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The Million Dollar Divorce.

The Million Dollar Divorce by RM Johnson Simon & Schuster, September 2004 $23.00, ISBN 0-743-25816-9

This is the entertaining story of Nate Kenny--a handsome and rich entrepreneur with a beautiful wife. His dream of having a family is squashed after his wife, Monica, tells him that she is unable to bear children. Kenny schemes to dismiss his barren wife without losing a dime.

For Johnson, The Million Dollar Divorce is a continued departure from some of his far more superior and stellar earlier works, most notably, The Harris Men, The Harris Family and Father Found. While his latest literary efforts have been entertaining and fun to read, they don't quite deliver the powerful and cogent messages of family, love and emotional bedlam as his prior works.

Many longtime fans of Johnson still harbor the hope that the author will revert, at least for another book or two, to telling the poignant and soul stirring prose that boldly introduced him to readers more than five years ago.

Reviewed by Glenn Townes Glenn Townes is a journalist and writer in New Jersey.
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Author:Townes, Glenn
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Sep 1, 2004
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