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The Mississippi Junior Academy of Science.

Maxine Woolsey and Ken Sleeper of the University of Mississippi have accepted the responsibility of co-directors of the Mississippi Junior Academy of Science. We want to support teachers in encouraging students to be creative in developing projects and conducting research and promoting students to consider careers in science, engineering, and math.




Students required to complete a senior project before graduation from high school that choose a topic of science, engineering, or math, could greatly benefit from participation in the annual meetings of the MJAS. Students participating with projects in the Mississippi Science and Engineering Fairs can restructure their research and experimentation into poster sessions for presentation. Students wishing to have their research project published or those wishing to attend the National Convention of the Junior Academy of Science may compete for these honors by developing and presenting their projects as poster sessions during the annual meetings. This event is an excellent opportunity to help prepare high school students for a future in science.

For the 2006 MJAS Meeting/Workshop, they invited students to participate with research projects in the form of poster sessions. Students participated individually or in teams. These students presented their posters to other students, teachers, and professors. Students learned how to convert a research paper to a poster session. They learned how to modify a science project to develop a poster for a poster session, how a poster created in elementary school for a science fair is different from a poster developed for a poster session, and how a poster session differs from a science and engineering fair. Several professional posters were displayed and presented during the Workshop.

Teachers were encouraged to bring their students to the 2006 Meeting of the Mississippi Junior Academy of Science to meet fellow teachers and students with similar interests and to gain the knowledge and information of poster session techniques to better prepare themselves for future development and presentation of research projects.

More information on the Junior Academy of Sciences will be published in the July issue. The following is contact information for both Maxine Woolsey and Ken Sleeper.

Maxine Woolsey

Educational Outreach Specialist

School of Engineering

University of Mississippi

120 Carrier Hall

University, MS 30677

662-915-1849 Phone

662-915-5387 Fax

Ken Sleeper

STRC Coordinator

Mississippi Mineral Resources Institute

University of Mississippi

220 Old Chemistry Building

University, MS 38677

662-915-6725 Phone

662-915-5625 Fax

Photographs from the 2006 Annual Meeting in Vicksburg, MS
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Date:Apr 1, 2006
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