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Articles from The Modern Language Review (July 1, 2004)

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!Exacto!: A Practical Guide to Spanish Grammar. Babi, Maria Antonia Book Review 565
"Ich bin Jude, Osterreicher, Deutscher": Judentumin Arthur Schnitzlers Tagebuchern und Briefen. Yates, W.E. Book Review 958
'Emile' ou les figures de la fiction. O'Dea, Michael Book Review 688
'Fur eine aufmerksamereund nachdenklichere Welt': Beitrage zu Marie Luise Kaschnitz. Leeder, Karen Book Review 658
'La Cort d'Amor': A Critical Edition. Nicholson, Francesca Book Review 581
'Moral Maxims' by the Duke de la Rochefoucault. Translated from the French With notes. [London: A. Millar, 1749]. Culpin, D.J. Book Review 502
'Und blatterte ein wenig in der Bibel': Studien zu Franz Kafkas Bibellekture und ihren Auswirkungen auf sein Werk. Robertson, Ritchie Book Review 833
A cinema of contradiction: Picazo's La tia Tula (1964) and the Nuevo Cine Espanol. Faulkner, Sally Critical Essay 8129
A Companion to Gottfried von Strassburg's 'Tristan'. Chinca, Mark Book Review 704
A Companion to the Works of Heinrick von Kleist. Hibberd, John Book Review 835
A Critical Companion to 'Beowulf'. Liuzza, R.M. Book Review 1213
A Self-Conscious Art: Patrick Modiano's Postmodern Fictions. Flower, John Book Review 727
American Literature and the Culture of Reprinting, 1834-1853. Zboray, Ronald J. Book Review 711
Anthropomorphism and other figures of speech in James Joyce's Ulysses. Joseph, Sarah Critical Essay 6116
Apparizione e visione: vita e opere di Anna Maria Ortese. Bacigalupo, Massimo Book Review 985
Autorkategorie und Gedachtnis: Lekturen zu Libuse Monikova. Marven, Lyn Book Review 505
Bestsellers: Popular Fiction Since 1900. Hammill, Faye Book Review 632
Bodily detours: Sarah Kofman's narratives of childhood trauma. Robson, Kathryn Critical Essay 7936
British and German Cartoons as Weapons in World War I: Invectives and Ideology of Political Cartoons. A Cognitive Linguistics Approach. Keith-Smith, Brian Book Review 728
Broken Time, Fragmented Space: A Cultural Map for Postwar Italy. Small, Pauline Book Review 522
Chercheurs d'absolu: Mauriac et de Gaulle. Kimyongur, Angela Book Review 446
Christina Rossetti's Feminist Theology. Chapman, Alison Book Review 695
Cite des hommes, cite de Dieu: travaux sur la litterature de la Renaissance en l'honneur de Daniel Menager. Knecht, R.J. Book Review 485
Convent Theatre in Early Modern Italy: Spiritual Fun and Learning for Women. Evangelisti, Silvia Book Review 674
Cynic shamelessness in late sixteenth-century French texts. Roberts, Hugh 7522
Decorum and indecorum in the Seconda redazione of Baldassare Castiglione's Libro del Cortegiano. Paternoster, Annick 7545
Der erotische Film: Zur medialen Codierung von Asthetik, Sexualitat und Gewalt. Durrani, Osman Book Review 677
Der gelehrte Narr: Gelehrtensatire seit der Aufklarung. Hilliard, K.F. Book Review 920
Der Wanderer: Goethe in Italien. Bishop, Paul Book Review 779
Die Kunst des Verrats: Der Prenzlauer Berg und die Staatssicherheit. Cooke, Paul Book Review 518
Die Mundart von Bosco Gurin: Eine synchronische und diachronische Untersuchung. Rash, Felicity Book Review 532
Don Quichotte au XXe siecle: receptions d'une figure mythique dans la litterature et les arts. Rees, Margaret A. Book Review 526
Ecrire, reecrire: bilan critique de l'ouvre de Marguerite Duras. Gunther, Renate Book Review 456
Edouard Charton et l'invention du 'Magasin pittoresque' (1833-1870). Rowe, Paul Book Review 495
El nuevo mundo descubierto por Cristobal Colon: The New World Discovered by Christopher Columbus. Dixon, Victor Book Review 873
Eros and Poetry at the Courts of Mary Queen of Scots and James VI. Maley, Willy Book Review 764
Excess and the Mean in Early Modern English Literature. Smyth, Adam Book Review 851
Experiencing Tradition: Essays of Discovery. In Memory of Keith Spalding (1913-2002). Ritchie, J.M. Book Review 486
Fanny Lewald and Nineteenth-Century Constructions of Femininity. Richards, Anna Book Review 544
Fanny's gaze and the construction of feminine space in Mansfield Park. Despotopoulou, Anna 8378
Five Comedies. Harkness, Nigel Book Review 453
From chudak to mudak? Village prose and the absurdist ethics of Evgenii Popov. Morris, Jeremy Critical Essay 8156
Geld und Besitz im burgerlichen Trauerspiel. Gibbons, James Book Review 936
German Secular Song-Books of the Mid-Seventeenth Century: an Examination of the Texts in Collections of Songs Published in the German-Language Area between 1624 and 1660. Carrdus, Anna Book Review 572
Giraudoux: 'La guerre de Troie n'aura pas lieu'. Rothenberg, John Book Review 487
Heine's Aristophanes complex and the ambivalence of Deutschland: Ein Wintermarchen. Pugh, David Critical Essay 9219
Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution. Modia, Maria Jesus Lorenzo Book Review 1087
Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester (1390-1447) and the Italian Humanists. Rundle, David Book Review 650
Il felice vanverare: ironia e parodia nell'opera narrativa di Giorgio Manganelli. Mussgnug, Florian Book Review 624
Images, Idolatry, and Iconoclasm in Late Medieval England: Textuality and the Visual Image. Fletcher, Alan J. Book Review 1238
In Praise of Poverty: Hannah More Counters Thomas Paine and the Radical Threat. Waldron, Mary Book Review 2254
Inde et Indochine: E. M. Forster et M. Duras au miroir de l'Asie. Hughes, Edward Book Review 474
Intellectual Migration and Cultural Transformation: Refugees from National Socialism in the English-Speaking World. Ritchie, J.M. Book Review 475
Itineraires du XIXe siecle. Smith, Christopher Book Review 509
Joffo: 'Un sac de billes' and Other Writings. Gorrara, Claire Book Review 411
Jonathan Swift and Popular Culture: Myth, Media, and the Man. Hammond, Brean S. Book Review 768
Judisches Denken in einer Welt ohne Gott: Festschrift fur Stephane Moses. Skolnik, Jonathan Book Review 596
Jules Verne 8: humour, ironie, fantaisie. Unwin, Timothy Book Review 486
L'Annee balzacienne. Heathcote, Owen Book Review 460
La figura della donna nel teatro di Eduardo De Filippo. Fischer, Donatella Book Review 835
Le cinquecentine della Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana di Firenze. Fahy, Conor Book Review 517
Lesbian Desire in Post-1968 French Literature. Wilson, Emma Book Review 459
Lessing and the 'Sturm und Drang': a Reappraisal Revisited. Baughan, James Book Review 700
Letters from the Pyrenees: Don Luis Mendez de Haro's Correspondence to Philip IV of Spain, July to November 1659. Malcolm, Alistair Book Review 1096
Literatur und Krankheit im Fin-de-siecle (1890-1914): Thomas Mann im europaischen Kontext. Herwig, Malte Book Review 1184
Little Vera. MacFadyen, David Book Review 570
Love in the 'Corral': Conjugal Spirituality and Anti-Theatrical Polemic in Early Modern Spain. Lappin, Anthony John Book Review 1499
Malraux: 'L'Espoir'. Shorley, Christopher Book Review 502
Mapping Lives: The Uses of Biography. Stannard, Martin Book Review 818
Marguerite Duras. Ince, Kate Book Review 466
Martin Heidegger, Heinrich Rickert: Briefwechsel 1912 his 1933 und andere Dokumente. Tihanov, Galin Book Review 911
Maryse Conde et le theatre antillais. Ruprecht, Alvina Book Review 588
Mikhail Gromov: Chekhov Scholar and Critic. An Essay in Cultural Difference. Rayfield, Donald Book Review 483
Mouseion: the counter-institutional agent of the literary utopias of Ricardo Piglia and Dimitris Kalokyris. Kefala, Eleni Critical Essay 8592
Naissance de la critique moderne: la litterature selon Eliot et Valery. Gifford, Paul Book Review 588
Nobody's Nation: Reading Derek Walcott. Riach, Alan Book Review 1315
OEuvres completes de Montesquieu, vol. VIII: OEuvres et ecrits divers I. Cox, Iris Book Review 575
Of Philosophers and Kings: Political Philosophy in Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' and 'King Lear'. Rawlings, Peter Book Review 671
Ol'ga Freidenberg's Works and Days. Reznik, Vladislava Book Review 828
On Modern British Fiction. Mullaney, Julie Book Review 634
Petrarch's Guide to the Holy Land: 'Itinerary to the Sepulcher of Our Lord Jesus Christ'. Lepschy, Laura Book Review 713
Poemas Lusitanos. Willis, Clive Book Review 922
Postmodern Paletos: Immigration, Democracy, and Globalization in Spanish Narrative and Film, 1950-2000. Ramblado-Minero, Maria Cinta 368
Proust: la traduction du sensible. Hodson, W.L. Book Review 637
Racine: trois siecles de theatre. Parish, Richard Book Review 520
Refining Russia: Advice Literature, Polite Culture and Gender from Catherine to Yeltsin. Beumers, Birgit Book Review 994
Restoration Shakespeare: Viewing the Voice. Calore, Michela Book Review 700
Rilke and the modern portrait. Bridge, Helen Critical Essay 8270
Ring und Gral: Texte, Kommentare und Interpretationen zu Richard Wagners 'Der Ring des Nibelungen', 'Tristan und Isolde', 'Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg' und 'Parsifal'. Thomas, Neil Book Review 495
Roman et religion en France (1713-1866). Astbury, Katherine Book Review 575
Romanticism and Millenarianism. Tambling, Jeremy Book Review 1213
Rousseau as Author: Consecrating One's Life to the Truth. Di Palma, Marco Book Review 513
Russia and Soul: An Exploration. Offord, Derek Book Review 1103
Russian Opera and the Symbolist Movement. Galbraith, Helen Book Review 1187
Saints, Sinners, Saviors: Strong Black Women in African American Literature. Fellner, Astrid Book Review 744
Sender 2001: Actas del congreso centenario celebrado en Sheffield. Hickey, Leo Book Review 494
Sensible Ecstasy: Mysticism, Sexual Difference, and the Demands of History. Best, Victoria Book Review 411
Sharpening her Pen: Strategies of Rhetorical Violence by Early Modern English Women Writers. Arnold, Margaret J. Book Review 608
Shelley among Others: The Play of the Intertext and the Idea of Language. Thomson, Heidi Book Review 660
Sovereign Amity: Figures of Friendship in Shakespearean Contexts. Desmet, Christy Book Review 757
Stars and Masculinities in Spanish Cinema: From Banderas to Bardem. Delgado, Maria M. Book Review 1896
Stendhal: 'La Chartreuse de Parme'. Bolster, Richard Book Review 374
The Complete Works of Voltaire/Oeuvres completes de Voltaire. Waller, Richard Book Review 622
The Cranes are Flying. Gillespie, David Book Review 302
The Elusive Transcendent: the Role of Religion in the Plays of Frank Wedekind. Leydecker, Karl Book Review 554
The Francophone Caribbean Today: Literature, Language, Culture. Munro, Martin Book Review 460
The House of Blackwood: Author-Publisher Relations in the Victorian Era. Colclough, Stephen Book Review 659
The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter: Perspectives on a Literary Phenomenon. Caselli, Daniela Book Review 831
The Matter of Identity in Medieval Romance. Jefferson, Judith A. Book Review 859
The Medieval Popular Bible: Expansions of Genesis in the Middle Ages. Dunphy, Graeme Book Review 589
The Open Book: Creative Misreading in the Works of Selected Modern Writers. Hanson, Clare Book Review 717
The Oxford Companion to Italian Literature. Lonergan, Corinna Salvadori Book Review 1567
The Reel Shakespeare: Alternative Cinema and Theory. Woolland, Brian Book Review 646
Theatrum Mundi: Studies in Honour of Ronald W. Tobin. Shaw, David Book Review 437
Theorizing Muriel Spark: Gender, Race, Deconstruction. Stannard, Martin Book Review 1054
Thomas Hardy, Monism, and the Carnival Tradition: The One and Many in 'The Dynasts'. Thomas, Jane Book Review 723
Transition relevance places and overlapping in (Spanish-English) conversational etiquette. Ardila, J.A.G. 8064
Uncovering the Mind: Unamuno, the Unknown and the Vicissitudes of Self. Longhurst, C.A. Book Review 1393
Urania. Bryce, Judith Book Review 961
Victor Hugo 5: autour des 'Orientales'. Nurnberg, Monica Book Review 528
Vom Schreiben zum Erzahlen: Eine textgenetische Studie zu Theodor Fontanes 'L' Adultera'. Osborne, John Book Review 975
W.H. Auden: Contexts for Poetry. Caesar, Arian Book Review 922
Waterloo and the Romantic Imagination. Kelsall, Malcolm Book Review 670
Writing Gender and Genre in Medieval Literature: Approaches to Old and Middle English Texts. Evans, Ruth Book Review 647

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