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Articles from The Mirror (London, England) (January 22, 1999)

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Title Author Type Words
`Box hell for chimp'. 135
150,000 make Monet the biggest art show. 101
2m men and women beaten up at home. 96
300 join the grim search for girls. 313
A Swell Curry. 126
A week on the town with Shebah, Queen of the London social scene. 674
Airline lost granny, 70 for 4 days. 270
Athletics: Drugs? It was beer and sex! 211
Back-Street Abortion Killed Scot In Pakistan; Op drugs blamed for tragic death. Burke, Jason 415
Basketball: England no go for Olo. 98
Bertie in refugee camp visit. 169
Bid to save school fails. 131
Blaze family snapped up. 90
Blaze model Marie heads back to the house of love. 349
Books: Books now on sale.. 384
Books: Pushing your imagination over the edge; Daft it may be, but JANE KERR was gripped by this off-the-wall thriller. Kerr, Jane 361
Books: Top 10 Fiction. 182
Bowls: Holt keeps flag flying. 80
Boxing: People see the money Tyson earns and think we're all on a fortune. Writer, Roy Curtis Chief Sports 1017
Boxing: Reid steps in for title bid. 91
Boxing: Sinclair is back off the ropes. 396
Boxing: Sinclair Pulls Himself Back Off The Ropes. McGreevy, Alex 779
Call This Justice; Parents' fury as killer who stabbed son 15 times is sent to jail for just five years. 556
Care must go on after cure. 182
CD-ROM packs could be yours!; Ultra Pack vol.2. Hancock, David 103
Cellmate Told Me He Killed Old Emily; Court hears of 'confession'. 256
City Slickers: The FT-SE 100 index closed down 83.3 at 6022.3. Bhoyrul, Anil; Hipwell, James 533
City Slickers: World wide wad; Internet shares go through the roof. Bhoyrul, Anil; Hipwell, James 383
Clarkson quits TV's Top Gear. Todd, John 247
Clinton at all-time polls high. 222
Comedy: Mark Thomas: Life's a riot with terror Thomas. Quinn, Thomas 254
Computer Intrests : Take off for the magical kingdom; The A List Review; KING'S QUEST: MASK OF ETERNITY pounds 39.99 PC CD-ROM. Hancock, David 280
Computer Intrests: Game news. Hancock, David 178
Cricket: Cork Ally Bows Out. 112
Cricket: Holli all round winner. Lander, From Chris 225
Cricket: Ice cool Arjuna. 113
Cult Killing Fantasy Of Drug Mule; Jail for dope musician. 231
Days out: Cup fever Spurs on the Dons. Hare, Joe 263
Dear Jo: Readers' letters. 986
Death-film jail suicide. 136
Deirdre Suspect Is Freed. 203
Des Kelly column: A right one in a million. Kelly, Des 345
Des Kelly column: The dive artist formerly known as Prince.. Kelly, Des 869
Devo Blamed For Capital Rent Slump. 119
Dino killers had speed booster. 234
Disabled face sack at Rover factory. 209
Doctors to defy Dobson on Viagra. 468
Donor blow for sick girl. 90
Economy teetering on edge warn firms. 93
Family Health: A body blow for Laura. 307
Family Health: Medical Zone. Palmer, Jill 229
Family Health: Who treats your children best?; Vote now for the family's favourite firm. Palmer, Jill 342
Family's Stalker Terror. 162
Farmer in air and sea resc-ewe. 130
Ferry Good Service. 110
Film: Denzel Washington's view: The Siege. Washington, Denzel 202
Film: Emily Watson's view: Jackie and Hilary. Watson, Emily 221
Film: Halle Berry's view: Bulworth. Berry's, Halle 293
Film: Jonathan Ross Column; He's the new face of BBC1's Film '99 but you can read Jonathan's movie reviews exclusively in The A List every week. Ross, Jonathan 1131
Film: Out Takes. Wallace, Richard 464
Film: The wicked witch reports. Quinn, Thomas 1045
Findlay's Fury At Jury Sparks Court Uproar; QC faces discipline probe. 524
Food & Drink: Bargain deals. 185
Food & Drink: Uno? More Like Oh No. Wallace, Richard 555
Football: 42,000 to watch reserves. 181
Football: Alex And Keane Get Life Deals. 207
Football: Bernard's Home Run. 91
Football: Beware of fall guy Ginola; Kinnear: He'll get my players sent off. 473
Football: Big John's in Daley dread. 443
Football: Break Dun no good. 151
Football: Craig can make point. 159
Football: Curse of the cruciate injury. 219
Football: Derry set for return to IFA fold. 484
Football: Doubts over five Saints. 96
Football: Doyle: I'll Prove I'm Good Enough; Premier Division Bohemians v Shelbourne. Scully, Michael 938
Football: England Plea. 222
Football: Fergie Wins A Life Deal; AND KEANE HITS THE UNITED JACKPOT TOO. 422
Football: Fergus 'Spits' In The Hand Of Friendship. 895
Football: For sale World's most expensive player. Can't score goals. Any offers?; pounds 16M DENILSON'S PREMIERSHIP LIFELINE. 938
Football: Fowler: I am not counting the cash..I'm counting my lucky stars. 827
Football: Hammers no Can do. 118
Football: Hands off our Robbie. 88
Football: Harry Goes With The Foe. 240
Football: Harte Keeping Faith With Francis. 481
Football: Hegarty Was My Hero, Says Stewart. 572
Football: Hoddle: Fans still love me. 490
Football: Huntly to Brock into the League. 83
Football: I'll hit the net now I've left hotel life Says Gary McSwegan. MacDonald, Grant 936
Football: I'm Buzzing Through The Ayr; Coisty catches that old derby fever as Ayrshire sides clash. 873
Football: Jenkinson on way to fitness. 225
Football: Jim Fury At Rams Raid. 237
Football: Kidd in to see Ritchie. 215
Football: Lombardo seals deal with Lazio. 174
Football: Mikko out for Spennycash. 95
Football: Murdoch bid splits Italians. 194
FOOTBALL: Now Marko Wants To Sue Hoops; He's 'sick and tired'. 418
Football: Pars aim to spoil Jags' cup dream. 370
Football: Rab Raid On Old Pal. 389
Football: Saib faces Spurs boot. 142
Football: The Ritchie Pickings. 80
Football: Watson has high Hopes. 95
Football: We're all gonna pull strings to fix Harps Says Pip Keogh. Scully, Michael 772
Football: Willem Is On Kors. 233
Football: Willem urges Leeds to go double Dutch. 159
Football: Wilson's in for a nice little Arnar. 213
Found after 56 yrs.. girl from photo in Borneo river. 310
Gardai arrest drugs suspect. 96
Generation claim; Building firm sues TV comic Jim in row over pounds 80,000 bill. 535
Geri's out with a party animal. 123
Give Me My Kids; Irish fugitive in bitter US court battle for custody. 370
Glitter in court on sex case. 111
Golf: Garbutt puts Faldo in the shade. WEST, From LEE 252
Grammy hopes for Clannad. 255
Gun Victim Travelled 10 Miles After Attack. 193
Hats off to US ambassador. 229
Have a heart, begs Dermot. 93
Hols Brits on a high. 142
Hotel Blitz. 100
I need this treatment ..I'm facing up to it; Exclusive: ANNE KIRKBRIDE'S NEW CANCER FEAR. 1298
I will prove Father Cleary is my real dad; Love Child In Legal Bid To Prove Identity. 512
I'm Queen Beanie; Elaine's pounds 60,000 Collection. 481
I've Learned A Lat In Months. 150
Ian Botham column: New-look England can rule the world. Botham, Ian 731
Ice hockey: Steelers get stung again. 86
Internet news. Hancock, David 201
Interview Penny Smith: You'd never catch me wearing high heels .. I'd end up looking like a pig on stilts; Penny Smith reveals all to NINA MYSKOW. Myskow, Nina 1990
ISPCC Probed By The Fraud Squad; Claims that collectors were short-changed. 348
It's draconian cruel, divisive and unethical. 409
It's Good To Do Good. Clare, Sian 384
It's Hall Over, Rod. 86
Jackie set for EU bid. 81
Labour Go To War Over Snp Tax Plan. 195
Last night's view. 262
Lib-Dem MPs begin race. 213
Lighthouse bomb peril. 96
Love isn't fur, Cath. 137
Lucky Bags: Everyone's a winner; What have you won today? 735
Making Way For New Hope. 166
Maniac Jailed For Turning Pal Into A Human Fireball. 404
Matthew Wright's column: 10,000 vote to save our Des; S.O.D. (SAVE OUR DES); ITV; Poll rage at axe threat. Wright, Matthew 277
Matthew Wright's column: Grant set for Gazza knee op. Wright, Matthew 139
Matthew Wright's column: McGann lost his bottle; S.O.D. (SAVE OUR DES); ITV; Poll rage at axe threat. Wright, Matthew 115
Mirror comment: Legal system is in the dock. 161
Mirror comment: Pulling the plug on net music pirates. 114
Mobile Phone Juror Banned. 163
Motoring extra: Formula 1 Fiesta. 344
Music and CD Release: Pop diva Ali's a knockout; With Will Smith as her mentor, Tatyana Ali's singing career was always going to pack a punch, says RICHARD WALLACE. Wallace, Richard 670
Music cd releases: Out this week..; Albums. Wallace, Richard 320
Music CD Releases: Single of The Week. Wallace, Richard 81
Music: Rock, Pop & BluesIt's a Gay day at The Astoria. Wallace, Richard 194
Mystery of radar error. 185
New alert over beef. 106
New hell for mum. 80
Nuke Plant Blunders Risked Workers' Lives; Bosses face probe after cost-cutting. 443
Oona King's column: Queen sets off hostage crisis in House of Lords. King, Oona 377
Oona King's column: Root oput racism. King, Oona 263
Ouch, ouch; What climber Sarah said as she fell 800ft and broke her neck. 570
Pavarotti to marry lover, 29. 117
Penn's bitter war of words. 81
Phone Is Key Weapon In Fight Against Crime. 145
PM: We're Ready To Hit Kosovo. 199
pounds 4bn Ron .. meanest father in the world; He feeds his girl on pounds 1.87 a day. 391
Power giant quizzed on Xmas blackouts. 87
Primary school row kid wins local place. 100
Quentin Willson's motoring column New car special: Beetlejuice; VW's new turbo-charged bug is a real monster. Willson, Quentin 439
Racing: Andy is Highflying again. 167
Racing: Nomad Ista main threat. 266
Racing: Top Tip. 90
Racing: Worth the Weight. 285
Racist school song made my boy try to scrub himself white; Anguish of Elliott, nine, at assembly. 559
Recluse wall crush victim gets pounds 39,000. 100
Rock stars plead for their net profits; GIVE US OUR ROYALTIES. 244
Roy Curtis Column: Don't be too Keane yet Robbie, time is on your side. Curtis, Roy 890
Roy Curtis Column: Stars Of The Week. Curtis, Roy 89
Rugby Fans Cruise To Cup Final Clash. 223
Rugby League: RL choose Scotland. 149
Rugby: Davies code of practice. 124
Ryan Heir's Love Split; Airline tycoon breaks up with blonde hostess. 121
Ryan's Love Crash Lands; Playboytycoon Cathal in split with the blonde beauty who stood by him. Michael, Neil; Tallant, Nicola 927
Savers stash a fortune in piggy banks. 131
Sci-fi horror weapon picks ethnic targets. 100
Screen Test: Showbiz queries. 269
Secrets of shoppers. 127
Skiing: Ortlieb badly hurt in crash. 96
Sky-high poll boost for Clinton. 158
Snooker: Bitter Taste Of Cup Defeat. 265
Snooker: Robbed of a maximum. 107
Sorted: Brought to book. Penman, Andrew; Alford, Dawn 116
Sorted: Charity swindler damned by the fax; Watchdog cuts off premium line. Penman, Andrew; Alford, Dawn 391
Sorted: Conman is a prize chump.. Penman, Andrew; Alford, Dawn 188
Sorted: New codes will end confusion. Penman, Andrew; Alford, Dawn 145
Sorted: No choice but to lose. Penman, Andrew; Alford, Dawn 122
Stephen Hendry's Column: A Strong Nation. Hendry, Stephen 180
Stephen Hendry's Column: Rugger pulled from the English. Hendry, Stephen 785
Steve King's column: Angelic Upstart; Devil's haircut. King, Steve 397
Steve King's column: Try Going Apex. King, Steve 306
Sufferers deserve better. 373
Tears as soldiers return to salute Zulu war heroes. 326
Teen Dealers Booted From Toffs' School; Kids sold drugs in classrooms. 342
Tennis: Anna's faulty hours. ROGERS, From STEVE 218
Tennis: Greg can't see Agassi slipping up too. Garside, Kevin 691
Thank god it didn't hit the school; Parents' horror at mid-air crash. 1103
Theatre: The Memory Of Water: Drunk on black comedy magic. Purnell, Tony 181
Top Gun's terror at 500mph. 291
Torment of TV Deirdre; Street star Anne in clinic over her terror of cancer. 223
Tragic Blaze Model Heads Back To Her House Of Love; Brave Marie rebuilds her shattered life. 363
Tribunal Leak Row. 86
Trigger-happy Saddam plays Mr Bigshot. 127
Van's Not A Hit With Angry Fans. 136
Victims' fury over meeting. 123
Video: DVD Recommendations.. 180
Video: Jessica Mellor Column: Best of the Rest. Mellor, Jessica 453
Video: Jessica Mellor Column: Man who saved the world..; The A List's video columnist casts a critical eye over all the latest releases; The A List Review; LOST IN SPACE (PG, RENTAL). Mellor, Jessica 434
Voice of the Mirror: Let Viagra raise men's quality of life. 248
Voice of The Mirror: Making us gag. 134
Waiting & praying; Hopes begin to fade for missing Lisa and Charlene. 715
Your problems: Miriam Stoppard's advice column. Stoppard, Miriam 1498

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