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Articles from The Modern Language Review (July 1, 2001)

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"Dead many times': Cathleen ni Houlihan, Yeats, two old women, and a vampire. Merritt, Henry 5996
'Speak again': the politics of rewriting in "A Thousand Acres". Brauner, David 8601
A Companion to Thomas Mann's 'The Magic Mountain'. Durrani, Osman Book Review 476
A Companion to Wolfram's 'Parzival'. Green, D.H. Book Review 953
A Guide to English Illustrated Books: 1536-1603. Smith, Margaret M. Book Review 734
Actividad teatral en Cordoba y arrendamientos de la casa de las comedias: 1602-1737. Estudio y documentos. Allen, John J. Book Review 686
Alimentary metaphors in Dante's "Paradiso". Gibbons, David 8719
Antisemitismus und Judentum bei Clemens Brentano. Robertson, Ritchie Book Review 579
Approaches to Personal Identity in Kafka's Short Fiction: Freud, Darwin, Kierkegaard. Durrani, Osman Book Review 556
Arthurian Literature XVI. Gowans, Linda Book Review 673
Autodidacticism and criminality in Jean-Paul Sartre's "La Nausee" and Edith Thomas's "L'Homme Criminel". Kershaw, Angela 8633
Baudelaire: At the Limits and Beyond. Salines, Emily Book Review 656
Bibliografia testuale o filologia dei testi a stampa? Definizioni metodologiche e prospettive future: convegno di studiin onore di Conor Fahy (Udine 24-25-26 febbraio 1997). Lokaj, Rodney Book Review 955
Briefgesprache. Uber den Briefwechsel zwischen Anna Louisa Karsch und Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim. Mit einem Anhang bislang ungerdruckter Briefe aus der Korrespondenz zwischen Gleim und Caroline Luise von Klencke. Schmidt, Ricarda Book Review 725
Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer (1800-1868). Eine Frau beherrscht die Buhne. Yates, W.E. Book Review 609
Christian Hoffmann von Hoffmannswaldau (1616-1679): Leben und Werk. Skrine, Peter Book Review 900
Construction de la scene d'enonciation dans 'A la recherche du temps perdu'. Hodson, W.L. Book Review 614
Das Strassburger Eulenspiegelbuch: Studien zu entstehungsgeschichtlichen Voraussetzungen der altesten Druckuberlieferung. Blamires, David Book Review 946
DELI: Dizionario etimologico della lingua italiana. Lepschy, Giulio Book Review 922
Der junge Goethe in seiner Zeit. Samtliche Werke, Briefe, Tagebucher und Schriften bis 1775. Hill, David Book Review 568
Der Weimarer Musenhof: Literatur, Musik und Tanz, Gartenkunst, Geselligkeit, Malerei. James, Lara Book Review 689
Deutschsprachige Schriftstellerinnen des Fin de siecle. Keith-Smith, Brian Book Review 1935
Die 'Minneburg'. Beitrage zu einer Funktionsgeschichte der Allegorie im spaten Mittelalter. Gibbs, Marion E. Book Review 614
Die Geschichte der Medien. Vol. 1: Das Medium als Kult. Von den Anfangen bis zur Spatantike (8. Jahrhundert). Green, D.H. Book Review 1461
Die Geschichte der Medien. Vol. II: Medien und Offentlichkeiten im Mittelalter 800-1400. Green, D.H. Book Review 1461
Die Liebeskonzeption der mittelalterlichen Tristanromane. Zur Erzahllogik der Werke Berouls, Eilharts, Thomas' und Gottfrieds. Green, D.H. Book Review 2205
Die Literatur des 17. Jahrhunderts. Skrine, Peter Book Review 671
Dieu, la chair et les livres: Une approche de la decadence. Newton, Joy Book Review 567
Divorce and political scandal in Edouard Rod's "Michel Teissier" novels. White, Nicholas 7572
Ecrire la danse. Fell, Jill Book Review 638
Edizione Nazionale ed Europea delle opere di Alessandro Manzoni. Caruso, Carlo Book Review 787
El Libro del conoscimiento de todos los reinos (The Book of Knowledge of All Kingdoms). Taylor, Barry Book Review 733
El tema del reconocimiento en el teatro espanol del siglo. Pym, Richard Book Review 465
Emblematica: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Emblem Studies. Moseley, C.W.R.D. Periodical Review 1860
English Stage Comedy 1490-1990: Five Centuries of a Genre. Devlin, Diana Book Review 547
Erahlstrukturen der Artusliteratur. Forschungsgeschichte und neue Ansatze. Green, D.H. Book Review 1175
Erzahlkunst des Mittelalters. Komparatistische Arbeiten zur franzosischen und deutschen Literatur. Green, D.H. Book Review 881
Erzahlwelten in der Tristangeschichte im hohen Mittelalter. Untersuchungen zu den deutschsprachigen Tristanfassungen des 12, und 13. Jahrhunderts. Green, D.H. Book Review 2205
Falstaff: subjectivity between the carnival and the aesthetic. Grady, Hugh 9199
Fire, Blood and the Alphabet: One Hundred Years of Lorca. Wright, Sarah Book Review 732
From Expressionism to Exile: The Works of Walter Hasenclever (1890-1940). Keith-Smith, Brian Book Review 580
George Sand and Autobiography. Wren, Keith Book Review 503
Gunter de Bruyn in Perspective. Watt, Roderick H. Book Review 664
Heterographies: Sexual Difference in French Autobiography. Cairns, Lucille Book Review 452
Holderlin and the Dynamics of Translation. Gaskill, Howard Book Review 933
Il Novecento inglese e italiano. Saggi critici e comparativi. Ezra Pound, T.S. Elliot, Eugenio Montale, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Mario Luzi, Sergio Solmi, F.R. Leavis, Bertrand Russell, Rabindranath Tagore, Stephen Spender e Philip Larkin. Bacigalupo, Massimo Book Review 432
Images of Language: Six Essays on German Attitudes to European Languages from 1500 to 1800. Langer, Nils Book Review 1953
Jean Marie Le Prince de Beaumont: Contes et autres ecrits. Howells, Robin Book Review 589
Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Imagination, Illusions, Chimeres. Howells, Robin Book Review 522
L'Auteur en souffrance: Essai sur la position et la representation de l'auteur dans le roman antillais contemporain (1981-1992). Munro, Martin Book Review 509
La Nouvelle Alliance: influences francophones sur la litterature ecossaise moderne. Forsdick, Charles Book Review 579
La poesia de Joan Maragall. Roser i Puig, Montserrat Book Review 872
Leon-Paul Fargue. Roe, David Book Review 449
Les Interpretations de Condorcet: symbols et concepts 1794-1894. McCallam, David Book Review 537
Lettere londinesi (1968-1995). Jones, Verina Book Review 524
Lirica moderna e contemporanea. Bacigalupo, Massimo Book Review 647
Literature at War, 1914-1940: Representing the 'Time of Greatness' in Germany. Humble, Malcolm Book Review 843
Madame Bovary: Representations of the Masculine. Green, Anne Book Review 439
Making Connections: Essays in French Culture and Society in Honour of Philip Thody. Smith, Christopher Book Review 698
Malory: Texts and Sources. McCarthy, Terence Book Review 780
Marina Tsvetaeva: the concrete and the metaphoric discourse of exile. Stock, Ute 8434
Mario de Andrade: The Creative Works. Willis, Clive Book Review 633
Medieval Embryology in the Vernacular: The Case of 'De spermate'. King, Helen Book Review 759
Men Viewing Women as Art Objects: Studies in German Literature. Martin, Laura Book Review 596
Nathalie Sarraute, Fiction and Theory: Questions of Difference. Minogue, Valerie Book Review 591
Ortlosigkeit des Fremden. 'Zigeunerinnen' und 'Zigeuner' in der deutschsprachigen Literatur um 1800. Saul, Nicholas Book Review 979
Poignant Relations: Three Modern French Women. Holmes, Diana Book Review 473
Politics and the playwright: J.M.R. Lenz and "Die Soldaten". Gibbons, James 8923
Preaching, Politics and Poetry in Late-Medieval England. Gillespie, Vincent Book Review 1001
Prosimetrum: Crosscultural Perspectives on Narrative in Prose and Verse. Le Saux, Francois H.M. Book Review 715
Queering the Canon: Defying Sights in German Literature and Culture. Durrani, Osman Book Review 525
Quintilla usage in Antonio Enriquez Gomez: more evidence against his authorship of "La Hija Del Aire". Wooldridge, John B. 4459
Reading Diversity/Lectures du Divers. Kawakami, Akane Book Review 481
Reading Nathalie Sarraute: Dialogue and Distance. Phillips, John Book Review 451
Romain Rolland. Kidd, William Book Review 424
Schiller-Handbuch. Sharpe, Lesley Book Review 466
Science and Structure in Proust's 'A la recherche du temps perdu'. Schmid, Marion Book Review 400
Sedaine, Greuze and the Boundaries of Genre. Connon, Derek F. Book Review 549
Spanish Cinema: Calling the Shots. Donapetry, Maria Book Review 741
The 'all-attoning name': the word patriot in seventeenth-century England. Knowles, Ronald 12959
The 'Jewish Question' in German Literature, 1749-1939: Emancipation and its Discontents. Zipes, Jack Book Review 1039
The Artificial Self: The Psychology of Hippolyte Taine. Lee, David C.J. Book Review 499
The city of words: Eduardo Mendoza's "La Chiudad De Los Prodigios". Wells, Caragh 4935
The English Emblem Tradition: Vol. IV: William Camden: "Remaines of a Greater Worke Concerning Britaine"; H.G.: "The Mirrour of Maiestie"; Otto van Veen: "Amorum Emblemata". Moseley, C.W.R.D. Book Review 1889
The English Emblem Tradition: Vol. V: Henry Peacham's Manuscript Emblem Books. Moseley, C.W.R.D. Book Review 1861
The German Bildungsroman: Incest and Inheritance. Chambers, Helen Book Review 851
The Performance of Middle English Culture: Essays on Chaucer and the Drama in Honor of Martin Stevens. Davenport, W.A. Book Review 929
The Post-War Novella in German-Language Literature. Taberner, Stuart Book Review 461
The sincerest form of flattery: a note on Bruce Chatwin's "The Estate of Maximilian Tod" as an imitation of Borges. Stewart, Iain A.D. 5440
The World Grown Old in Later Medieval Literature. Torti, Anna Book Review 891
Thomas Mann. Das Leben als Kunstwerk: Eine Biographie. Siefken, Hinrich Book Review 819
Tieck's Juvenila: Ossianic attributions. Gaskill, Howard 8032
Traveling Theory: France and the United States. Forsdick, Charles Book Review 522
Trois contes ou plus. Tipper, Paul Andrew Book Review 463
Unpopular Virtues: The Critical Reception of J.M.R. Lenz. Gibbons, James Book Review 688
Victor Hugo: Choix de textes. Nurnberg, Monica Book Review 638
X, ou le divin dans la poesie de Victor Hugo a partir de l'exil. Cox, Fiona Book Review 467
Zwischen Tranen und Kommerz: Das Ruhrtheater Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffers (1800-1868) in seiner kunstlerischen und kommerziellen Verwertung. Quellenforschung am Handschriften-Nachlass. Yates, W.E. Book Review 609

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