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The Mirror Asks The Big Question Do You Want To Know Your Mp's Sexuality?

IT IS the big question dominating the political agenda.

Does the public have a right to know about the private lives of public figures?

In particular, do you have a right to know about the sexual persuasion of Members of Parliament?

People who YOU vote into office to represent YOU, and whose salaries are paid by YOU.

Does it matter to you if your local MP is gay - like Nick Brown or Peter Mandelson?

Should you be told BEFORE an election?

These are important questions. Time and again we hear from MPs that newspapers have no right to intrude into their private lives.

But we believe we do where their personal behaviour might interfere with the way they do their jobs.

In the case of Ron Davies, for example, he had to resign because he laid himself open to blackmail and then repeatedly lied about what he had done that night in Clapham.

In this debate, we have heard from everyone except you - the readers and the voters.

Today, The Mirror asks you these simple questions.

Do you want to know the sexuality of MPs?

Do you believe you have a right to know if he or she is gay?

Pick up the phone now and tell us what you think.



607 810

Calls cost no more than 10p



607 811

Calls cost no more than 10p
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Author:Seymour, David
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 10, 1998
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