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Articles from The Modern Language Review (January 1, 1997)

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'Auf dass sie entsteigen der Dunkelheit': Die literarische Bewaltigung von KZ-Erfahrung. Lorenz, Dagmar C.G. Book Review 737
'En sens Agile': Le Acrobaties de l'esprit selon Rabelais. Heath, Michael Book Review 406
A casuality of exile: Karl Otten's unpublished novel 'Die Reise nach Deutschland'. Dove, Richard 8466
A Cultural History of the American Novel: Henry James to William Faulkner. Harrison, Colin Book Review 698
Aime Cesaire: 'Notebook of a Return to My Native Land'. Jones, Bridget Book Review 745
Aime Cesaire: Cahier d'un retour au pays natal'. Jones, Bridget Book Review 739
Andre Gide dans le labyrinthe de la mythotextualite. Fawcett, Peter Book Review 433
Animals in Medieval French Manuscript Illumination. Varty, Kenneth Book Review 590
Annotated Bibliographies of Old and Middle English Literature, vol. 1, The Language of Middle English Literature. Blake, N.F. Book Review 649
Anthropologie und Schauspielkunst. Studien zur 'eloquentia corporis' im 18. Jahrhundert. Martinson, Steven D. Book Review 1050
Balzac. Heathcote, Owen Book Review 420
Beaumarchais and the Theatre. Cook, Malcolm Book Review 409
Beaumarchais: 'La Barbier de Seville'. Jackson, James Book Review 294
Chaucerian Realism. Brown, Peter Book Review 519
Chene et Chien. Bridgeman, Teresa Book Review 424
Closer and Closer Apart: Jealousy in Literature. Thody, Philip Book Review 483
Critical Conditions: Postmodernity and the Question of Foundations. Docherty, Thomas Book Review 715
Custom, Culture and Community in the Later Middle Ages: A Symposium. Jones, Malcolm Book Review 1327
Dante Now: Current Trends in Dante Studies. Took, John Book Review 1427
Das Breslauer Schultheater im 17. and 18. Jahrhundert. Einladungsschriften zu den Schulactus und Szenare zu den Auffuhrungen 'fromlicher Comodien' an den Protestantischen Gymnasien. Skrine, Peter Book Review 814
Dekker and Heywood: Professional Dramatists. Rutter, Carol Chillington Book Review 1012
Derrida and Wittgenstein. Groom, Nick Book Review 670
Dictionnaire des ecrivains suisses d'expression francaise, 2 vols. Parris, David L. Book Review 756
Diderot's 'La Religieuse': A Philosophical Novel. Fowler, J.E. Book Review 345
Discoveries of the Other: Alterity in the Work of Leonard Cohen, Hubert Aquin, Michael Ondaatje, and Nicole Brossard. Fuller, Danielle Book Review 570
Distress from Cleverness. Sokolianskii, Mark Book Review 1134
Eclosure Acts: Sexuality, Property, and Culture in Early Modern England. Knowles, Ronald Book Review 565
Elles: A Bilingual Anthology of Modern French Poetry by Women. Rothwell, Andrew Book Review 732
Empire of Words: The Reign of the OED. Burnley, David Book Review 644
Epidemics and Sickness in French Literature and Culture. Donaldson-Evans, Mary Book Review 682
Fables of Desire: Studies in the Ethics of Art and Gender. Jansson, Siv Book Review 458
Feminist Bildung in the novels of Claire Etcherelli. McIlvanney, Siobhan 5496
Francois Rabelais: Critical Assessements. Morrsion, Ian R. Book Review 708
From 'La famiglia' to the 'Taccuino' and 'La casa in collina': Pavese and the need to confess. Simborowski, Nicoletta 10597
From Anglo-Saxon to Early Middle English: Studies Presented to E.G. Stanley. Shippey, T.A. Book Review 607
From Ignatius Loyola to John of the Cross: Spirituality and Literature in Sixteenth-Century Spain. Thompson, Colin Book Review 772
From the Heyday of the Superfluous Man to Chekhov: Essays on 19th-Century Russian Literature. Croft, Liddy Book Review 648
Gender and Romance in Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales'. Batt, Catherine Book Review 618
Georges Duhamel: enemy-cum-friend of the radio. Todd, Christopher 8175
Gesellschaft fur Exilforschung: Nachrichtenbrief 1984 bis 1993 mit Gesamtregisister/Society for Exile Studies: Newsletter 1984 to 1993 with General Index. Ritchie, J.M. Book Review 423
Goethe's Conception of Knowledge and Science. Bell, Matthew Book Review 466
In the Foreground: Beowulf. Bately, Janet Book Review 723
Incest, Drama and Nature's Law: 1550-1700. Chernaik, Warren Book Review 659
Insiders/outsiders: Conrad's 'The Nigger of the "Narcissus" 'and Bram Stocker's 'Dracula'. Kane, Michael 12786
Interpreting Interpretation: Textual Hermeneutics as an Ascetic Discipline. Lamarque, Peter Book Review 703
Jacques Chessex: Calvinism and the Text. Parris, David L. Book Review 772
Jean Renart: The Romance of the Rose or of Guillaume de Dole (Roman de la Rose ou de Guillaume de Dole). Brook, Leslie C. Book Review 476
Johann Christoph Gottsched (1700-1766): Harbinger of German Classicism. Menhennet, Alan Book Review 1027
Johnson-Jahrbuch, I (1994). Riordan, Colin Book Review 1058
La Medecine dans l' oevre de J. K. Huysmans. Donaldson-Evans, Mary Book Review 672
La Passion de Charles Bovary. Tipper, P.A. Book Review 371
La piu semplice macchina: Lettura freudiana del 'Pasticciaccio'. Pedriali, Federica G. Book Review 1003
La poesie de Baudelaire et la poesie francaise: 1838-1852. Stephens, Sonya Book Review 415
Leonie d'Aunet: Jane Osborn Bolster, Richard Book Review 371
Les Fleurs du Mal. Dolamore, C.E.J. Book Review 451
Les Plaisirs et les jours, de Marcel Proust: Etude d'un Recueil. Hodson, W.L. Book Review 474
Lexikon sozialistischer Literatur: Ihre Geschichte in Deutschaland bis 1945. Burns. Rob Book Review 585
Literature as Social Action: Modernist and Traditionalist Narratives in Germany in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Menhennet, Alan Book Review 1220
Literature, Politics, and National Identity: Reformation to Renaissance. Beer, Anna Book Review 642
Mann's 'Buddenbrooks' and 'The Magic Mountain'. Grenville, Anthony Book Review 1046
Mechthild von Magdeburg: A Medieval Mystic in Modern Eyes. Andersen, Elizabeth A. Book Review 559
Medieval and Ranaissance Spanish Literature: Selected Essays. Taylor, Barry Book Review 779
Medieval Dutch Literature in its European Context. Putter, Ad Book Review 809
Modernism, language, and experimental poetry: on leaping over bannisters and learning how to fly. Sheppard, Richard 14294
Modest Musorgsky and 'Boris Godunov': Myths, Realities, Reconsiderations. Campbell, Stuart Book Review 716
Orpheus, Garcilaso, and 'Natura Artifex': some reflections on poetic creativity in the work of Guillermo Carnero. Dadson, Trevor J. 5773
Papers sobre Carles Riba. Bou, Enric Book Review 531
Peotic Voices: Discourse Linguistics and the Poetic Text. Davies, Diane Book Review 757
Philippe Djian: 37 degrees 2 le matin. Smyth, Edmund J. Book Review 557
Possible Worlds in Literary Theory. Tambling, Jeremy Book Review 826
Postmodern Ethics. Wheeler, Wendy Book Review 1215
Postmodernism Across the Ages: Essays for a Postmedernity that Wasn't Born Yesterday. Wheeler, Wendy Book Review 1225
Pulsion et desir dans les romans et nouvelles de Guy Maupassant. Bryant, David Book Review 438
Rabelais Revisited. Morrison, Ian R. Book Review 709
Reflexionen der 'Feckel'. Neue Studien uber Karl Kraus. Carr, Gilbert J. Book Review 896
Romance and Aretine Humanism in Sienese Comedy: Pollastra's 'Parthenio' at the Studio di Siena. Andrews, Richard Book Review 704
Russian Literature and Empire: Conquest of the Caucasus from Pushkin to Tolstoy. Reid, Robert Book Review 808
Russian Writers on Russian Writers. Falchikov, Michael Book Review 598
Scandal in the Ink: Male and Female Homosexuality in Twentieth-Century French Literature. Williams, James S. Book Review 478
Scritti e frammenti autobiografici. Caesar, Michael Book Review 698
Selected Writings of Madame de Villedieu. Shaw, David Book Review 406
Seminaire Robert Challe: Les Illustres Francaises. Beale, Judith Book Review 483
Seventeenth-Century Spanish Poetry: The Power of Artifice. Moore, Roger Book Review 801
Sex Under Socialism: An Essay on the Works of Vladimir Paral. Porter, Robert Book Review 509
Spanish Traditional Ballads from Aragon. Smith, Colin Book Review 993
Struttura e lingua: Le novelle del Malespini e altra letteratura fra Cinque e Seicento. Everson, Jane E. Book Review 1009
Suddenness: On the Moment of Aesthetic Appearance. Tambling, Jeremy Book Review 821
Syntax and the Literary System: New Approaches to the Interface between Literature and Linguistics. Engel, Dulcie M. Book Review 582
Tainted Greathness: Antisemitism and Cultural Heroes. Abramson, Edward A. Book Review 1231
The 'Chansons de geste' in the Age of Romance: Political Fictions. Bennett, Philip E. Book Review 528
The Cambridge Companion to Medieval English Theatre. Williams, David J. Book Review 1257
The Construction of Authorship: Textual Appropriation in Law and Literature. Parrinder, Patrick Book Review 669
The Contigency of Theory: Pragmatism, Expressivism, and Deconstruction. Olsen, Stein Haugom Book Review 851
The Corpus of Clandestine Literature in France: 1769-1789. Cook, Malcolm Book Review 817
The Critical I. Levine, Caroline Book Review 577
The Dear Purchase: A Theme in German Modernism. Robertson, Ritchie Book Review 1106
The Editing of Old English. Machan, Tim William Book Review 738
The Forbidden Best-Sellers of Pre-Revolutionary France. Cook, Malcolm Book Review 816
The Future of German Literature. Leal, J.; White, J.J. Book Review 1674
The German Language and the Real World: SoSociolinguistic, Cultural, and Pragmatic Perspectives on Contemporary German. Davies, Winifred V. Book Review 821
The Middle Ages Reconsidered: Attitudes in France from the Eighteenth Century through the Romantic Movement. Glencross, Michael Book Review 448
The Old English Lives of St Margaret. Millett, Bella Book Review 737
The Oxford Paperback French Dictionary and Grammar. Dolamore, C.E.J. Book Review 1382
The Oxford-Hachette Concise French Dictionary: French-English, English-French/Le Dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford Compact: fracais-anglais, anglais-francais. Dolamore, C.E.J. Book Review 1394
The Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary: French-English, English-French/Le Dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford: francais-anglais, anglais-francais. Dolamore, C.E.J. Book Review 1391
The Poetic Art of Aldhelm. Bate, Keith Book Review 544
The Poetic Craft of Bella Akhmadulina. Rosslyn, Wendy Book Review 532
The Reinvention of Love: Poetry, Politics and Culture from Sidney to Milton. Chernaik, Warren Book Review 642
The Romance of Origins: Language and Sexual Difference in Middle English Literature. Gilbert, Jane Book Review 727
The Secular City: Studies in the Enlightenemnt. Fowler, J.E. Book Review 375
The Theatre in Nineteenth-Century Spain. Henn, David Book Review 1754
The Wake of Deconstruction. Levine, Caroline Book Review 566
Theatre de chambre: 'Dessident, il va sans dire', 'Les Travaux et les jours'; 'Les Voisons'. Schumacher, Claude Book Review 787
Thinking About 'Beowulf'. Hill, John M. Book Review 1605
Thomas Mann: 'Doctor Faustus'. Grenville, Anthony Book Review 1042
Tolstoy, 'What is Art?' Williams, Gareth Book Review 749
Trublet, the Journal chretien, and Protestantnism: an acumenism of convenience? Gargett, Graham 8059
Une litterature sans histoire: Essai sur le nouveau roman. Duffy, Jean Book Review 416
Using Spanish Synonyms. Rodriguez, Antonia Moreira Book Review 681
Voices of Authority: Criminal Obsession in Guy de Maupassant's Short Works. Cogman, P.W.M. Book Review 443
Voltaire: 'Candide' Tood, Christopher Book Review 269
Walter Hasenclever. Eine Biographie der deutschen Moderne. Keith-Smith, Brian Book Review 1286
What is Jewish Literature? Abramson, Edward A. Book Review 1224
Witchcraft in 'Celestina'. Hook, David Book Review 894
Women Writers in Twentieth-Century Spain and Spanish America. Frenk, Susan F. Book Review 332
Wyndham Lewi's narrative of origins: 'The Death of the Ankou'. Edwards, Paul 8879
Zwischen Wirklichkeit und Traum: Das Wesen des Osterreichischen in der Literatur. Reiter, Andrea Book Review 853

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