel poete? de 'La Cantate a trois voix' (1912) a ''Poesies diverses''. Jones, Anwen Book Review 479
Pechorin's demons: representations of the demonic in Lermontov's a hero of our time. Leatherbarrow, W.J. Book Review 8631
Poetry Project: Irish Germanists Interpret German Verse. Keith-Smith, Brian Book Review 762
Popular Music in Contemporary France: Authenticity, Politics, Debate. Hawkins, Peter Book Review 557
Rafael Alberti's 'Muerte y juicio': death, judgement, and the poetry of (dis)belief. Gagen, Derek Book Review 8363
Reading Psychoanalysis: Freud, Rank, Ferenczi, Groddeck. Webber, Andrew Book Review 823
Registre-Journal du regne de Henri III, 1558-1589, vol. 6. Knecht, R.J. Book Review 597
Revision des literarischen Kanons. White, Alfred D. Book Review 534
Romances Sans paroles. Evans, David Book Review 465
Saussure and his Interpreters. Sanders, Carol Book Review 1054
Shakespeare, Co-Author: A Historical Study of Five Collaborative Plays. Chernaik, Warren Book Review 883
Spenser's Supreme Fiction: Platonic Philosophy and 'The Faerie Queene'. Hadfield, Andrew Book Review 662
St. Petersburg, 1703-1825. Frame, Murray Book Review 782
Stage Directions in 'Hamlet': New Essays and New Directions. Kinney, Arthur F. Book Review 632
Text and Manuscript in Medieval Spain: Papers from the King's College Colloquium. Hitchcock, Richard Book Review 1244
Thackeray's Skeptical Narrative and the "Perilous Trade" of Authorship. Pulham, Patricia Book Review 633
The 'Myth of Gentillet' reconsidered: an aspect of Elizabethan Machiavellianism. Bawcutt, N.W. Book Review 7034
The Ambivalent Author: Five German Writers and their Jewish Characters, 1848-1914. Gottsche, Dirk Book Review 698
The Century of Women: Representation of Women in Eighteenth-Century Italian Public Discourse. Jones, Verina Book Review 892
The End of St. Petersburg. MacFadyen, David Book Review 594
The erection of the Berlin Wall: Thomas Brussig's Helden wie wir and the end of East Germany. Prager, Brad Book Review 8906
The Historical Experience in German Drama: From Gryphius to Brecht. Sharpe, Lesley Book Review 474
The Journalism of Milena Jesenska: A Critical Voice in Interwar Central Europe. Preece, Julian Book Review 575
The Moral Tale in France and Germany 1750-1789. Culpin, D.J. Book Review 466
The Numerical Universe of the 'Gawain-Pearl' Poet: Beyond 'Phi'. Davis, Nick Book Review 926
The Piozzi Letters: Correspondence of Hester Lynch Piozzi,1774-1821 (Formerly Mrs. Thrale), 1817-1821, vol. 6. Ingram, Allan Book Review 574
The power of the gift: desire and substitution in Daurel et Beton. Sinclair, Finn E. Book Review 7829
The Romantic Conception of Life: Science and Philosophy in the Age of Goethe. Steuer, Daniel Book Review 1617
The Story of Sapho. Desnain, Veronique Book Review 606
The traveller as Landschaftsmaler: industrial labour and landscape aesthetics in Johanna Schopenhauer's travel writing. Martin, Alison E. Book Review 7809
The Woman and the Hour: Harriet Martineau and Victorian Ideologies. Weiner, Gaby Book Review 767
Theater im 'Dritten Reich': Theaterpolitik, Spielplanstruktur, NS-Dramatik. London, John Book Review 1103
Thomas Hardy and the Law: Legal Presences in Hardy's Life and Fiction. Armstrong, Tim Book Review 922
Thomas Pynchon: Reading from the Margins. Seed, David Book Review 694
Vir: Perceptions of Manliness in Andalucia and Mexico 1561-1699. Millington, Mark I. Book Review 875
Visions of a New Land: Soviet Film from the Revolution to the Second World War. Hicks, Jeremy Book Review 758
Volkssprache zwischen Stift und Hof: Hofgeistliche in Literatur und Gesellschaft des 12. und 13. Jahrhunderts. Green, D.H. Book Review 1662
Voltaire et "sa grande amie": correspondance complete de Voltaire et de Mme de Bentinck, 1740-1778. Williams, David Book Review 524
Von der Chronik zum Weltbuch: Sinn und Anspruch sudwestdeutscher Hauschroniken am Ausgang des Mittelalters. Dunphy, Graeme Book Review 596
Walter Benjamin: Self-Reference and Religiosity. Riou, Jeanne Book Review 1075
Women and Gender in 18th-Century Russia. Adlam, Carol Book Review 845
Women's Writing in Contemporary France: New Writers, New Literatures in the 1990s. Ince, Kate Book Review 520
Writing Mothers and Daughters: Renegotiating the Mother in Western European Narratives by Women. De Gasperin, Vilma Book Review 1312
Zafer Senocak. Dunphy, Graeme Book Review 637

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