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The Mind is the Key in Female Orgasms: Research.

According to a study, it was found that women who reach orgasm on a regular basis are more focused on sensations of the body during lovemaking than women who have trouble having orgasms with their partners. Researchers were of the opinion that there is a link between the ability to focus on the body and think in a certain way which helps women orgasm during intercourse.

Researchers who did a study on women found that the more erotic thoughts during sex led to regular orgasms than those who did not orgasm regularly. The study also suggested that both groups had erotic thoughts during self-stimulation without the presence of the partners.

Pascal De Sutter, author of 'Busted! 6 Gender Myths in the Bedroom & Beyond' and professor at the department of sexology and family science at the University of Louvain in Belgium who studied the research said that they did not expect the mind to play a key role in a women reaching orgasm.

Women had no problem having erotic fantasies when they were on their own. Women who found it difficult to orgasm during sex with their partners were disconnected with the present moment and being conscious about their looks and weight also distracted them from reaching orgasm, she said.

251 French women between the ages of 18 to 67 were chosen for the study among which 176 had regular orgasms during sex and 75 women had difficulty climaxing with their partners. All these women were sexually active. 90 percent of the women were heterosexual. These women answered questions about their thoughts, emotions and behaviours that helped them orgasm during sex and masturbation.

The researchers found that erotic thoughts played a major role to reach an orgasm. Those who found it difficult to climax were distracted with thoughts unrelated to sex. Elke Reissing, the director of the Human Sexuality Research Laboratory at the University of Ottawa, said that women should use erotic thoughts as a technique to increase physical sensations.

"There is some evidence in the literature that suggests that mindfulness approaches to the treatment of sexual dysfunction can be quite successful," Reissing said.

Focusing on the present moment during intercourse increases arousal and helps in reaching an orgasm. She said younger women find it more difficult to reach orgasm than older women. This finding suggests that there is a learning aspect to reaching an orgasm.

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Date:Jul 29, 2014
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