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Articles from The Modern Language Review (April 1, 1999)

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'Die Verkorperte Scham': The body in Handke's Wunschloses Ungluck. Paver, Chloe E.M. 9878
'L'intuizione del fantastico': Antonio Rubino, futurist manque. Pizzi, Katia 6022
'Schone Welt, w bist du?' Uber das Verhaltnis von Lyrik und Poetik bei Schiller. Lamport, F.J. Book Review 1018
A Man to Heal all Differences: Essays and Talks on St. Francis de Sales. Phillips, Henry Book Review 426
A Mission to Civilize: The Republican Idea of Empire in France and West Africa. House, Jim Book Review 675
Book of Devotions/Libro de devociones y oficios. Taylor, Barry Book Review 620
British Literary Culture and Publishing Practice, 1880-1914. Carabine, Keith Book Review 976
Carlo Emilio Gadda: Contemporary Perspectives. Stellardi, Giuseppe Book Review 841
Charles Grant, a literary mediator: With three unpublished letters to George Eliot. Trainer, James 6234
Children and childlessness in the novel of female adultery. Overton, Bill 8899
Church and Stage in Victorian England. Fraser, Robert Book Review 933
Coleridge in Italy. Watkins, Daniel P. Book Review 867
Colloquial vocabulary and politeness in French. Lodge, Anthony 5863
Coming Home Again: American Family Drama and the Figure of the Prodigal. Price, Steven Book Review 737
Consuming Subjects: Women, Shopping, and Business in the Eighteenth Century. Montague, Ashley Book Review 653
Convivium: Celebratory Essays for Ronald Cueto. Hickey, Leo Book Review 493
Cor laceratum: Corresponding till death in Swift's Journal to Stella. Powell, Stephen D. 9220
Cubana: Contemporary Fiction by Cuban Women. Smith, Verity Book Review 386
Dante and Governance. Scott, John A. Book Review 1854
Dante's Interpretive Journey. Scott, John A. Book Review 1854
Dante's Second Love: The Originality and the Contexts of the Convivio. Gibbons, David Book Review 630
Dante: Contemporary Perspectives. Usher, Jonathan Book Review 986
De l'emploi du subjonctif passe/On the Use of the Past Subjunctive. L'Huillier, Monique Book Review 917
Die Sprache in der Philosophie von karl Jaspers. Kirkbright, Suzanne Book Review 830
Discorso sopra la corte di Roma. Woodhouse, J.R. Book Review 1107
Editing 'Piers Plowman': The Evolution of the Text. Scase, Wendy Book Review 939
Emma's feet on clay: The ironies of romanticized location in Madame Bovary. Tipper, Paul Andrew 6391
Ernst Bloch. Ujma, Christina Book Review 641
Familiar Violence: Gender and Social Upheaval in the Novels of Frances Burney. Richetti, John Book Review 669
Forms of Expansion: Recent Long Poems by Women. Righelato, Pat Book Review 627
Framing the Victorians: Photography and the Culture of Realism. Fraser, Robert Book Review 655
French Cinema in Nostalgia and the Crisis of Masculinity. Hayward, Susan Book Review 467
French Theatre in the Neo-Classical Era, 1550-1789. Connon, Derek F. Book Review 421
Friedrich Schiller. Zur Modernitata eines Klassikers. Lamport, F.J. Book Review 1018
Gabriele D'Annunzio: Defiant Archangel. Mcwillia, G.H. Book Review 750
Gender and Genre in Medieval French Literature. Brown-Grant, Rosalind Book Review 462
Gender and Politics in Austrian Fiction. Boa, Elizabeth Book Review 958
German Thought and Culture: From the Holy Roman Empire to the Present Day. Tate, Dennis Book Review 786
Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales, Children, and the Culture Industry. Lesnik-Oberstein, Karin Book Review 580
Helene Cixous, Rootprints: Memory and Life Writing. Hanrahan, Mairead Book Review 499
Henry James and the Culture of Publicity. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 1480
Henry James in the Periodicals. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 1480
Impostures intellectuelles. Parris, David L. Book Review 855
In the Palatial Chamber of the Mind: Comparative Essays on Henry James. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 1480
Incipitario della lirica meridionale e repertorio generale degli autorio di lirica nati nel mezzogiorno d'Italia. Milburn, Erika Book Review 1177
Juan Goytisolo's queer (be)hindsight: homosexuality, epistemology, and the 'extimacy' of the subject in Coto Vedado and En Los Reinos De Taifa. Vilaseca, David 7589
Kulturstreit-Streitkultur: German Literature Since the Wall. Parkes, Stuart Book Review 654
L'Amie de Court. Hampton, Cathy Book Review 521
L'Isle des Hermaphrodites. Serge Riviere, Marc Book Review 667
La nuova poesia di Giacomo Leopardi: Una lettura critica della 'Ginestra'. Williams, Pamela Book Review 690
La Part due mal: Essai sur l'imaginaire de Jules Romains dans 'Les Hommes de bonne volonte'. Tame, Peter Book Review 659
La Vie de saint Germer et la vie de saint Josse de Pierre de Beauvais: Deux poemes du XIII siecle, publies avec introduction notes et glossaire. Ritch, K. J. Book Review 697
Le Premiere reception des 'Essais' de Montaigne. (1580-1640). Supple, James J. Book Review 432
Les sources de la pensee philosophique de Raimond Sebond (Ramon Sibuida). Supple,James J. Book Review 440
Lexicon Grammaticorum: Who's Who in the History of World Linguistics. Lepschy, Giulio Book Review 730
Literature and the Marketplace: Romantic Writers and Their Audiences in Great Britain and the United States. Baines, Paul Book Review 642
Literature, Politics and Culture in Postwar Britain. Faulkner, Peter Book Review 676
Los corrales de comedias y los hospitales de Madrid: 1574-1615: Estudio y documentos. Ruano de la Haza, J.M. Book Review 795
Lustmore: Sexual Murder in Weimar Germany. Boa, Elizabeth Book Review 603
Mass Enlightenment: Critical Studies in Rousseau and Diderot. Fowler, J.E. Book Review 460
Meditations sur les Pseaumes. Sproxton, Judy Book Review 879
Milton's Imperial Epic: 'Paradise Lost' and the Discourse of Colonialism. Loewenstein, David Book Review 769
Montaigne proprietaire foncier: Inventaire raisonne du 'Terrier de Montaigne' conserve a la Bibliotheque Municipale de Bordeaux. Supple, James J. Book Review 177
Mots dores pour un siecle de fer: 'Les Mimes, ensignemens et proverbes' de Jean-/Antoine de Baif: Texte, contexte, intertexte. Vinestock, Elizabeth Book Review 568
Narratives of Enlightenment: Cosmopolitan History from Voltaire to Gibbon. Ingram, Allan Book Review 617
Nerves and Narratives: A Cultural History of Hysteria in Nineteenth-Century British Prose. Maxwell, Catherine Book Review 654
Noch nicht genug der Vorrede. Zur Vorrede volksprachiger Sammlungen von Exampeln, Sprichwortern und Schwanken des 16. Jahrhunderts. Simon, Anne Book Review 1250
Paginas de liteatura murciana contemporanea. Lough, Francis Book Review 775
Pascal and Rhetoric: Figural and Persuasive Language in the Scientific Treatises, the 'Provinciales' and 'Pensees'. Moles, Elisabeth Book Review 493
Pastoral Transformations: Italian Tragicomedy and Shakespeare's Late Plays. Fox, Alistair Book Review 531
Per Giovanni della Casa. Ricerche e contributi (Gargano del Garda, 3-5 ottobre 1996). Milburn, Erika Book Review 2354
Perpetuum mobile: Metamorphoses des corps et des oeuvres de Vinci a Montaigne. Peach, Trevor Book Review 1625
Persona and Decorum in Milton's Prose. Corns, Thomas M. Book Review 588
Poem of the Cid: A Modern Translation with Notes. Lappin, Anthony Book Review 1172
Post-Colonial Cultures in France. House, JIm Book Review 643
Pour encourager les autres: Studies for the Tercentenary of Voltaire's Birth, 169401994. Riviere, Marc Serge Book Review 798
Reading from the Margins: Textual Studies, Chaucer, and Medieval Literature. Thompson, John Book Review 736
Reflections of the war of 1898 in Pardo Bazan's fiction and travel chronicles. Henn, David 6711
Schiller's early styles: Language and gesture in Die Rauber. Guthrie, JOhn 14666
Selected Letters of Alessandra Strozzi. Bryce, Judith Book Review 1003
Sick Heroes: French society and Literature in the Romantic Age, 1750-1850. Bolster, Richard Book Review 423
Six Contemporary French Women Poets: Theory, Practice and Pleasure. Rothwell, Andrew Book Review 556
Speak Silence: Rhetoric and Culture in Blake's 'Poetical Sketches'. Wilkie, Brian Book Review 664
Surrealism and pseudo-initiation: Raymond Queneau's Odile. Andrews, Chris 10569
Telling Time: Clocks, diaries, and English Diurnal Form, 1660-1785. Keymer, Tom Book Review 638
The city in Russian literature: Images past and present. Porter, Robert 5819
The Encylopedists as a Group: A Collective Biography of the Authors of the Encyclopedie. Todd, Christopher Book Review 457
The Erotics of Passage: Pleasure, Politics, and Form in the Later Work of Marguerite Duras. Crowley, Martin Book Review 644
The fables of Eiximenis: Norm and abnormality. Taylor, Barry 3498
The Fayre Formez of the Pearl Poet. Andrew, Malcolm Book Review 726
The Heaven Singing. Music in Early English Religious Drama. Vol. 1. Axton, Richard Book Review 938
The Letters of Christina Rossetti. Bullen, J.B. Book Review 667
The Letters of Matthew Arnold. Guy, Josephine M. Book Review 831
The Medieval Mind: Hispanic Studies in Honour of Alan Deyermond. Aled Lewis, Huw Book Review 1042
The Medieval Siege: Theme and Image in Middle English Romance. Millar, Bonnie Book Review 749
The Play of Terror in Nineteenth-Century France. Bryant, David Book Review 578
The Prefaces of Henry James: Framing the Modern Reader. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 1480
The Rehearsal of Revolution: Georg Buchner's Politics and his Drama 'Dantons Tod'. Livingstone, Rodney Book Review 1171
The Telling Image: Explorations in the Emblem. Moseley, C.W.R.D. Book Review 647
The White Devil and old wives' tales. Weil, Judith 8650
Theodor Fontane: Unechte Korrespondenzen. Vol. 1: 1860-1865; Vol. II: 1866-1860. Osborne, John Book Review 1120
Thomas Theodor Heine: Fin-de-siecle Munich and the Origins of 'simplicissimus'. Keith-Smith, Brian Book Review 676
Transcendental Utopias: Individual and Community at Brook Farm, Fruitlands, and 'Walden'. Butterfield, R.W. Book Review 892
Transgressions of the Feminine: Tragedy, Enlightenment and the Figure of Woman in Classical German Drama. Brown, Hilda M. Book Review 1403
Tricksters & Estates: On the Ideology of Restoration Comedy. Williams, Carolyn D. Book Review 739
Turkish Culture in German Society Today. Martin, John Book Review 1050
Victor Hugo. Vol. 1: A Companion to his Poetry. Robb, Graham Book Review 400
Voltaire: 'Candide'. Todd, Christopher Book Review 340
Von Franzos zu Canetti: Judische Autoren aus Osterreich. Neue Studien. Thornhill, Chris Book Review 625
W.B. Yeats: A Life. Vol.1: The Apprentice Mage, 1865-1914. Smith, Stan Book Review 549
Walter Benjamin: Theoretical Questions. Tambling, Jeremy Book Review 712

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