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The Miradors-Descensions of a Man.

The Miradors-Descensions Of a Man

B. Elwin Sherman

Publish America

ISBN: 1413718833 $19.95 163 pp.

Shirley Roe, Reviewer

A MIND LOST OR A SOUL DISCOVERED? -This is the question this reviewer asks after reading B. Elwin Sherman's memoirs. The portrait of a time when nurse becomes patient, analyst becomes the analyzed and the tortures and tribulations of Ego attempt to conquer the emerging Muse of the Soul.

I feel the fullness of being empty Right now there is comfort in feeling numb Empty space is not the same as no space.

(And later-)

I'm living in a glass ship Outside, it is night and a storm whips up On the deck of my ship, someone lights a lamp It flickers, then is gone. But on the far horizon, a beacon sweeps the sky.

The Miradors is a literary work, set apart by its originality of thought and style. It reads like narrative mixed with poetry; varied, free verse and rhymed sometimes reaching didactic proportions. From gut wrenching emotion to light and humorous observation the reader is enlightened and exposed to a subject, often avoided. The author's personal experience gives life to his work and his literary skills are beyond reproach. He carries the reader along on his tumultuous journey with the subtle, gentle hands of the caregiver. Each reader will draw a different experience from this book, but the words will haunt you long after you close the cover.

Do not let the subject matter keep you from one of the best reads on the market today. Most impressive, highly recommended.
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Author:Roe, Shirley
Publication:Reviewer's Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 2004
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